[2023] Thorough explanation of 8 indicators to understand in order to achieve results in SEO

SEO is translated as “search engine optimization” and is a measure to increase natural inflow via search engines. Currently, various SNS are emerging, and the number of channels that are sources of inflow is increasing. However, the presence of search engines remains largely unchanged (Google handles more than 3.5 billion searches per day). What do you … Read more

How to rank higher in Google search? Explanation of the structure of search engines and points of SEO

In order for a website to rank high in Google searches, it is necessary to understand not only the contents of the content, but also the mechanism of the search engine and the correct countermeasures. If you say “Even if you take SEO measures, it will not be displayed at the top”, you are doing the … Read more

What is Personalized Search? Precautions and countermeasures for SEO measures

“When I checked the search ranking of my site, the position was completely different between my computer and my smartphone.” I’m sure there are many people in charge of the web who have had such an experience. The difference in search rankings depending on the viewing device may be due to personalized search. Personalized search is … Read more

SEO check tool 40 selections by purpose! Introducing analysis tools that can be used in practice regardless of whether they are free or paid

The use of check tools is essential for shortening the time for SEO measures and for more accurate analysis. Among them, SEO often uses multiple checking tools for purposes such as ranking measurement, internal analysis, and backlink research . Therefore, this time, we have compiled 40 check tools that can be used for SEO measures. There are many SEO measures that you can do for free if … Read more

[Latest in 2023] What is SEO? Explains how to make SEO measures from the basics and how to create content that aims for the top of search results

SEO isan abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization , and is calledsearch engine optimization . It refers to efforts ( SEO measures) to make your site more exposed in the search results of search engines such as Google . In this article, I will explain the basics of SEO , how to take measures, how to choose keywords, etc. in an easy-to-understand manner. Table of contents What is SEO Google’s approach to SEO In … Read more

Introducing 10 materials that deepen the official view and learning of Google’s SEO

The most frustrating thing about SEO is that there is no correct answer . This is because Google does not disclose specific information, and even if it does, there is a lot of vague information. There are more official announcements than before, but there is still a lot of information that doesn’t go beyond speculation depending on the content . In this article, we … Read more

Can ChatGPT, a hot topic, be used for SEO measures and analysis work?

ChatGPT, an interactive AI that has exploded in popularity and has become a hot topic. It excels at summarizing and generating sentences and inferring answers from interactive questions, and is being explored for use in a variety of tasks. I will explain how such ChatGPT can be used for SEO measures and analysis work , and what to keep in mind … Read more

What is EEAT? Explanation of the relationship with YMYL and points of SEO measures

” EEAT ” and ” YMYL “, which are emphasized in SEO measures, are areas that are easily affected by Google ‘s algorithm. Pages to which these apply must pay close attention to quality content creation. By complying with Google ‘s evaluation criteria , it is easy to create user-first content , and it is also useful for SEO measures. In this article, we will explain how to improve SEO evaluation from the overview of … Read more

What is zero-click search? Dealing with situations where content cannot be seen

“Zero-click search”, where users do not access your company’s content , is one of the most worrisome phenomena for those in charge who are working hard every day to successfully attract customers on the Web . With the evolution of search engines , the usage habits of users are also changing. Even a homepage that has been created with careful consideration … Read more