Detailed introduction of 3 ways to introduce site search and 5 types of dedicated tools

Site search refers to searching for pages within a specific website. Site search is useful when you want to search for products on an EC site or find information on the site.

There are two ways to search the site.

  • How to use Google search engine commands
  • How to install a site search function within your website

If you want to find specific information from a website , please refer to the information in the next chapter “1. Using search engine commands”, and if you want to install a site search tool on your own website, please refer to the information in “2. Install a site search function on your website”.

Contents of this article 

  • Two ways to search within the site
    • 1. Use search engine commands
    • 2. Install a site search function within your website
  • 3 advantages of the site search function
    • Users can easily find your content
    • Capable of capturing user interest
    • Website content management made easy
  • How to implement site search on your website
    • Use Google Custom Search
    • Use WordPress standard functions and site search plugins
    • Introduce a dedicated site search tool
  • 6 points to choose a site search tool
    • 1. High search accuracy
    • 2. Site search speed
    • 3. Site search tool design
    • 4. Functions other than search
    • 5. Ease of viewing the management screen of the site search tool
    • 6. Support system for introduction and operation
  • Recommended in-site search tools
    • Sync Search
    • i-search
    • Advantage Search
    • sAI Search Box
  • Other site search tools
  • What is site search? summary

Two ways to search within the site

1. Use search engine commands

If you want to search for information on a specific website, you can easily search within the site using the Google search command.

  1. Copy the domain name of the website you want to search within the site
  2. Open the search engine Google
  3. Type the following command into the search bar:Search term site: domain name
    (Example) Artificial intelligence
  4. Search results are displayed

In the image example, we searched for pages related to “artificial intelligence” on this site. As a result, 66 articles were hit and displayed in the search results.

As mentioned above, if you are having trouble finding the information or products you want and your website does not have a site search function, it is convenient to use Google’s search command.

2. Install a site search function within your website

If you are in charge of EC sites or owned media, introduce an in-site search function so that you can find your products smoothly. Various tools have been released for in-site search, and there are many from simple to multi-functional.

The on-site search tool that you should introduce will vary greatly depending on the amount of content on your site and its content. Therefore, from here, we will introduce the benefits of site search, points for selecting tools, and recommended site search tools for website operators.

3 advantages of the site search function

The benefits of using a site search tool are:

  • Users can easily find content on your site
  • Capable of capturing user interest
  • Easily manage website content

Why should I use site search? First, let’s check the above three points.

Users can easily find your content

By introducing a search function within the site, you will be able to immediately present the information that the user is looking for. It can be expected to improve CVR because it eliminates the extra hassle of purchasing products and signing contracts .

Users who cannot find the products they like on the e-commerce site move to competing sites. In-site search functions play an important role in retaining potential customers.

Capable of capturing user interest

By introducing the site search, you can view the history of users’ searches within the site. Search history is important data to know user’s interests. By using the search data, you can obtain the following information.

  • Information requested by the user (product name, etc.)
  • Missing content on website
  • Information that is hard to find from the current site design

In particular, it is essential to introduce an in-site search tool for EC sites that have a large amount of content on the site. Since its performance is directly linked to the sales of the EC site, it is necessary to select the best tool for your site.

Website content management made easy

When there is a huge amount of content on the site, it becomes difficult for the website administrator to manage the content.

The site search tool also helps you manage your website. It is also possible to improve the efficiency of maintenance work by smoothly finding pages with outdated information and pages where campaigns have ended.

How to implement site search on your website

Next, I will introduce how to introduce the site search function. Let’s check the characteristics of each of the three main types of introduction methods and make the best choice for your site.

  • How to use Google Custom Search
  • How to use WordPress standard functions and plugins
  • How to introduce a dedicated site search tool
How to install price Functionality introduction time Presence or absence of advertisements
Google custom search free poor within 1 day Yes
WordPress plugin Free/Paid usually within 1 day Partially available
Dedicated site search tool Paid high performance 3 days to 1 week none

Use Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search is a simple site search tool that anyone with a Google account can install.

While it is free and easy to install, its functions are minimal. The UI displayed as search results is also lacking in design, and there is a possibility that it may be misidentified as “Isn’t it skipped to another website?” .

You will also see ads served by Google. Ads show information that isn’t relevant to your site , so if you can afford it, you should consider other avenues.

Use WordPress standard functions and site search plugins

The WordPress standard in-site search tool does not support tag searches or category searches, and lacks functionality. Therefore, it is recommended to introduce a site search plug-in developed by volunteers.

If you use WordPress for your site, most of the desired functions can be covered by plugins.

If you are not using WordPress and have a budget, you should introduce a high-performance in-site search tool to aim for higher performance.

Introduce a dedicated site search tool

The dedicated in-site search tool has high performance and you can receive support after installation, but there is a cost to install it.

Therefore, it is important to consider whether or not you need to introduce a high-performance in-site search tool on your site. However, in the case of sites with a large amount of content
such as EC sites, there are some parts that cannot be compensated for by free on-site search tools, so it is necessary to allocate a certain amount of budget.

When choosing an on-site search tool, it is important not only to look at simple search accuracy and functionality, but also whether it is possible to measure user interest . From the next chapter, we will introduce the points when choosing a dedicated site search tool.

6 points to choose a site search tool

1. High search accuracy

The search accuracy of the site search search tool is the most important point. Fundamental aspects of tool performance are evaluated, such as whether or not it can handle notation variations and whether or not it can appropriately provide the information the user is looking for .

Let’s actually verify the high search accuracy on the website introduced as an introduction example.
In addition, many companies that provide site search tools also develop FAQ systems. Therefore, the performance and introduction examples of the FAQ system are also helpful.

2. Site search speed

If the search speed of the site search tool is too slow, users will stop using the website itself. For example, the in-site search functions of Amazon and Rakuten are extremely fast and have been devised so as not to cause any stress to the users.

Most dedicated site search tools are provided by cloud services. The search speed of the on-site search tool is also affected by the status of the server used by the company, so it is recommended to actually visit the website to check it.

3. Site search tool design

If you introduce an in-site search tool that does not match the design of your site, one of them will stand out badly, so it is also a point of what kind of design tool you provide.

Let’s compare each company’s tools not only from the simple design point of view but also from the UI design point of view.

4. Functions other than search

In order to reach the desired content, functions other than search are also important. Also check if it has basic features.

  • Keyword suggestion function
  • Refine search (category search), sort search function
  • Support for category and tag searches
  • File search function

We recommend that you select the functions you need for your site from the above function items and compare multiple on-site search tools that are fully equipped with them.

5. Ease of viewing the management screen of the site search tool

In addition, the visibility of the management screen of the site search tool is also an evaluation item.

If the management screen is difficult to see or use, it will not be possible to properly analyze the data obtained from the site search tool. Also pay attention to the functionality of the admin screen to capture the interests of users and the missing elements of the website .

  • Keyword grouping function of site search tool
  • User search term browsing function

For an e-commerce site, it would be convenient if we could aggregate data on site search histories for each member and analyze user needs for each attribute, such as which age group users are looking for which products .

6. Support system for introduction and operation

It is also important to consider how much support the vendor will provide when introducing a site search tool. The tools provided by each company also differ in terms of support systems.

There are various differences, such as vendors that support after-sales follow-up and maintenance after installation without delay, and vendors that provide services until the installation of the site search tool is completed.

  • Adjusted the design of the site search tool to match the website
  • Site search tool maintenance and function addition
  • Response speed and fee when trouble occurs

If there is someone in the company who can handle the maintenance of the site search tool, the importance of the support system is low, but if not, it is necessary to choose a vendor that will respond firmly to after-sales follow-up.

At the end of this article, you can download “High-speed, high-precision! Next-generation FAQ search system ‘sAI Search’ overview material”. Please use it as a reference when comparing the features and differences of the tools provided by each company.

Recommended in-site search tools

Sync Search

In-site search tool name Sync Search
Tool provider SyncThought Inc.
price Initial cost: From 200,000 yen
Standard version: From 30,000 yen per month
Professional version: From 50,000 yen per month
Main introduction company Shimadzu Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, etc.

SyncSearch is a product that incorporates various functions that consider the users of the site search tool, and smoothly guides users to the content that the site operator wants to see.

Main features of Sync Search

  • Thumbnail image display
  • Search word highlight
  • Selection of display contents of search result text
  • File type and information type icon display
  • Suggest function
  • maybe display
  • Fluctuation search


In-site search tool name GENIEE SEARCH
Tool provider Business Search Technology Co., Ltd.
price Varies depending on the number of monthly searches and the number of products
Main introduction company Aeon Forest
Ace Co., Ltd.

GENIEE SEARCH is an e-commerce site search service that allows you to easily implement essential functions for e-commerce sites simply by setting JavaScript tags and adjusting the design.
It can be linked with services such as probo EC and poplink provided by the company, and there is no need to embed or customize the API required for site search, so it can be introduced smoothly.

Main features of GENIEE SEARCH

  • Product search function
  • Synonym search function
  • Filter function
  • Price filter function
  • (Optional) Product information comparison function
  • (Optional) Product history feature


In-site search tool name i-search
Tool provider Scala Communications Inc.
price From 50,000 yen ~
varies depending on the number of pages on the site
Main introduction company Daihatsu Motor
Mitsui Home

i-search is an in-site search engine service that displays the information that companies want to convey on their websites in an accurate and easy-to-understand manner for users.

By displaying the image of the page you are looking for, you can improve the visibility and guide the user to the desired page. It is equipped with various functions such as management function, usage status confirmation, search keyword aggregation function, etc., and is useful for improving the quality of the site.

Advantage Search

In-site search tool name Advantage Search
Tool provider Appirits Co., Ltd.
price Initial cost: From 300,000 yen ~ From
55,000 yen per month ~
Main introduction company oh my glass

Advantage Search is an AI-powered site search tool.
In addition to automatically responding to notation variations, it is also possible to automatically register highly related keywords. You can also automatically tune the search logic to display frequently purchased and viewed items at the top, so you can provide the search results page that users want with less effort.

Key Features of Advantage Search

  • Search function that supports spelling variations
  • Suggestion function for products that customers are most interested in, inferred by machine learning
  • Sorting and filtering functions
  • Did you mean: function
  • Related keywords, related content function
  • Synonym dictionary function (countermeasures against spelling variations)
  • Keyword extraction function


In-site search tool name ZETA SERACH
Tool provider ZETA Co., Ltd.
price Inquiry required
Main introduction company Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.
Yamada Denki Co., Ltd.

ZETA SERACH is an in-site search and EC product search engine that responds to users’ “want” in real time, combining functionality and speed. It has all the necessary functions such as suggestions, narrowing down, sorting, and facet counting, and is characterized by its high technical capabilities that can meet all the needs of companies that have introduced it.

Main functions of ZETA SEARCH

  • Free Word Search
  • Support 0 hits
  • Facet count function
  • phrase search
  • Refinement function (drilldown), sorting function (sort)
  • Maybe function, suggestion function

sAI Search Box

In-site search tool name sAI Search Box
Tool provider Sciseed Co., Ltd.
price inquiry
Main introduction company Japan Post
Tokyo Star Bank

sAI Search Box is a search system equipped with the next-generation AI engine sAI Search, provided by our company Sciseed. In addition to understanding various expressions and sentences with natural sentence search by AI, we have implemented a tag search that presents what the user wants to search in advance.

Main function

<Functions available on the user search screen>

  • Questions in text sentences (natural sentences)
  • Suggestion of possible answers
  • Tag suggestion search, refine search
  • Insert images and files into the answer text
  • Color settings to match your site design

<Functions that can be used on the management screen of the company>

  • Search history list display
  • Report output (number of questions per category, resolution rate, etc.)
  • Word weight setting
  • FAQ editing from the management screen

Other site search tools

Others of these services exist.

  • Navi Plus Search
  • sui-sei
  • Accela BizSearch R4 etc.

What is site search? summary

In this article, we introduced how to introduce and select a site search, recommended site search tools, etc.

When choosing an on-site search tool, you should choose the tool that best matches the purpose of your site’s operation. For EC sites, there are tools for EC sites, otherwise there are different tools, and on-site search tools have distinct features for each company. First, identify the functions of the in-site search tool that you need for your site, and then compare and consider multiple tools that are candidates for introduction.

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