What is One to One Marketing? Concrete methods & 3 successful examples of domestic companies

One-to-one marketing is currently attracting attention, in which communication is tailored to the needs and purchase history of each prospective customer. In addition to being able to efficiently approach prospective customers , you can deliver information that suits each individual. Since targeting is based on data, it is compatible with digital and can be expected to be … Read more

What is Marketing Operations? An essential role for organizational growth

With the evolution of marketing technology, marketing has become more influential in a wider range of fields. Understanding customer psychology and needs based on data analysis is utilized not only in advertising, but also in all aspects of business, including sales, product development/manufacturing, and distribution. On the other hand, business processes are becoming more complex as … Read more

What is a marketing funnel? Explanation of basics and application methods

For that reason, it is essential to understand the marketing funnel introduced this time . A funnel in marketing represents the stages of consumer behavior. By understanding each behavioral stage of consumers whose values ​​change, we can implement appropriate marketing according to each funnel . This time, I will thoroughly explain the basic knowledge of the marketing funnel. There are also funnel … Read more

What is scoring? Explain the merits and design procedures to be implemented

In order to conduct an efficient approach with a limited sales force, it is necessary to screen high-potential leads in advance. In marketing, this sorting of leads is called “scoring (lead scoring).” If you are worried that “the number of leads sent from the marketing department is too large” or “it will take several months to approach all … Read more

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Some people may have the impression that video marketing is something that BtoC companies work on. However, video marketing is an effective means for both BtoC and BtoB. In this article, we will tell you why companies should work on video marketing now, and introduce specific methods of video marketing and points to note when working … Read more

[2023] What are the essential tools for digital marketing?

The term “digital marketing” covers a wide range of areas. Listing advertisements, banner advertisements, marketing measures on SNS platforms, advertising on digital signage, etc., the list goes on and on. The more you research, the more you don’t know which measures to implement and what tools to use when implementing them. This time, digital marketing is roughly … Read more

How to Use New Shopping Features on Facebook & Instagram to Boost Your Marketing Results

Instagram and Facebook are being used more and more by many companies that want to reach out to users such as millennials and Generation Z. The effectiveness of marketing using such platforms has already been proven. On Instagram alone, 90% of the over 1 billion users follow some business account. Additionally, over the past few years, Facebook has released … Read more