[Trends in AI systems] Reasons why artificial intelligence has become popular and examples of familiar services

Table of contents of this article What is AI? AI system trends Examples of familiar services that utilize AI AI service development requires highly specialized skills Summary: Developing human resources who are strong in AI and transforming business AI (artificial intelligence) has now come to be counted as a practical technology, and we are increasingly … Read more

What is the difference between AI and chatbots? Briefly explain how each mechanism works.

Recently, it seems that AI chat tools related to language, such as chatbots and FAQ search engines, which have been taken for granted by manned support, are attracting attention. On the other hand, as a chatbot vendor, we receive many inquiries about the difference between chatbots and AI when we develop and introduce systems for corporations . … Read more

A thorough comparison of the two major business chat apps! Which tool is right for you?

In business, efficiency is a big issue. In a workplace where conventional emails and telephones are the main internal tools, it is not possible to say that work efficiency is good when replying to each person is included. Therefore, in order to facilitate communication within the company, more and more attention is being paid to chat … Read more

What is blockchain technology? Practical application of blockchain in life!

In recent years, blockchain has become a “hot” trend both globally and in Vietnam. ​This technology has great potential for applications in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing and the public sector to education and the energy supply chain. According to researchers, corporate revenues in emerging markets like Vietnam are expected to reach US$1 … Read more

Thorough commentary on successful and unsuccessful cases of knowledge management along with the effects of introduction

Knowledge management is an attempt to verbalize and share knowledge, but many companies have tried to put it into management, but have failed. What were those companies missing? On the other hand, what kind of ingenuity can be seen in companies such as Kao and Keyence that are able to utilize knowledge management? In this article, we’ll share … Read more

Easy-to-understand explanation of GA4 conversion settings! What to do if you cannot measure from the setting procedure in GTM

” Google Analytics 4 ( GA4 )” , a new version of Google Analytics released in October 2020 . It has been announced that in July 2023, data acquisition by the old version of Universal Analytics (UA) will no longer be possible, so there is an urgent need to migrate to GA4. Conversion settings are required to use the basic functions of GA4 . Since there … Read more

What is an agile organization? A thorough explanation of organizational theory in the DX era!

As social conditions and customer needs become more complex, and the need for DX is being called for, companies are required to build organizational systems that can respond flexibly and quickly to changes. Under these circumstances, a new organizational concept called the “agile organization” is currently attracting attention. In this article, we will provide an easy-to-understand explanation … Read more

Introducing 5 failure cases of chatbots! What are the operational challenges?

In recent years, an increasing number of companies are introducing chatbots to realize work style reforms due to the declining working population and to promote operational efficiency. By effectively utilizing chatbots, it will be possible not only to respond to customers, but also to improve productivity within the company. On the other hand, chatbots are not … Read more

Thorough analysis of LINE’s API-type official account! What is the form of information transmission that customers want to read?

Chat communication with “API-type LINE official account” is the perfect marketing method for companies who want to appeal to customers more closely and on a larger scale . LINE is currently the most popular SNS in Japan, with a usage rate exceeding 70% in 2020 (more than 90% among people in their teens to 40s!). (*Ministry of … Read more