What is access analysis | Explanation of main indicators and analysis points

However, even if Google Analytics is introduced, it seems that there are many companies that are neglecting it, and even if they are watching, they are only checking the increase or decrease of access. Access analysis is performed to analyze user behavior and guess the psychology behind it. No matter how good your analytics tools … Read more

How to host a Zoom video webinar? Explanation of benefits and usage procedures

There are various typical means of communicating with customers, such as face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, emails, and seminars. Recently, webinars have also been used to communicate with customers. Webinar is the name of a seminar held on the Internet, and is a coined word (Web + Seminar = Webinar) that combines web and seminar. By using … Read more

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Tips on how to choose & 9 recommended tools

“Receiving applications, first interview, final interview, recruitment notification, and managing each recruitment phase is difficult.” “Difficult to create job ads and job pages” “Face-to-face communication with applicants has decreased.” Recruiting operations involve many tasks, such as managing application information, adjusting interview schedules, and designing the selection flow, and it takes a huge amount of man-hours … Read more

What is the difficulty level and pass line for the data scientist test?

I’ve taken the data scientist test, but I think there are many people who are wondering whether to take the test because they are worried about how difficult it is and whether it is difficult. In this article, we compare the difficulty of the data scientist test and the difficulty with other tests and qualifications … Read more

Reasons why MA (marketing automation) tool selection fails and 5 checkpoints before introduction

MA ( marketing automation) tools that automate marketing are a growing market that is expanding rapidly year by year. Many companies are considering introducing or considering it because it can be used to develop prospective customers and manage existing customers , but it is also known that the hurdles to continued use are high and there are many cancellations. In … Read more

What is the difference between the Zoom free plan and the paid plan? Explain the characteristics and contract/cancellation methods for each

According to the results of a survey conducted in April 2020 by Persol Research Institute, Inc., 27.9% of companies nationwide are implementing remote work. In the previous month’s March survey, the result was 13.2%, and the number of companies that have introduced it has doubled in just one month. A web conferencing tool essential for … Read more

What is OMO? Explaining the difference between omni-channel and O2O and success stories

With the household ownership of smartphones reaching about 80% and the spread of IoT products and online services, the boundaries between analog and digital are becoming blurred. In such an era, the key word to keep in mind when thinking about business is “OMO”. In this article, we will introduce the concept of OMO in the … Read more

What is recruitment management? Introduce how to proceed and recommended management tools (ATS)

With the development of today’s Internet society and changes in society, recruitment operations are undergoing major changes. At actual recruitment sites, how to convey the company’s value to applicants in a short time and how to further increase their willingness to join the company are important premises for recruitment work. . Therefore, in order to proceed smoothly … Read more

Compare 14 recommended inquiry management systems! Explanation of the advantages of introduction and points of selection

Inquiries come from various channels such as email, phone, and SNS. Some people may want to improve the efficiency of customer support, information sharing among multiple people, and analysis. By introducing an inquiry management system, you can streamline your inquiry response operations. In this article, we will introduce the merits and cautions of introducing an inquiry … Read more

What is Jimdo SEO? Introducing countermeasure points and setting methods

Website creation services are used in various scenes because anyone can use them easily. I feel attractive because there are many merits such as high design, but some people may be worried that they are weak in SEO . Therefore, this time , we focused on the SEO of Jimdo, which is provided by KDDI Web Communications, which is one of the most popular … Read more