8 Recommended Online Learning Sites for Programming! Benefits and how to choose?

Currently, the demand for programmers is increasing along with the growth of IT demand. Under these circumstances, programming education will be made compulsory from elementary school to high school in 2022 due to the revision of the Course of Study. It is expected that the number of people who are interested in programming will increase, but it is said that self-study programming learning requires time and physical strength, so it is easy to fail if you want to deepen your programming learning.

Online programming learning sites are useful for effective learning to become a programmer. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the details of programming learning using online learning sites, how to select an appropriate learning site, and points to note when learning.

Table of contents

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of using programming online learning sites
  2. Tips for choosing an online programming learning site
  3. 10 Recommended Online Learning Sites for Programming
  4. Points to note when using programming online learning sites
  5. Summary

Advantages and disadvantages of using programming online learning sites

The advantage of studying online is that many of them are for beginners, and it is easy to start programming.

First, many learning sites offer basic programming lessons for free.

Depending on the site, various learning methods are available, such as video lectures and slides showing the learning content. It’s free and easy to try, so you can choose the best learning method that suits you.

Online programming learning is effective even for non-beginners. Unlike when you go to a programming school, you can browse anywhere you can connect to the internet, so you can study even during hours such as commuting, returning home, or taking a break.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of using online programming learning sites is that they may not explain unclear points. For this reason, when learning online, you may end up spending time resolving errors that occur in programming that you should have followed.

In addition, it is not uncommon for self-study students to not understand the learning process or whether they have acquired the skills. Against this background, the difficulty of maintaining motivation is also cited as an issue in programming learning.

This article also discusses how to deal with these issues. For details, please refer to “Points to note when using programming online learning sites”.

Tips for choosing an online programming learning site

Programming online learning sites have the advantage of being able to study according to your timing and purpose. The specific differences between each site are whether there is a programming language you want to learn, compatibility between the learning method and the difficulty of the course and whether there is a usage fee.

Here, I will explain how to choose a learning site to study programming.

Do you have a course in the programming language you want to learn?

Different programming languages ​​have different purposes. First, think about what kind of programmer you want to be.

Once you’ve decided on your goals, it’s a good idea to choose an online learning site that supports the programming language you want to study.

Is your learning method right for you?

There are various styles of programming learning sites, and the following three are the main ones.


It is recommended for those who are not good at reading because it can be learned visually. Another feature is that many of the videos published on video posting sites can be viewed for free.

The disadvantage is that the content may become outdated like text, so check if it is the latest video when you study.


The biggest merit is that you can learn programming while playing games, not the awareness of “studying”. It is easy to use not only for adults but also for elementary and junior high school students, and it is characterized by learning to program to acquire logical thinking.

On the other hand, it may not be suitable for deeper learning because it covers a narrower range than videos and lectures. It can be used as an entry point for learning programming.


You can learn programming in a class format with an instructor. Online classes can be taken from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Although it costs a little more, it is recommended for those who want to carefully learn the language they want to learn.

Based on the above, let’s find a study method that suits you.

Is the difficulty of the course suitable for you?

If a beginner starts learning programming with a high degree of difficulty, it is easy to get frustrated, and it is a waste of time for an experienced person to take a rudimentary course. Therefore, it is important to take classes with a level of difficulty that matches your level. In selecting the difficulty level, it is important to prepare before taking the course and to estimate your ability.

Also, when learning to program online, it may be necessary to build an environment with your PC hardware and software. Building an environment is a time-consuming task, so we recommend learning sites that do not require building an environment for beginners.

When comparing learning sites, in addition to checking the posted content, it is a good idea to refer to the evaluation of the site on word-of-mouth sites, etc. Also, by checking the scope of the content covered by the study site and focusing on whether the scope of the study is limited to grammar, practical level, or whether it delves into the practical level, it becomes easier to select the study site that meets the purpose.


There are online sites where you can learn the full range of programming covered for free, but most learning sites charge at some stage. Choosing an effective learning site is not just about the price, it is important to check the range of free use and the payment method.

Payment methods are divided into lump sum payments and monthly payments. Choose a payment method that suits your learning style and plan.

10 Recommended Online Learning Sites for Programming

Among many programming learning sites, we will list representative online learning sites and compare their contents. Please check it together with the detailed explanation on the study site.

learning site Free course Fee (tax included) learning method supported language
dot install Yes 1,080 yen (monthly) Video + Lecture + Practice many
Udemy Yes About 1000 yen to 30,000 yen per video video + lecture many
Progate Yes 1,078 yen (monthly fee) slide + practice many
paiza video learning Yes 1,078 (1 month) ~ 7,200 yen (12 months) video + text + practice many
School Yes 980 yen (monthly) movie many
PyQ Yes 3,040 to 8,130 yen per month slide + practice Python, etc.
Skill Hacks None (*1) 69,800 yen movie 5 languages ​​including HTML
AtCoder (*2) free practice many

*1: There is a sample video that contains a part of the lecture video on YouTube.
*2: AtCoder is a computer program contest and there is no course.

dot install

Dot Install allows you to learn programming by watching videos.

All 7,119 videos released as of July 2022 are 3 minutes or less in length and are devised so that you can quickly start working on them even when you have a little free time or when you are not motivated.


Udemy is a course-style learning site where you can ask questions to the instructor. Since it is also a format to purchase the video, you can review it as many times as you like after the course ends.

The fee is about 1,000 yen to 30,000 yen per video, but some videos can be viewed for free. In addition, discount sales of video prices are held 2-3 times a month on average. In the past, there have been sales where the price is up to 1/20th. Even in the unlikely event that you cannot expect an effect from the course, you can return or refund the video up to 30 days after purchasing the video.


Progate is a programming learning site that aims to “study even beginners on their own and learn without frustration”.

For example, if you enter the wrong code during programming, Progate will show you not only the location of the mistake but also the reason for the mistake and how to deal with it in Japanese. This makes it easy to understand the cause of the failure and to solve the problem easily. Also, since there is no need to build an environment before starting learning, you can study just by registering.

You can learn programming by downloading the Progate app on your smartphone or tablet. As you work, the degree of completion of the program is displayed as a percentage, which is effective for maintaining motivation.

paiza video learning

paiza video learning is a site where you can learn by watching videos and texts at the same time. More detailed explanations than videos are supplemented with text, and you can visually understand parts that you cannot understand with text, so you can effectively proceed with programming learning.

Programming learning with paiza has two features. The first is that there are plenty of game-style programming learning sites. With the game titled “Code Girl Collection”, you can continue learning programming in a fun way. Not only scripting languages ​​taught on other game-style sites, but also compiler languages ​​such as C language and Java are supported.


School is a video distribution service that allows you to watch classes such as programming in a live broadcast format. You can watch live broadcasts for free, and if you join a premium membership for 980 yen including tax per month, you will be able to take all recording classes, double-speed playback, and download. You can also ask questions in the chat during the course during the live broadcast.


PyQ is a learning site specializing in the programming language Python. More than 1,500 questions are prepared for learning Python. In addition, environment construction is not required to use PyQ.

By subscribing to the individual light plan for 3,040 yen including tax, you will be able to answer all the questions. With the individual standard plan of 8,130 yen including tax per month, in addition to the services of the individual light plan, you can also use PyQ learning support where you can receive support from active engineers.

Skill Hacks

Skill Hacks is a learning site that teaches programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Ruby, and Rails in video format. With a lump sum payment of 69,800 yen, you can purchase and study the 94 videos necessary for learning these five languages.

After purchase, you can ask unlimited questions through LINE. The length of each video is 10 to 20 minutes, which is short, and the system is easy to learn.


AtCoder is not strictly a programming learning site, but a site that hosts computer program contests. Therefore, AtCoder does not provide programming language courses.

However, past problems of the AtCoder Beginner Contest, which is a contest for beginners and beginners of AtCoder, are published in TOPIC-PG , which is provided by Encoder. There is also an official commentary by AtCoder, so please use it as a way to test your programming skills.

Points to note when using programming online learning sites

Businessman working on laptop, hands typing

Achieving learning requires clear goals, not just programming. To achieve the goal, it may be necessary to consider methods other than the learning site.

Here, we will explain the details of how to set learning objectives, how to maintain motivation, and programming learning methods other than learning sites.

Clarify learning objectives

By setting appropriate goals, you can plan your studies and acquire skills effectively. Achieving goals keeps you motivated, so you can stay motivated to work hard toward your next goal. It would be effective to set detailed goals between the current situation and the purpose and to steadily move towards the goal step by step.

To set goals, it is necessary to determine what you can do with the programming you learn and what you want to achieve. After understanding these two, let’s organize the materialization of the purpose and the expected hurdles.

Make sure you stay motivated

One way to stay motivated to learn to program online is to set goals for your study period.

In online learning, there is no one to give guidance or advice, except for the course format. And because you are a self-study, you need to set your study schedule, so self-control is required for effective goal setting and execution.

By setting a specific deadline for completing your studies, you will be able to focus more effectively on your studies.

Use of sites other than study sites is also recommended

In addition to learning sites, we also recommend ways to deepen your learning through watching YouTube videos, free trial classes, and interacting with programmers.

Not only can you watch the learning content on YouTube for free, but in recent years, the number of training videos by programmers has also increased. However, the quality of the videos is not guaranteed, so you must decide what content to study at your own risk. In addition, some videos may not reflect the latest information because the posting date is old, so be sure to check the posting date.

In school learning, you can ask detailed one-on-one lectures with instructors and ask questions other than learning about programming. In addition, many schools require the creation of an original program as the final goal of the course, so setting learning goals is not a problem. If you find a school that is suitable for you in programming classes and online school experience classes, you will be able to achieve the effect that matches the cost of the school.

There is also a way to eliminate doubts and anxieties about programming by consulting with a programmer. If there are no programmers around, you can consult on SNS or online salons, but please be aware that online salons will incur a usage fee.


So far, I have explained the advantages and types of using online learning sites when learning to program on your own, and the points to improve the learning effect. In the process of conducting appropriate learning, you will measure your results regularly, and grasping your level will help you maintain your motivation.

If you want to learn to program more effectively, please use TOPIC. TOPIC is an online test that objectively measures programming ability. At TOPIC, you can also download the booklet “Introduction to programming as a culture”, which is an introductory book to learning programming.

The booklet is not only short and easy to understand with a total of 37 pages, but it is also possible to read only the necessary parts and make use of them.

The programming language Python is used in this booklet. Python is a language that is frequently used in business around the world, such as being ranked first in the October 2021 programming language ranking. Download the booklet from the link below and let’s make programming learning successful.

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