10 SEO measures to be taken at the time of site renewal. Failure examples of decreased access and things to be aware of

As a company web manager, have you ever heard of such a story as “the number of accesses will drop when the site is renewed”?

The decrease in access immediately after the renewal is due to the impact of changes in the site structure, content changes and deletions, etc., resulting in a lower evaluation from search engines . In this article, I will explain the tricks to avoid access drops and maintain the evaluation from the search engine . This is a must-read for anyone considering a site renewal.

Table of contents

  1. Failure example of decreased access due to site renewal
  2. 10 SEO measures to be taken in site renewal
  3. Things to be aware of with SEO when renewing your site
  4. Countermeasures when access drops after renewal
  5. Be sure to take SEO measures when renewing the site

Failure example of decreased access due to site renewal

The number one reason for the decrease in access after site renewal is the loss of evaluation from search engines due to URL changes . Specifically, the following problems will occur and the evaluation will be lowered.

It is a common story that the URL itself is changed due to the site renewal . For example, there are cases such as
” domain changes”, ” URL hierarchy structure changes”, and ” URL endings change”.

So what can you do to protect your reputation from search engines ?

The answer is to always handle redirects . A redirect is a mechanism that automatically transfers a user to another URL when a specific URL is opened.

To avoid making common mistakes, it’s important to understand the following key points:

10 SEO measures to be taken in site renewal

Redirect settings are not the only thing that should be done for search engine measures when renewing a site . Below are 10 possible solutions.

1. Redirect settings associated with site URL changes

Set up ” 301 redirects ” when changing URLs between old and new sites . “301 redirect ” is a transfer process used when there is no plan to return to the old URL .

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your renovation.

It is a good idea to keep these points in mind and have the people in charge of operations and the people in charge of information systems cooperate with each other.

2. Appropriate setting of title, description and h1

Site renewal is not limited to the design aspect such as the appearance of the site, and the renewal of the system such as the URL structure. There may be cases where the contents of the content such as
titles , headings , and body text are renewed.

In that case, be sure to check whether the title , description , and h1 are properly set, and whether important keywords are included as intended.

If the title, description, h1, and important keyword settings collapse after site renewal, it will lead to a loss in search engine evaluation.

This is content that we have put a lot of effort into preparing for the renewal . Make sure your content is read by the people who are looking for it by doing all the SEO measures.

3. Basically create with text and enrich the content

With the renewal, there may be times when you think, “Let’s strengthen visual expression” or “Let’s use videos on the site.”

However, if the amount of text in the page is extremely small , it will lead to a decrease in the evaluation from the search engine . Let’s understand that the content on the site is the basis of SEO measures to secure
the amount of text to some extent.

4. Improved page loading speed

If your page is slow to load , for example because you use a lot of images on the page , your search engine rankings will drop.

Also, from the user’s point of view, a site that loads slowly is not comfortable and they cannot quickly find the information they want, so they immediately close the browser and leave.

Remember not to use too many images for page speed optimization .

5. Create content with one word per page

Applying only one keyword per page to create content is the basis of SEO measures.

The basics of SEO measures are to thoroughly consider ” What kind of answer do users want to land on this page ?” and express it through content .

Scrutinize and narrow down the keywords you want to aim for higher rankings in advance, and share them with the members involved in content creation so that there is no deviation in the production policy.

6. Mobile-first, responsive

Let’s understand the basic premise that modern users do most of their web searches, not via PCs, but via smartphones.

Therefore, it is basic to think about page specifications with mobile first. It is recommended to use “ Responsive Design ” recommended by Google .

Responsive design eliminates the need to create separate pages for PC and smartphones . It also frees you from the complexity of management, such as redirect processing and link settings.

7. Setting up internal links

Too few internal links ( links between pages within your site ) will hurt your search engine rankings.

Internal links serve two purposes:

  • Make it easier for crawlers to find your page
  • Make it easier to tell crawlers which pages are important on your site

It is recommended to design internal links from the user’s point of view, thinking, “Which pages and which pages should be linked to each other ?”

8. HTML structure optimization

Optimizing the HTML structure helps the crawler crawl efficiently.

  • Hierarchy is inconsistent
  • Hierarchy too deep

In such a case, it is difficult for the crawler to understand, and it cannot be said that the SEO measures are done correctly.

At the initial stage of the renewal, let’s check whether the operation staff and the information system staff are collaborating and optimizing the HTML structure.

9. Create a 404 error page

A ” 404 error page ” is an error message that is displayed when a user visits a page that does not exist .

If there is a page to be deleted when the site is renewed , let’s set it so that “404 error page ” can be displayed.

However, when setting up a new page that inherits the content from the old page , it is appropriate to set up a redirect .

10. Submitting an XML Sitemap

An ” XML sitemap ” is a file in xml format that represents a sitemap .

Setting up a sitemap makes it easier for crawlers to understand the structure of your site .

“XML Sitemap ” can be easily set up from Google Search Console . Be sure to respond even at the timing of renewal.

Things to be aware of with SEO when renewing your site

At the time of renewal, we will tell you the points that “You should pay attention to these three points in SEO measures!”

Don’t reduce pages, don’t change URLs

When renewing the site , it is possible that the number of pages may be reduced due to the decision that “the information on this page is outdated, so let’s delete it” .

However, in fact, there are cases where the page gets a lot of user inflow and is highly rated by search engines .

And it is not recommended to change the URL carelessly, as you will lose backlinks at once and lower the evaluation from search engines .

Unless there is a very big reason, you should emphasize ” do not reduce the page ” and ” do not change the URL “.

Do not change all at once, renew in small portions

For large sites with a huge number of pages, it is recommended that the renewal process be phased over, rather than revamping everything at once .

If you tackle it all at once, the range of influence of losing search engine evaluation such as URL change , backlink deletion , internal link change , content change /deletion, etc. will increase, and the risk is very high.

In addition, the management of the renewal project becomes complicated, causing confusion at the site. Therefore, if you have a large site, it is recommended to renew it in small parts.

Extend content without focusing solely on design

When renewing, people tend to focus on the visual side , saying, “I want to renovate to this kind of design and color . “

However, let’s understand that text-based content is the “treasure” that improves the evaluation from search engines .

Rather than focusing only on the design, it is also important to carry out renewal design that emphasizes the contents of the content , asking, ” What kind of content should be added to increase user satisfaction? “

Countermeasures when access drops after renewal

What should I do if access is lost?

There are three measures below.

Investigate the cause with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Use ” Google Analytics” and ” Google Search Console” to investigate the cause.

● Measures using Google Analytics

By comparing the data before and after the renewal from the perspective of “Is there a decrease in access to the entire site?” or “Is there a decrease in access in a specific layer ? ” Next, we will review the missing redirects and broken internal links .

● Measures using Google Search Console

Compare your post-relaunch and post-relaunch data to uncover which search queries no longer drive traffic . Then, narrow down the SEO keywords that should be strengthened again , and consider reviewing and adding content .

Redirects and Broken Links Review

If you compare the access data before and after the renewal in Google Analytics and find that “access to the entire site has decreased”, review the omission of redirects .

● 301 redirect
: Transfer processing used when there is no plan to return to the old URL

– 302 Redirect : Processing to transfer to a new URL
for a short period of time.

Decrease in access at “specific hierarchy” and “specific search query” may indicate that users are not correctly guided to the page they want to see. Alternatively, the crawler may not be able to grasp the new site structure correctly, and the evaluation may be lowered. If this is the case, check for broken internal links . The point is to check whether the site is easy to understand and comfortable from both the user’s point of view and the crawler’s point of view.

Review content and add if necessary

If you can’t get inflow for a specific search query, reconsider whether you have secured enough text volume for the entire site and consider adding content .

Consider the following two perspectives.

● User’s point of view : Is there enough content
to expect from the site ?

● Viewpoint of search engine evaluation : Do you have
useful content that can solve users’ problems and questions?

Be sure to take SEO measures when renewing the site

The original purpose of site renewal should be to improve user-friendliness and, as a result, improve business results.

However, if the user’s convenience is reduced by focusing on superficial design and visuals, as a result, the search engine will lose its reputation and the site renewal will fail. Therefore, SEO is of utmost importance.

Also, when outsourcing site renewal, be careful whether the company has extensive knowledge of SEO .

Introducing ferret One, a CMS with strong SEO measures

ferret One is a CMS provided by Basic Co., Ltd., which operates this media “ferret” . If you are worried about SEO measures when renewing your site , or if you want to connect the purpose of renewal to business results, please consider it.

❶ The system itself is constantly updated with SEO in mind

Dramatically reduces the amount of manual work involved in updating.

❷ Comfortable operation after site renewal

Since it is a CMS that you can edit as you see it , you can easily update it even if you do not have knowledge of HTML or servers. Not only can you quickly implement the measures you want to take and turn the PDCA cycle speedily, you can also prevent site operation from becoming dependent on the individual.

❸ Significant cost reduction

We are pleased to say that we have been able to significantly reduce costs as a result of eliminating the communication costs and the expenses incurred each time we ask an external contractor or engineer.

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