Explains how to put effective titles and examples that are strong for SEO. Understand your readers’ search intent

Do you know how to write an SEO  friendly title ? If you know how to put a title that is strong in SEO , it will be easier for you to be displayed higher in search engines .

So, while exploring the outline of SEO -friendly titles , we will introduce what you should be careful about when deciding on titles . We also introduce examples, so please refer to them.

Table of contents

  1. What is an SEO-friendly title?
  2. Effect obtained by making the title strong for SEO
  3. 8 points when creating SEO-friendly titles
  4. Ingenuity to make the title more SEO-friendly
  5. Points to note when rewriting the title of an existing article
  6. Examples of results achieved by changing the title
  7. Use strong SEO titles to get your article read

What is an SEO-friendly title?

First, let’s take a look at what an SEO -friendly title looks like.

Appear higher in search results

Generally speaking , SEO -friendly titles are titles that appear at the top of the first page when searched by search engines .

If you enter “travel”, the title displayed at the top of the first page of search results is the most SEO -friendly title ( excluding advertisements ).

● First, increase the number of clicks (CTR)

In order to make the title strong in SEO , the first priority is to increase the probability ( CTR ) of readers clicking on the title . A low number of clicks will not increase the number of visitors. Be conscious of titles that understand the search intent of your readers .

No matter how good the content of the article is, if the title is not good, there is a high possibility that the contents will not be read.
If you can’t read the contents, search engines tend to judge that the site has less reader support , so it will be difficult to display on the first page .

● Even if the title is good, if the content is bad, it will be difficult to rank high

Even if the title matches the reader’s search intent and the number of clicks increases, if the search engine judges that the content of the site is bad, it will not be displayed on the first page . In such cases, search engines may consider your site to be of poor quality .

There are two things that are said to lower your search engine rankings: Let’s check and improve.

  • Using the same keyword many times
  • Readers spend less time reading the content (low reading completion rate, high bounce rate)

Effect obtained by making the title strong for SEO

By making the title strong for SEO , you can expect the following effects.

Increased search ranking and click-through rate

“ Strong in SEO ” means that the search ranking is easy to rise . SEO -friendly titles are simple and you can see the content at a glance, so you can expect a higher click-through rate.

Also, Google has introduced an algorithm to change confusing titles to simple titles , but this is not 100% accurate. If the content is changed to a more obscure title , there is a risk that the click-through rate will decrease.

In order to prevent such a situation, it is important to set a strong title for SEO .

More shares on SNS

SEO -friendly titles are more likely to be clicked, which can lead to more shares on social media.

However, even if the title is good , if there is a problem with the content, the number of shares will not increase.
Therefore, the effect of increasing the number of shares on SNS by attaching a strong SEO title is premised on the content being substantial.

8 points for creating SEO-friendly titles

Here are some basic points to keep in mind when creating an SEO -friendly title .

❶ Use title tags

The title tag is the tag used to display the title on the search results page . If you don’t embed a title tag , the title won’t appear on the page where the search results are displayed . Use title tags like this:

<title> Title name</title>

❷ View all titles and site contents on the first page of the search results

Once you’ve decided on the keywords you want to target, let’s take a look at the first page of the site that appears after a search .

If you use “summer” as a keyword, it is recommended to look at all the titles on the first page that are displayed by searching for “summer” and grasp the characteristics of the displayed titles .

If you look at the top page , it will be easier to understand what kind of article the reader is looking for.

❸ Use around 30 characters for the title

The number of characters for the title displayed in the search results page is around 30 characters . If the title has a lot of characters, the title name will be displayed only halfway on the search results page If the title is cut off in the middle , the content will not be conveyed, and the number of clicks may decrease.

❹ Put the selected keyword on the left side of the title

For example, if you select “real estate” as a keyword, put real estate on the left side of the title . This is because characters written at the beginning (left side) of the title are more likely to be read than those at the end (right side) ( Law of F ).

Some people don’t read to the end of the title . Include important words to the left of the title to grab the reader’s attention .

❺ Have a hypothesis when revising the title

If you modify the title easily , it may not be displayed on the first page . After checking the data such as the number of clicks in Google Analytics, have a hypothesis and decide whether to change the title .

❻ It is NG to put the same title on multiple pages

Using the same title on multiple pages will be considered duplicate content and one of the pages may not be indexed If the content is not duplicated, it may be indexed, but please refrain from duplicating the title to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Also, if both pages with the same title are displayed at the top of the search results, there is a risk that clicks will be scattered .

❼ Avoid using too many of the same keywords

If you put the same keyword in the SEO title , it may be disadvantageous for SEO . Also, if you put the same keyword multiple times in one sentence, it will simply become difficult to read, and it is expected that the click-through rate will decrease.

For example, ” What is a strong title for SEO ? Explanation of points and cautions on how to add a title ” contains ” title ” twice. Let’s change the title to something like ” How to put a strong title for SEO ? Explanation of points and cautions” .

❽ Use brackets and symbols to draw attention

The point is to add symbols such as square brackets and “!” “?” to the SEO title to increase attention. For example, there is a method of using symbols to separate the first half and the second half , such as “Is it true that the search algorithm of SEO will change? Explanation of change timing and countermeasures”.

However, using too many symbols can make it difficult to read, so limit yourself to one or two. Also, it is not recommended to use symbols to insert sentences that you do not understand the content of the article, such as “I want to know!”.

If you don’t understand the content of the article, not only will your click-through rate drop, but your search ranking may be adversely affected.

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Ingenuity to make the title more SEO-friendly

In addition to the basic rules, there are cases where you can make it easier to be displayed on the first page by devising one more thing, so let’s try it while referring to the following.

Differentiate from other sites with title name

If the title name overlaps with another site, the evaluation of the search engine will be bad and it may not be displayed on the page . Also, if the title name is similar to other sites , it will be difficult to get readers’ attention.

It’s a necessary strategy to show that your site is different from other sites.

If you include words that are not used by your own brand or other sites, it will be easier to show originality with just the title .

Include words that are compatible with the selected words in the title

It is also a trick to include words that are compatible with the selected words in the title . For example , if the selected word is “travel”, the image is to include words such as ” overseas ” and ” domestic ” in addition to travel.

For example, if you include travel and overseas in the title , not only people who search for “travel” but also people who search for “travel abroad” and “overseas travel” may read it.

It’s also a great way to grow your readership.

In addition, when searching for words that are compatible with each other, it is a good idea to refer to the related words displayed in the Google search results .

● How to check related keywords

Related keywords are other keywords searched by people who searched for that keyword. If you can’t get the information you’re looking for with just the first searched keyword, the newly searched keyword will be displayed.

Including relevant keywords in your content will give your users the information they are looking for, thus increasing your site’s credibility.

Related keywords are displayed at the bottom of the keyword search screen.

In this case, we know that users are looking for information on how to write SEO titles , how to use the optimal number of characters and symbols, how to change titles , and how they affect SEO .

put benefits in the title

A benefit is what the reader gains from reading .

For example, if you are on a dating site, you might say, “I can have a lover and my life will be more fun.” may be exempted.” is the benefit .

If you look at the wording of the title and convey the benefit to the reader, it will lead to an increase in the click-through rate, so it will turn into an SEO -friendly title . By the way, be careful because the word “benefit” has similar but different meanings to “advantage” .

Make your title compelling

A compelling title can encourage readers to click on your title . If your article is about saving money , you may be more likely to engage your readers if you include a specific amount, such as “Reduce your annual living expenses by 00,000 yen ” or ” How to reduce your electricity bill by 00,000 yen a year .”

Also, if the article introduces how the work can be completed easily, you can put in ” Reduce work time by 0% ” or ” Finish in 0 minutes ” to convey the degree of effect just by the title , so readers can click on it. You may get it.

There are other ways to use authoritativeness to make your title more persuasive.

make the title like a sentence

Make the title more like a sentence, not just words

is also important. If you use conjunctions skillfully to create a lively title , such as ” ○○’s XX is △△|◇◇’s ★★ ” , it will lead to an increase in click-through rate.

be aware of search queries

A search query is a keyword searched by a user . Be sure to include it in the title because it is exactly the information the user wants to know . For example, if the search query is “how to choose detergent”, it is important to include not only “detergent” but also “how to choose”, such as “how to choose detergent?”

Be aware of Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a function that automatically displays keywords that accompany the entered keyword . For example, if you enter “detergent”, “recommended, type, refill, gift” etc. will be displayed.

By including these suggestions in your content , you can cover the information your users are looking for. If you include Google Suggest in the title to some extent, you will be able to appeal that the content provides the information that the user is looking for .

● How to check Google Suggest

Google Suggest is displayed when you enter a keyword in the Google search window as shown above. The Google Suggest displayed may differ depending on the three actions of “enter a keyword”, “open a space”, and “delete an open space” .

Choose from Google Suggestions to include in your title .

Points to note when rewriting the title of an existing article

When rewriting existing articles with SEO -friendly titles , it is important to keep the following points in mind.

​​Prioritize articles with high impressions and low CTR

An article with a high number of impressions but a low click-through rate means that users are seeing it but not clicking on it. Users look at titles and descriptions to decide whether to click.

Therefore, simply changing the title to an effective title can significantly improve click-through rates.

Compare with the SEO title of competing articles

Compare it with the SEO title of your competitor’s article to see if it’s more compelling. If the elements contained in the title are close, click the more attractive one .

It is important to check all points such as symbols, brackets, left alignment of keywords, use of related keywords and Google Suggest, and create an attractive title .

Keep in mind that titles that are too similar to your competitors can have a negative impact on your search rankings.

Make sure you have covered SEO-friendly titles

In order to give a strong SEO title , various ingenuity is required, such as the number of characters, how to insert keywords, and how to attract. Make sure you have covered all the elements and finalize your SEO title .

As mentioned above, compare the SEO titles of competing articles and be conscious of giving stronger SEO titles .

A case where changing the title of an article yielded results

Does it work if you just change the title ? I’m sure you’re wondering, but I’d like to introduce a case where the ranking went up a little and the click-through rate improved even though it was difficult to make a big effect.

[Case 1] Put keywords in front and increase the average rank!

The following changes were made in the case of articles for BtoB .

The keyword “cloud solution” was originally included, but since it was included in the latter half of the title , when I changed it to the beginning, the average search ranking increased from 12.6th to 8.0th . In addition, by adding words such as “case study” and “introduction method”, the inflow from other search keywords also increased.

Incorporating more appropriate keywords into the title helped search engine crawlers understand the content correctly and improved rankings.

[Case 2] Increased click-through rate by incorporating problem solving

In some cases, changing the title has increased the click-through rate.

We were taking measures with the keyword “IT security measures”, but the click rate was poor even though it was displayed at the top. Therefore, when we changed the title to focus on problem solving , the click rate increased by 3.8%.

It was a case where you can see that you can get interested by not only targeting keywords in the title , but also by including sentences that emphasize solving the problem.

Use strong SEO titles to get your article read

Here are some tips for creating SEO -friendly titles :

  • use title tag
  • Check the title and contents that are displayed at the top
  • Give a title of around 30 characters
  • Put your chosen keyword on the left side of the title
  • Have a hypothesis when revising titles
  • It is NG to put the same title on multiple pages
  • Don’t put too many same keywords
  • Use brackets and symbols to draw attention
  • Be aware of suggestions and related keywords
  • put a benefit
  • be aware of search queries

Even if you have spent a lot of time writing an article, you may not be able to read it because of the poor title The title is an indicator that readers decide whether to read the article or not, so it is also important to look at and analyze the title of the site displayed on the top page .

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