6 Successful Cases of VOC Analysis! What is the way to connect the voice of the customer to the growth of the company?

VOC analysis is a method of analyzing customer voices and opinions to improve the marketing of a company’s services and products.
This time, we will introduce six companies that use VOC analysis.

Please refer to it for a detailed explanation of the issues before the introduction, the measures taken, and the effects after the introduction.

Contents of this article 

  • VOC analysis utilization example (1) Major mail-order company
  • VOC Analysis Utilization Example (2) Major Pharmaceutical Company
  • VOC analysis utilization example (3) Credit card company
  • VOC analysis utilization example ④ retail company
  • VOC analysis utilization example (5) Major cosmetics manufacturer
  • VOC analysis utilization example (6) Major food manufacturer
  • summary

VOC analysis utilization example (1) Major mail-order company

This is an introduction example of a major telecommunications company with four bases nationwide.

[Issues before introduction]
Since there are many offline customers, the issue was how to analyze customer information that can be handled by telephone.
I wanted to know the contents of inquiries from customers and convert them into text.

[Implemented measures]
Introduced AI that can convert customer phone calls into text in real time and collect data.
It seems that there were moments when the text did not go well and the site felt uneasy. However, it was decided to introduce it because the company felt a sense of mission that it had to take on the challenge.

[Effects after introduction]
AI’s speech recognition is much faster than the staff’s handwriting, and work efficiency has improved.
Employees also understood the analysis using voice recognition, and they began to give their opinions on how to make better use of this function.

VOC Analysis Utilization Example (2) Major Pharmaceutical Company

VOC analysis is utilized in customer support for customers installed by pharmaceutical companies.

[Issues before introduction]
There was an issue that we wanted to check whether the differentiation between new products and products that had been released so far was communicated to customers.
I also wanted to discover latent needs and use them to develop new products.

[Implemented measures]
We introduced VOC analysis so that we can analyze the customer’s request by considering not only the word but also the background.
We summarized the collected opinions and extracted voices that should be dug deeper.

[Results after introduction]
We were able to confirm whether the intended target and the actual purchasers overlapped.
Also, through VOC analysis, we were able to discover new needs and overlooked services.

VOC analysis utilization example (3) Credit card company

Credit card companies used around the world have also introduced VOC analysis at customer contact points (call centers).

[Issues before introduction]
It was difficult to understand the information sent in response to inquiries from customers.
In addition, much of the work was done manually within the company, and it took time to collect and analyze opinions.

[Implemented measures]
Text analysis was introduced.
You can analyze the content and frequency of inquiries, as well as the response of staff.

[Effects after introduction]
The information presented to customers has been changed to make it easier for customers to understand. In addition, we were able to greatly improve work efficiency by introducing text analysis.
We are also using VOC analysis in many ways, such as text analysis of staff responses, to improve response habits and ways of speaking.

VOC analysis utilization example ④ retail company

It is a retail company that handles a wide range of products such as daily necessities, food, home appliances and furniture.
We will explain the problems and effects before introduction.

[Issues before introduction]
Thousands of opinions are collected from customers every year, and we would like to analyze and classify them to develop new products.

[Implemented measures]
We are developing new products by sincerely responding to the opinions of our customers.
We are constantly updating our existing products as well as new ones.

[Effects after introduction]
A company that actively incorporates customer opinions and voices to create various new products.
In addition, opinions such as “I want this kind of product” have been received, and latent needs have been gathered.

VOC analysis utilization example (5) Major cosmetics manufacturer

A major cosmetics manufacturer that handles many hair color products.

[Issues before introduction]
It turned out that the product samples provided were not suitable for customers and were not used much.
I was struggling because I didn’t know what my customers wanted.

[Implemented measures]
We investigated how customers behave at stores. We also conducted interviews with people who use the products and held workshops with regular users.

[Results after introduction]
We were able to understand why product samples were not used, and we were able to make improvements. Opinions were also collected on the product packaging, and we were able to propose a design that better matched the target audience.
By actually listening to the voice of the customer, we can hear opinions that we would not have thought of internally, and use them in the future.

VOC analysis utilization example (6) Major food manufacturer

A major food manufacturer that develops sweets and coffee has introduced VOC analysis of SNS.
We collect feedback on new product development and existing products.

[Issues before introduction]
There were too many opinions about sweets, and there was a situation where I did not know which opinion to listen to.
Also, some of the opinions on SNS did not understand the true intentions.

[Implemented measures]
By using a VOC analysis tool, we organized keywords related to product names and words of sweets.
It also introduced a way to interact directly with customers and help with marketing.

[Effects after introduction]
By organizing and analyzing opinions overflowing on SNS, latent needs can be confirmed.
In addition, listening to the opinions of customers helps us develop new products.


By using VOC analysis, we can notice problems and perspectives that would otherwise go unnoticed within the company.

In addition, work efficiency in the company will increase, and manual work will be reduced, and personnel will be devoted to problem solving and planning proposals.

For companies that do not have enough personnel in-house, it is recommended to outsource VOC analysis.

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