Can ChatGPT, a hot topic, be used for SEO measures and analysis work?

ChatGPT, an interactive AI that has exploded in popularity and has become a hot topic. It excels at summarizing and generating sentences and inferring answers from interactive questions, and is being explored for use in a variety of tasks.

I will explain how such ChatGPT can be used for SEO measures and analysis work , and what to keep in mind when using it.

For those who have been spending time extracting and processing the data necessary for analysis, it will help speed up the quality and speed of their work .

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an interactive AI published by OpenAI. After being released in November 2022, it is reported that the number of monthly active users exceeded 100 million in just two months*, and attention is increasing .

ChatGPT is based on a fine-tuned model of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a type of deep learning model trained using large-scale language data (latest as of May 18 , 2023 ) . The version is GPT-4), and is good at summarizing and generating sentences, and analogizing answers that match the intentions of the questioner in a dialogue format, and has attracted a great deal of attention for its high accuracy.

However, at this time, due to its characteristics, it is mentioned that there are cases where incorrect information is answered as if it were correct, and that the input content may be used for learning unless an opt-out application is made . There is also the current situation that the usage method has not been established , partly because it is still young .

Can ChatGPT be used for SEO?

ChatGPT is good at summarizing and generating sentences, so there is a trend to explore the possibility of using it for content writing.

My view on these is that, at the moment, it is possible to use ChatGPT for some content writing processes, but I think it is difficult to entrust almost all content writing to ChatGPT.

As a major premise, I believe that content production should always have the purpose of creating content , which is to have the information you want to deliver to the reader, and what kind of state you want the reader to be in through that content . Therefore, it is not recommended to use ChatGPT only to mass-produce content without much effort for the sole purpose of acquiring inflows for specific search keywords .

Also, from an SEO point of view, it is difficult to imagine that such content will be of value to readers , and as a result, it will not be evaluated by search engines , so be careful.

Based on the above, I will introduce whether ChatGPT can be used for content writing.

Utilization of ChatGPT as a wall-collision partner for content proposals

As an example of the possibility of utilization in content writing, it can be used as an opponent for content proposals.

Research on content themes will include information browsing on the web and social media , keyword needs analysis, books, and interviews with knowledgeable people. And it is a method of using ChatGPT to obtain information that is not enough in those researches and new awareness .

As an example, let’s say you’re trying to create content about the “points” that make a “barbecue” a success .

When I threw the following prompt, it listed 17 points.

● An example of confirming the points for a successful “barbecue”

▼Prompt used

▼ChatGPT answer

The 17 points answered were general contents, and were generally information that could be obtained through own research . However, when doing research centering on the “points to enjoy” of “barbecue” such as consideration for the weather (rain gear and caution against fire in case of weather changes), we also enumerate points that are often overlooked. gave me

In this way, there are scenes where ChatGPT can be used as an auxiliary , so to speak, wall-hacking opponent in order to check if there are any elements that you may have overlooked in your own research alone .

However, if you put all the listed points into an article, it may contain somewhat redundant information for reading, so please be careful as diverting it to the article as it is may deviate from the original purpose. Is required.

In addition, it is necessary to be careful whether the information is correct from the viewpoint of reliability when responding to themes that require more expertise . In this way, it is currently recommended to use it as a supplement to content writing.

Leveraging ChatGPT for SEO analysis

At the moment , when using ChatGPT for SEO , we believe that it may be most effective to use it for analysis work . That’s because ChatGPT is good at generating programming languages.

When I do SEO analysis, I create a dedicated code that is specialized for that analysis. At that time, I used to write code from scratch and analyze it myself. However, recently, when writing a new process, there are more cases of writing code using ChatGPT , and I feel that the work efficiency is improving , so I would like many people to try it. I want to

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