Basic knowledge of introducing LINE chatbot | Thorough explanation of functions, benefits, and usage !

“LINE chatbot” is a function that automatically sends and replies messages by program instead of direct human response. Chatbots can be set up on LINE official accounts, and by making good use of them, it is possible to provide smooth customer support while reducing the burden on companies.

In this article, we will introduce the three types of LINE chatbots, how they work, how to install them, and how to use them . We also explain the benefits and precautions of introducing it, so please check it out.

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Types and mechanisms of LINE chatbots

Types and mechanisms of LINE chatbots

The LINE official account has the following three chatbots.

  • Response message (included in LINE)
  • AI response message (LINE standard)
  • Chatbot using Messaging API

Below is an overview of each chatbot and the messages you can use.

Response message (included in LINE)

Reply Message is a chatbot that provides simple replies.

It is a mechanism that responds with the set content according to the keyword included in the message received from the user. This function is a standard feature of LINE official accounts, and the following settings can be made from the management screen.

  • Keyword: Keyword you want to react to
  • Message: Message to reply to the keyword

[Messages that can be used in response messages] The
following eight message types can be used in response messages.

  • text
  • stamp
  • image
  • movie
  • Card type: Carousel display of up to 4 cards that combine images, labels, text, and links
  • Rich message: A combination of images, text, and links that can be sent as a single message
  • Research: something that can create a poll/questionnaire-style research page
  • Coupon: discount coupon

AI response message (LINE standard)

AI Reply Message is a function that allows more complex replies. AI automatically analyzes incoming messages and replies according to the results .

You don’t need to set keywords in detail, just set two things: message type and reply message.

  • Message type: message category
  • Reply Message: Message to reply by type

For example, it is possible to set a reply message such as “Thank you for your opinion. We will try to improve.” for the type “Complaint”. AI response messages are also included as standard in LINE Official Accounts.

[Messages that can be used with AI response messages]
AI response messages have fewer message types than response messages.

  • text
  • stamp
  • image
  • card type
  • rich message

Chatbot using MessagingAPI

The Messaging API is not a function that comes standard with the LINE Official Account , but a function that links a proprietary.

In addition to automatic replies, you can use templates with links to sites and images to freely implement chatbot mechanisms, making it suitable for increasing conversion rates and engagement.

For example, it is possible to implement a diagnosis function that automatically diagnoses from several questions and answers, and display the optimal product or service to the user.

Since Message API is not installed as standard, it is necessary to use a vendor that develops and provides chatbots.

[Messages that can be used with the Messaging API]

  • Button template: a combination of image, text and button
  • Confirmation template: Contains selection buttons such as “Yes/No”
  • Carousel template: one that lets you swipe horizontally to select items
  • Image carousel template: a carousel template with images and titles
  • Flex Message: Freely customize the layout of text, images, buttons, etc.

Advantages of introducing LINE chatbot for companies

Advantages of introducing LINE chatbot for companies

In addition to being able to respond to messages from users 24 hours a day, using the LINE chatbot has its own advantages.

Reach large number of active users

According to data released by LINE in October 2022 , LINE has more than 92 million MAUs in Japan, and approximately 70% of the Japanese population uses LINE. The big advantage is that you can reach a large number of active users.

You can expect a greater effect than placing an advertisement.

Reduced man-hours for responding to inquiries

Chatbots automate inquiry response, reducing man-hours for inquiries, leading to cost reductions and improved operational efficiency .

You can also approach people who were not satisfied with LPs or EC sites.

It is possible to reach users who did not convert, such as those who did not convert after attracting customers to EC or LP, by asking them to add them as friends on LINE. If LINE chatbots can continuously build relationships with users, they will become fans of brands and companies .

Easy for users to take action

With LINE, which users are familiar with, the hurdles to action are lower than phone calls and emails. One of the merits of the LINE chatbot is that it makes it easier for users to take action, as they can send messages as easily as they would with family and friends.

How to introduce LINE chatbot

There are two ways to introduce a chatbot to LINE: creating and operating a LINE official account in-house or using an external service.

Use LINE Official Account

Response messages and AI response messages are standard features of LINE Official Accounts. A LINE official account can be created from LINE for Business .

The price plans for the LINE Official Account are as follows. Please note that the plan is scheduled to be revised from June 1, 2023 .

Current price plan (applicable until May 31, 2023)

  • Free plan
    Monthly fixed cost (excluding tax): Free
    Number of messages: 1,000
    Additional message charges (excluding tax): Cannot be sent additionally
  • Light Plan
    Monthly fixed cost (excluding tax): 5,000 yen
    Number of free messages: 15,000
    Additional message charge (excluding tax): 5 yen/message
  • Standard Plan
    Monthly fixed cost (excluding tax): 15,000 yen
    Number of free messages: 45,000
    Additional message charge (excluding tax): ~3 yen/message (varies depending on the number of messages sent)

New rate plan (applicable from June 1, 2023)

  • Communication Plan
    Monthly fixed cost (excluding tax): Free
    Number of messages: 200
    Additional message charges (excluding tax): No additional sending
  • Light Plan
    Monthly fixed cost (excluding tax): 5,000 yen
    Free number of messages: 5,000
    Additional message charges (excluding tax): Cannot be sent additionally
  • Standard Plan
    Monthly fixed cost (excluding tax): 15,000 yen
    Number of free messages: 30,000
    Additional message charge (excluding tax): ~3 yen/message (varies depending on the number of messages sent)

In addition, both the old and new plans, sending and receiving LINE chat and “Reply API” of Messaging API are not included in the billing target and can be used free of charge. However, please note that “Push API“, “Multicast API”, “Broadcast API” and “Narrowcast API” of Messaging API are subject to charges.

In the next chapter, we will introduce how to use the LINE chatbot in detail.

Use external service

Messaging API is an optional function of LINE Official Account, but if it is difficult to develop in-house, you need to use a vendor that develops and provides chatbots. Depending on the vendor, it is possible to request usage proposals, settings, and operations.

How to use LINE Chatbot

How to use LINE Chatbot

We will introduce three ways to use the LINE chatbot: response settings, sending greeting messages, and replying to user messages.

Response settings

The chatbot for LINE official accounts has two operation modes: “bot” and “chat.”


  • You can use the Messaging API, so there is a high degree of freedom
  • You can send messages with the auto-reply feature
  • Can send specified messages all at once
  • Useful during times when staff are not available, such as after business hours
  • It does not support 1:1 talk, so it is not suitable for individual correspondence


  • Since AI response function can be used, automatic response is possible even in chat mode
  • 1:1 talk allows individual support
  • Since the Messaging API cannot be used, the degree of freedom is low, but it is possible for people to respond in detail.
  • You can’t use the automatic reply function, and you can’t send messages all at once.

“Bot” is useful when you want to send all at once, and “chat” is useful when you want to respond individually . You can switch the response mode from [Response settings].

Send a greeting message

A greeting message is a message sent automatically when a user adds you as a friend. Please follow the steps below to create it.

  1. From the home menu, select [Talk room management] → [Greeting message]
  2. Freely create messages by combining texts and stamps

Reply to user message

If you set the response mode to [Chat], you can set a response message or AI response message.

This time, I will show you how to create a response message.

  1. Select [Auto-response message] → [Response message] from the menu
  2. Compose keywords and reply messages you want to respond to

A reply message is an operation image in which if the message contains the keyword “how to”, a reply message saying “here is the manual” is sent. Since multiple keywords can be set, it is a good idea to set as many relevant keywords as possible.

Points to note when introducing LINE Chatbot

Here are some points to keep in mind when introducing a LINE chatbot.

Man-hours required for introduction

It takes time, effort, and cost to introduce not only LINE chatbots but also chatbots in the first place. Furthermore, if you want to make a chatbot equipped with AI, there will be man-hours such as outsourcing development, so be sure to check the necessary man-hours and costs before introducing it .

Not suitable for cognitive enhancement

In order to send information on LINE, it is necessary to have the user add you as a friend. It is not possible to send information to an unspecified number of people for the purpose of expanding brand recognition, so use it in a balanced manner with open communication methods such as Twitter and Instagram .

Inability to answer complex questions

A drawback of chatbots is their inability to answer open-ended, complex questions. AI-type chatbots can learn by repeatedly interacting with users, and the number of questions they can answer increases, but keep in mind that there are limits.

Strengthen connections with users by using LINE chatbots

LINE, which has many active users in Japan, is used in a variety of situations, from private companies to government agencies.

The advantage of LINE chatbot is that it can handle a wide range of responses, from simple responses to somewhat complicated responses using AI. The functions that come standard with LINE official accounts, such as reply messages and AI reply messages, can be used free of charge, so even companies using chatbots for the first time will find it easy to introduce them. LINE chatbots are useful not only for improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, but also for building relationships with users, so please make use of them for your business.

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