What are “Core Web Vitals”? Explanation of definitions and specific improvement methods

For websites, page loading speed and user-friendliness are important. Core Web Vitals released by Google can quantitatively evaluate such elements. For today’s Internet users, fast response times are a given. 93% said they would leave a website if the page did not load properly . To improve user experience online, Google released a report of key web metrics called “Core … Read more

What is SharePoint Online? Sites that can be created, points to keep in mind, and points when creating external sites

If you want to know a tool that allows you to easily create a website without knowing HTML or CSS, it is a good idea to use “SharePoint Online “ provided by Microsoft . It is especially suitable for creating internal portal sites and sharing files and information , and it is possible to launch and update websites relatively easily without programming. In this article, we will explain … Read more

What is the difference between e-commerce that sells and e-commerce that doesn’t sell? Commentary on points and cautions for creating a site that sells

There are probably many marketers who have set up an e-commerce site, but it does not go well and sales are not growing. Therefore, this time, I will explain in detail the difference between EC that sells and EC that does not sell . We have also summarized the tips and points for creating a store, such as … Read more

What is Headless CMS? Introducing the features, advantages and disadvantages, and 10 recommended tools

You may have heard the term Headless CMS , but you may not know what it is, or want to know how it differs from a typical CMS . With CMS , even if you have no experience in creating websites , you can easily create a website through the management screen. On the other hand, with Headless CMS , there is no management screen and content is delivered directly … Read more

Thorough explanation of the orientation and unsuitability of WordPress! Introducing how to choose a CMS!

” WordPress ” is useful for creating web media . It is a system that allows you to easily create a website without any knowledge of programming, etc. , and is used by various companies. It is said that 1/4 of the sites in the world are now WordPress , and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most … Read more

What is a service site that increases lead acquisition? Explanation of startup procedure

A service site is a website that specializes in products, merchandise, and services, unlike a corporate site that provides company information . Since the site is more focused on services than a corporate site, it is important to operate with agility, such as constantly providing information to solve customer problems . If you don’t understand the difference, you can’t operate effectively. In … Read more

Wix SEO settings! Improve your search rankings and attract more customers

WIx is convenient as an easy-to-use website creation service for startups and others who want to prepare a website quickly without incurring costs . However, while it is free or inexpensive and easy to use, you may be wondering how important it is to attract customers as a website. Even if you go to great lengths to create a website , it is meaningless if … Read more

Is Contact Form 7 Secure? What are effective security measures?

If you are creating a corporate site with WordPress , the plug-in that is often used to create an inquiry form is “Contact Form 7”. Contact Form 7 is convenient because you can easily set up an inquiry form , but on the other hand, vulnerabilities have been reported, and I think many people are worried about security. Since there is a risk of … Read more

What is CMS? Easy-to-understand explanations of benefits, types, and functions for beginners

CMS is a system that many companies use when creating websites such as homepages . With the remarkable onlineization of recent years , site operation has become an essential part of business. It would be desirable for those in charge of site operation to have basic knowledge of CMS in order to increase the growth rate of the company. Therefore, we will explain in detail the basic … Read more

What are the advantages of creating your own CMS? Also explains the basic process for creating

In recent years, the number of companies that introduce CMS to website creation continues to grow, and it is said that more than half of websites are created with CMS . This time , after touching on what a CMS is and what types of existing services exist, I will introduce the benefits of creating a CMS and the basic creation process. * Source: IT Trend | More than … Read more