15 SEO articles you want to read first to get results in web marketing

With the spread of smartphones and the prosperity of e-commerce in recent years, it can be said that the ability to attract customers on the web determines the success or failure of a business. In order to bring in new customers on the Web and to create sales channels such as repeat customers from existing customers, it is necessary to grasp the techniques and ideas of SEO . We will introduce 15 carefully selected articles that you can learn from the basics of SEO to its application.

Points to keep in mind before learning SEO

Before starting to learn about SEO specifically, let’s first review the point “What is SEO ?”

What is SEO ? Google and Yahoo! It refers to measures and ideas for displaying articles on your own site and media at the top when searched by search engines such as .

The criteria for high-level display are not clearly defined, and Google continues to evaluate according to its own algorithm. New content is born every day, so the ranking of sites and content is constantly changing.

At this point, many people think, “If that’s the case, then if we reverse-calculate Google ‘s algorithm and produce content that follows it, we can get high rankings, right?”, but that’s not enough .

Certainly, it may be easier to display at the top if you hold down trends and countermeasures, but it will take money and effort to keep that ranking.

From that perspective, SEO can be seen as a battlefield where your site is repeatedly playing a cat-and-mouse game with rival sites and Google ‘s crawlers . In order to avoid getting involved in fierce competition, it is very important not only to use SEO measures but also to produce content in a way that is close to users (readers and children) after understanding Google ‘s intentions.

In the following article, we will introduce in detail the thinking of Google , which is important for SEO , so let’s refer to it.

1. Know the basics of SEO

First, let’s learn the basics of SEO .

As SEO measures , measures such as producing content that is close to users and improving the speed so that site visitors can reach information without stress are important. At that time, the core is to hold down the correct usage of HTML tags .

2. Know specific measures for SEO

Learn more about SEO strategies.

First of all, let’s learn about HTML tags , ” meta tags ” , which are important both for each content and for the entire site. Various information is included in the meta tag that comes into contact with Google ‘s crawler first . Even just optimizing the content can be expected to have a sufficient effect as an SEO measure.

In addition, the meta tag mentioned above must be set for each content . The meta description is the key here. It is important as an SEO measure that is directly linked to the click rate ( CTR ) , so let’s keep it in mind.

In addition, nowadays, a tool called ” CMS ” is often used when creating websites and media. ” WordPress ” is the most popular and supported among many tools . Many of you may be familiar with it.

WordPress is said to be strong in SEO , but you can’t expect enough power just by installing and using it. In the article below, we will cover all the points you want to remember about WordPress SEO measures , so let’s refer to them.

3. Know what not to do as an SEO measure

Now that you have grasped the general flow of SEO measures, let’s also hold down “what not to do”. Among SEO measures, there are measures that Google does not recommend as “not for the benefit of users”.

These measures are called black hat SEO , and if caught, you will be penalized.

In the article below, we explain specific ” measures considered black hat SEO “, so we recommend that you keep it in mind before embarking on SEO measures.

Along with SEO , there is also the concept of “MEO” that is considered important. This is not the search ranking of Google , but the idea of ​​​​optimizing the display ranking on Google Maps and displaying it at the top. As effective as SEO , it is considered important in business categories such as restaurants and beauty stores.

Details will be described later, but there are various measures for MEO. Among them, there are measures that are also considered black hat , so it is a good idea to remember them together with black hat SEO .

4. Learn about the changing environment surrounding SEO

From here, I will also explain the environment surrounding SEO and its changes. The environment surrounding SEO continues to change rapidly, and it is essential to keep up with the latest information in order to achieve results.

Google constantly updates its algorithms day and night and changes search rankings in order to “display the pages and sites that are most useful to users at the top”. Among them, updates that are considered to change the criteria for high-level display and penalties significantly are called “core updates”.

It is not uncommon to hear that sites and pages that were displayed at the top before the core update were skipped out of the display range the day after the core update. It is important to learn the history of core updates and keep site management in mind for future updates.

5. Learn about MEO and VSO that you want to keep in line with SEO

Let’s take a look at the concept of “MEO”, which I touched on earlier, and the concept of “VSO”, which has been attracting attention in recent years. You can get benefits such as reaching users who could not be picked up by SEO measures alone, and producing higher effects than SEO measures.

In addition, in preparation for the rapidly increasing needs of middle-aged and elderly people, it is important to consider future trends such as sites and media that support voice input, and to take measures now.

In addition, the following article explains in detail about “keywords used in voice input”. Let’s take a look at it as a clue for specific VSO countermeasures.

6. Know how to apply SEO techniques

There are various ways of thinking and measures in SEO , but it is recommended that you not only learn basic techniques, but also applied techniques that make use of those mechanisms. Widen the gap with your competitors and achieve more effective web marketing .

In the following article, we will explain in detail the benefits of introducing subdomains in addition to this domain . In addition to the measures introduced in this article, if you want to try SEO measures using subdomains , please refer to them.

SEO is a measure aimed at increasing access and conversions, but you can also think of placing web advertisements as a method to directly obtain them. Compared to SEO , this takes less time to produce results, but it also has the disadvantage of being expensive and difficult to use as an asset.

Based on these, if you use advertisements effectively , you can maximize the effect of web marketing . In the article below, not only SEO but also advertising is explained in detail, so be sure to keep it in mind.

Also, even if the SEO measures of the website are perfected, it is difficult to improve the ranking of the site by itself. It can be said that the recent theory of web marketing is to increase the power of the website , which is the main site, with the power of content through the use of subdomains as mentioned above .

Some websites consist of a single page called a “SPA site”. SEO measures for such sites are said to be more difficult than for general sites, but the article below explains in detail how to take SEO measures, so be sure to take a look .

Learn SEO and make web marketing more familiar

The optimal method for SEO measures varies depending on the company and industry to be implemented. Based on the basic SEO measures introduced in this article, let’s further develop your site and media.

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