What are “Core Web Vitals”? Explanation of definitions and specific improvement methods

For websites, page loading speed and user-friendliness are important. Core Web Vitals released by Google can quantitatively evaluate such elements. For today’s Internet users, fast response times are a given. 93% said they would leave a website if the page did not load properly . To improve user experience online, Google released a report of key web metrics called “Core … Read more

[2023 Latest] List of Types of Google Ads|Summary of Features and Benefits of 7 Types

There are seven types of Google Ads, including search campaigns and display campaigns. For those who are new to Google Ads, it can be difficult to select the appropriate one from multiple types. By understanding the types of Google Ads, you will be able to advertise to the distribution destinations that match your company’s products and … Read more

What are Google Ad Extensions? Explanation of setting methods and features of each type

Google Ads Display Option is a function that allows you to display product/service information, your company’s phone number, address, etc. along with the headline and description of your ad. By quickly providing the information users need, it becomes easier to lead to actions such as inquiries and product purchases. In this article, we will explain the … Read more

Explain seven billing methods for web advertising! What are the advantages and disadvantages of how it works?

Currently, web advertisements are placed in various media and places such as Google search results screens, blog posts, SNS timelines, and video playback. In order to choose an appropriate advertising method, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of diversified advertisements. At the same time, you should also keep in mind the billing method for each … Read more

[2023] Essential knowledge and complete guide to web advertising!

44%. The number is the click-through rate of the world’s first banner advertisement published in the online magazine “HotWired.com” in 1994 by “AT&T”, the largest telephone company in the United States . Even if this ad were displayed today, no one would click on it without a second thought, as it would seem like such a transparent way … Read more

Explaining 4 ways to measure phone conversions with Google ads with images!

When accepting inquiries, requests for materials, requests for quotations, etc. over the phone, many people probably want to know which advertisement the user saw and called. By using the telephone conversion function of Google Ads , you can understand the advertisements and keywords that lead to calls . In this article, we will explain how to use the phone conversion feature of Google Ads and what you … Read more

What is Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)? Introducing benefits, points to note, and success stories

Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) is a search advertising function provided by Google . By registering your website and landing page , Google ‘s crawler (robot) automatically generates optimal advertisements through machine learning , so you can deal with keywords that could not be picked up by conventional search advertisements , and you can efficiently acquire new customers. In this article, we will introduce how Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) works, its benefits, points to note, and success stories. … Read more

Solve the peak of Web advertising! Three checkpoints to improve CPA and CV

There may be people who want to improve CPA and CV of web advertising , but do not know what measures are effective. In order to improve the results of web advertising , it is important to confirm the cause of the plateau and take countermeasures according to the situation . In this article, I will explain three checkpoints to solve the problem of web advertising … Read more

Why did the CPA skyrocket? 10 checkpoints to help improve advertising effectiveness

The reason why CPA rises is thought to be a decrease in CVR or an increase in CPC , but the increase in CPA can be suppressed by taking appropriate measures. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce 10 checkpoints that show why CPA is soaring , how to reduce CPA , and how to improve advertising effectiveness. If you are an ad operation manager who is considering improving CPA, … Read more

Is Stealth Marketing Illegal? Introduction of outlines of laws and regulations, examples of problems, and countermeasures

One of the things you have to be careful about when doing marketing activities is “ stealth marketing (stemma)”. From October 1, 2023, stealth marketing will be designated as “misleading representation” prohibited by the Act against Premiums and Misleading Representations , so let’s deepen our understanding. This time, we will introduce an overview of stealth marketing , the background of problems , examples of problems , countermeasures , etc. We will … Read more