How to choose a payment agency! Introducing selection points and recommended services!

In recent years, online shops represented by Amazon, ZOZOTOWN, and Rakuten Ichiba are frequently used. In addition to large-scale online shops, there are also online shops operated by individuals and small numbers of people.

There is a payment agency service as a means of providing a wide variety of payment methods.
However, there are multiple services, and it is difficult to consider which service is suitable for your company.

In this article, we will introduce the selection points and recommended services when choosing a payment agency that operates a service that suits your company.


  • What is a payment agency service?
    • “Payment management outsourcing” service
  • Advantages of using a payment agency service
    • Strong security
    • Significantly reduces the time and effort required to introduce payment methods
    • Reduce the burden of accounting and clerical work
  • Points to consider when selecting a payment agency
    • Sufficiency of payment methods
    • Expenses such as settlement fees
    • Deposit flow
  • 8 recommended payment agency services
    • NP deferred payment
    • Paygent
    • atone
    • SB Payment Service
    • Paid
    • Portia PAY
    • BizPay
  • summary

What is a payment agency service?

“Payment management outsourcing” service

A payment agency is an intermediary between companies/financial institutions that provide payment methods such as credit card payments and quick payments, and stores and online shops that want to introduce each payment method. It is a service that makes a contract, introduction, and use all at once.

Advantages of using a payment agency service

Strong security

Payment service providers take all possible security measures.

Credit card information is managed by the payment agency under robust security, eliminating the need for store operators and businesses to retain card information.

Significantly reduces the time and effort required to introduce payment methods

Without a payment agency service, when an online shop introduces credit card payment, it has to contract directly with the credit card company.

However, it is very difficult to make a direct contract with a credit card company, and it is necessary to build an advanced security system in-house.

The payment agency service takes care of the time-consuming work that occurs during such introduction, which leads to a significant reduction in the work burden.

Reduce the burden of accounting and clerical work

If you introduce multiple payment methods separately, there will be a gap in the timing of payment depending on each payment company.

By using a payment agency service, many payment methods can be automatically aggregated, which greatly reduces the man-hours compared to introducing payment methods separately. Although there are some errors for each service, payment can be completed in about 10 minutes.

Grasp the results of each process, work hours and man-hours, check the necessary functions and customer support, and select a payment agency service to reduce the burden of accounting and clerical work.

Points to consider when selecting a payment agency

Sufficiency of payment methods

The availability of payment methods is an important criterion when customers make purchases.

For example, stores that do not support online payments such as LINE Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay will have fewer purchasing opportunities than stores that do.

Ideally, it supports carrier payment and convenience store payment, and credit cards are compatible with international brands such as VISA, MasterCard, and JCB.

The more payment methods available, the easier it is to increase sales, so choose a payment agency that offers a wide variety of payment methods.

Expenses such as settlement fees

When comparing payment agency services, cost (especially payment fees) is also an important criterion.

A settlement fee is incurred for each settlement, and the settlement fee increases in proportion to the increase in sales. Make sure to compare the fees per transaction carefully to avoid being charged too high a fee.

Deposit flow

Proceeds are not immediately credited to the customer when the product is purchased online.

Depending on the provider of each payment agency service, it takes about 30 days from the time the sales occur until the payment is completed.

When introducing a payment agency service, pay attention to whether it is a service of a company that uses a payment flow that is easy to raise funds and that is suitable for your company.

8 recommended payment agency services

NP deferred payment

“NP Postpay” is a service that can be used in many mail-order sales such as online shops and catalogs. Since the provider company Net Protections will take over the work that occurs during the operation of invoice issuance and dunning work, a significant work burden can be expected.


  • Cost reduction by mail convenience
  • Reduce the risk of non-collection by outsourcing dunning work
  • Leads to reduction of inventory management labor and work load


Inquiry required


“Paygent” is a payment agency service company operated under the stable management foundation of NTT DATA and Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS. Safe and secure payment operations can be performed under strong security management.


  • Equipped with a wide range of payment methods
  • Payment can be made in as little as 5 business days from the closing date
  • Efficient and safe sales management with strong security


Inquiry required


“atone” prevents customers who do not want to use or do not have a credit card from abandoning their shopping cart. Cash payments at convenience stores are possible, so customers who do not use credit cards are not left out, and cashless stores can be promoted.


  • You can easily register as a member in about 1 minute
  • We can provide high satisfaction with measures that utilize points
  • Realization of cashless payment because cash payment at convenience store is possible later


Inquiry required

SB Payment Service

“SB Payment Service” supports both online payments and payments for stores. You can use the “Marketing Support Plan” to help attract customers and increase sales, and the “Fraud Detection and Assurance Service” to help reduce fraudulent use, helping to create business opportunities.


  • Cashless payment is possible even for face-to-face sales such as store sales and door-to-door sales
  • Fraud detection and assurance services reduce fraudulent use on e-commerce sites
  • Enhanced support system for attracting customers and expanding sales


Inquiry required

“Paid” eliminates the need to perform invoicing work in-house, and billing is completed simply by registering information on business partners and transaction details within the service, leading to significant cost and time reductions. In addition, it is a very useful service because it covers many operations such as credit management and payment collection.


  • Reduce costs and time required for billing operations
  • Reduce work load in each flow
  • Can be used for many transaction formats such as face-to-face, over-the-counter, EC, and cloud


Initial cost ¥ 0
Guarantee rate Fluctuates according to the amount requested Up to 2.9%
administrative fee ¥ 100 per request

Portia PAY

“PortiaPAY” is fully equipped with sales expansion and credit functions. It also supports cashless payments, so you can expect purchasing opportunities from a wide range of people. We have a strong security system with our own encryption technology and two-step authentication.


  • Thorough credit management
  • Strong security with unique encryption technology
  • Reliable support desk system


Free plan and trial


Introducing “BizPay”, a corporate payment service provided by Paygent. It is very effective in reducing man-hours because it can be billed to many business partners with a small amount. Like Paygent, it is operated under the stable management foundation of NTT DATA and Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS.


  • Significant reduction in man-hours for accounting personnel
  • Centralize contracts and payments with multiple card companies and other payment institutions
  • Billing and collection in other industries are possible


Inquiry required


By managing on the “MF KESSAI” cloud, billing work is streamlined, and functions such as payment management and credit management are also enhanced. It can be introduced in a form that meets the needs of the organization, making operations smoother.


  • Invoices can be created in a format that suits the organization, such as paper or electronic media
  • Smooth credit screening and credit management
  • Collective management on the cloud is possible


Basic charge

Initial installation fee ¥0
Monthly fee ¥0
Commission 0.5~3.5%

Option cost

Invoice mailing cost ¥190 / copy


This time, we have taken up the selection points of the payment agency company.

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