What is AI? Overview & commentary on use cases you want to know now

AI (artificial intelligence) has already permeated many areas of our lives. With the advent of AI, the search engine we use every day, the “recommendation” function that introduces new products that we like on mail order, home appliances and car navigation systems, and the response of call centers, the appearance of AI has changed our lives from … Read more

What is IoT in the DX era? Explain the benefits of introduction and use cases

IoT (Internet of Thing), as the name suggests, is a technology for the Internet of things. Until now, communication between people and things and people and people has mostly been done on the Internet, but in the IoT era, communication between things will become possible. The background to the spread of IoT in recent years is … Read more

What is an AI chatbot? Introducing the mechanism, typical functions, and usage scenes

Chatbots that automatically respond to questions from users can be roughly divided into two types: AI-equipped and non-AI-equipped. Among them, AI chatbots, which are equipped with AI, can read the content and intentions of users’ questions using a machine learning mechanism, and can answer in natural sentences. Unlike non-AI chatbots, there is no need to prepare … Read more

Basic knowledge of introducing LINE chatbot | Thorough explanation of functions, benefits, and usage !

“LINE chatbot” is a function that automatically sends and replies messages by program instead of direct human response. Chatbots can be set up on LINE official accounts, and by making good use of them, it is possible to provide smooth customer support while reducing the burden on companies. In this article, we will introduce the three types of … Read more

[2024] What is a chatbot? We have summarized everything from the mechanism, differences from AI, use cases, vendors to introduction methods!

We will introduce the latest examples and how to use it in your company, so please refer to it! Recently, the opportunities to see chatbots on LINE etc. are increasing. However, there may be some people who secretly feel impatience, saying, “Actually, I don’t really understand it very well, but I can’t ask anymore.” This … Read more

What is virtual currency? New Possibilities of Digital Money

Virtual currency is an innovative form of currency that opens up new possibilities for digital money . In recent years, its presence has increased rapidly, and it is beginning to have a major impact on the world of finance and economics. In this article, we will explain in detail what virtual currency is , its characteristics, usage , risks and future . [What … Read more

Is it possible to challenge from humanities? Summary of Prompt Engineering from a Business Perspective

Contents Introduction What is Prompt Engineering The Prominence of Prompt Engineering American company looking to hire a large number of prompt engineers Recruitment of experienced ChatGPT workers with high urgency ChatGPT work experience required in a wide range of fields How much does Prompt Engineering earn? Prompt Engineer Qualities and Learning Resources What are the … Read more