How to increase backlinks? Explain the tips to acquire naturally

One of the important indicators that lead to high ranking in search results by Google is “backlinks”. By obtaining many high-quality backlinks, Google will evaluate your article as a “good article for the benefit of users” and you can expect an increase in the ranking of search results.

An effective way to collect high-quality backlinks is to post highly specialized and reliable articles and aim for a website that users can refer to with confidence .

Google implements an algorithm that emphasizes EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) as indicators of expertise and trustworthiness, so it is a good idea to aim for posting articles that are highly evaluated . I guess.

Especially in the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) area, the EAT metric is important. If you want to know more about YMYL, please refer to the following articles.


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Effect of backlinks on SEO

Getting high-quality backlinks will help your page or website rank better, and you can expect it to rank higher in Google’s search results.

High-quality backlinks are links from sites that are highly relevant or reliable to your site .

In order to evaluate the quality of sites and content, Google uses an algorithm called “Page Rank” and refers to what sites and pages have backlinks. This is because the fact that the backlink is stretched means that the company’s page has been selected and voted for by many people as an easy-to-understand page.

By the way, SEO done outside the site, such as acquiring backlinks, is called “external measures”.

What NOT to do when aiming to increase backlinks

What NOT to do when aiming to increase backlinksOn the other hand, if you have a lot of low-quality backlinks, you may not only have no SEO effect, but you may also be subject to penalties from Google. Low-quality links refer to backlinks that are completely unrelated to your site or from sites with low credibility.

Google describes collecting such links as a ” link program ” and may violate its guidelines.

Here are some specific things you should not do to collect backlinks.

Reciprocal linking between unrelated websites

Backlinks also have a metric called “quality” when evaluating websites by Google.

Backlinks are effective as a website evaluation index, but reciprocal linking between unrelated websites has the opposite effect on search engine evaluation. It is not recommended to create mutual links between unrelated websites, as it will confuse searchers and be considered unnatural links.

In order to grow into a website that requires expertise, being introduced from a highly relevant website will be an index that will be evaluated by search engines.

Backlinks from low-quality websites

Also, if you receive an external link from a low-quality website, it will also reduce the quality of your website.

Low quality means websites with unclear origins, poor credibility, and unhelpful for searchers.

Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines explain:

6.1 Lacking Expertise, Authoritativeness, or Trustworthiness (EAT)
(low level of EAT)

6.2 Low Quality Main

6.3 Unsatisfying Amount of Main

6.4 Distracting Ads/

6.5 Mixed or Mildly Negative Reputation of the Website or Creator of the Main

6.6 Unsatisfying Amount of Information about the Website or Creator of the Main Content

Source: Google (Japanese translation by this site)

It is difficult to avoid backlinks from such websites in advance, but you can check the backlinks you have acquired and deny them.

However, Google is now more accurate, and links from low-quality sites are less likely to harm your own site. Therefore, unless there are too many links from one site, there is no need to deny every time.

To disavow backlinks, refer to the article below and disavow using Google Search Console.

Use backlink automation tools and backlink buying services

In addition, the act of using automatic backlink acquisition tools or purchasing backlinks to acquire backlinks will lower Google’s reputation and lead to penalties.

It is wise to be aware of unnatural backlinks other than backlinks acquired in a natural way.

Can’t you get the effect of backlinks if you add a nofollow tag?

By adding the “rel attribute” to the HTML a tag, it is possible to convey the relationship between the linking page and the link. For example, the “nofollow” attribute indicates that the link is irrelevant to the originating page. Below is a link to this page with a nofollow tag.

Previously, links with “nofollow” were not used as a signal to evaluate the page, but from September 2019, links with the nofollow attribute will also be used to evaluate the page . Google has announced that it may .

What are the characteristics of articles that are easy to get backlinks?

What are the characteristics of articles that are easy to get backlinks?So when do people link to your page?

For example, when we want to make a persuasive argument, we often cite the opinions of others who have made the same argument or the data that supports our argument. In this case, if the person providing the opinion or data is familiar with the industry, identified, and trustworthy, then you can feel more comfortable introducing them.

In addition, there are cases where links are provided when there is an article that says, “I found it useful and would like to introduce it to other people,” or, “This article is also helpful in helping people understand my article.”

Based on these, it can be said that the page that people want to link to has the following characteristics.

  • highly specialized
  • Clear and reliable source
  • Provides useful information for users

highly specialized

Professional articles with primary information on the topic are used by many people to create content and conduct business. Therefore, it is easy to link from many pages and sites.

In fact, both HubSpot’s Japan blog and blog posts written by HubSpot’s customer success representatives receive backlinks from many domains.

If you don’t know how to write a highly specialized blog, it would be a good idea to ask an in-house consultant to write a blog for you.

Clear and reliable source

Not only is it highly specialized, but if the source is clear, users will feel more secure and want to add backlinks.

It’s a good idea to have a page that clearly identifies the author of each blog page and provides background information about who the author is.

Provides useful information for users

It is also important to have a “useful article for users”, which is the major premise of content creation, in order to acquire good backlinks.

Search users want articles that answer their search queries. Therefore, it is necessary to have an article that accurately returns the answer that the user is looking for .

In order to ascertain user needs, please use Google Keyword Planner, etc. to conduct a needs survey.

Basic Steps to Increasing Natural Backlinks

Basic Steps to Increasing Natural BacklinksWhat can I do to increase the number of natural backlinks?

Content is an effective way to increase backlinks naturally. From here, we will explain how to effectively utilize content and increase backlinks and how to spread them.

1. Know the needs of search users

What users who search with search engines are looking for in content are “solutions to their own problems” and “information they want to know”. If you can provide this information, users will find the page useful and save or bookmark it.

Therefore, it is necessary to first understand the information and issues that users are looking for, that is, their needs.

Understanding the search user’s search query “What kind of needs did you search for?” and reflecting it on the website will eventually lead to meeting the search user’s needs .

In order to understand the needs of users who search for the keyword that you are aiming for high ranking, we recommend analyzing the high-ranking articles when searching for that keyword. So figure out what information your users are likely to be looking for, and if there’s a gap between what you’re trying to provide, choose a different keyword.

2. How to scrutinize the information you include on your page

Once we have identified the needs of search users through keyword research, we will actually incorporate them into web content.

This time, let’s take a look at an example of HubSpot doing SEO with the keyword “inside sales”.

To select core topics, think about what challenges your prospective customers face and what areas your company can demonstrate its expertise.

Next, conduct market research using Google Trends or similar to determine if the core topic is in demand. After going through these flows, HubSpot selected “Inside Sales” as a core topic. (Left in the figure above)

Next, pick a sub-topic for creating a blog post. Specifically, we use a keyword research tool to investigate the search volume of related keywords and guess what kind of search intentions there are. This will give you a solid idea of ​​the specific topics to write articles on and how you should approach them.

When you actually create an article, be sure to do competitor research and persona design.

For detailed steps, please refer to the free ebook ” SEO-friendly Blog Writing Practical Guide “.

3. Provide information appropriate to the reader’s knowledge level

Provide information appropriate to the knowledge level of the readerIn order to meet the needs of search users, it is important to provide information that matches the user’s knowledge level so that the user can understand the content written in the article .

For example, let’s say you have an academic page full of text explaining “relativity theory” endlessly.

Since academic pages explain specialized content, if the page becomes difficult to read with only technical terms from the educator’s point of view, there is a possibility that they will withdraw, saying, “Is there another page that explains in an easy-to-understand manner?” will be higher.

No matter how much you aim to create a page that is explained in detail to meet your needs, it cannot be said that the quality is good if the content is difficult for search users to understand .

If the exit rate of the web page increases, it is not possible to improve the time spent on the page.

Therefore, optimizing the quality of content from the perspective of searchers is the key to increasing backlinks.

4. Edit your content for readability

Edit content for readabilityNext, let’s take a look at the specific editing items for content production to improve the quality of the content we discussed earlier.

No matter how useful the information in your article is, if it’s hard to read, it won’t convey your message to the user.

Here are five tips to make your articles easier to read.

  • headline
  • table of contents
  • line breaks and margins
  • bullet points
  • Inserting images and diagrams



Set up headings according to the size and content of the information to be handled, such as introducing a big topic on the page with an h2 heading and introducing related information with an h3 heading.

This makes it easier to understand the relationship between each heading and the content of the page.

table of contents

Let’s display the “heading” in the page as the “table of contents” at the beginning. This makes it easier for visitors to your page to find the information they are looking for.

line breaks and margins

Proper line breaks and white space are necessary to make the text easy to read. This is because webpages with no line breaks or margins will be judged as difficult to read for search users.

When viewing on a smartphone, it is a good idea to insert a line break every 2-3 lines.

bullet points

If you have a lot of important points or information to cover, you can use bulleted points to help users understand the number of points or points to cover.

Inserting images and diagrams

In some cases, it may be difficult to gain the understanding of search users with text alone.

For example, when conveying content that is difficult to convey in sentences such as the following, inserting images and illustrations will make it easier for users to understand the content of the article.

  1.  When it is easier to understand by visualizing graphs, such as changes in numerical values
  2.  When images are easier to understand, such as how to use a website or tool
  3.  When explaining a complex structure and using illustrations to aid understanding of the text
  4.  When a specific image can be conveyed with a photo, etc.

By clarifying what you want to convey, you can create images that help users understand.

Also, consider inserting GIF images or videos if you want to convey movement such as “quickness” or “high operability” of a certain tool.

The eBook ” Click here for a short-term intensive visual content creation guide | HubSpot Japan ” tells you the points to design images that are easy to see.

Please refer to it when creating images.

5. Expose your content on search engines and social media

In order to collect backlinks to an article, it is first necessary to expose the article in search results, SNS, etc. and have users read it.

Search results are visible to users only after being indexed by search engines. After being indexed, make sure you are exposed to the search results for the keywords you initially decided on.

Also, check the search ranking and the number of clicks on the title in Google Search Console, and if the results are not as expected, review the title and the content of the article.

If you have a growing SNS account such as Twitter or Facebook, by introducing articles on SNS, you will be able to deliver articles to users who could not have contact with search engines.

6. Acquisition of backlinks by contribution

So far, I have explained the points for creating high-quality content that is important to get backlinks.

Here are some ways to get real backlinks for your content:

  1.  run a blog
  2.  Produce highly original content
  3.  Design your content for visibility
  4.  Produce content that leads to PR for your company
  5.  Build partnerships and relationships
  6.  Make the most of your social tools
  7.  do volunteer work
  8.  provide useful tools

Recommended link checking tools

Now, I will explain whether the website you currently own is getting high-quality backlinks.

By checking the backlink status of your website, you can see if your website is getting good backlinks or spammy backlinks. Here, let’s take a look at a convenient “backlink check tool” that shows the number of backlinks and the referring URL.

Google Search Console

You can check the link source URL and the detected date. You can also check the top linking sites and top linking texts, which will help you understand the content that is in high demand.

In Google Search Console, you can easily check the status of backlinks by selecting “Links” from the left column menu.

Majestic SEO

It is a tool that allows you to check the number of backlinks, anchor text, referrer URL, etc. The site theme of the link source is also determined, so you can immediately understand the relevance to the link destination.

A simple tool that allows you to check the number of backlinks and the page that links back. In addition to the backlinks of your own site, you can also check the backlinks of your competitors’ sites.

It is an easy-to-use tool even for those who use the backlink check tool for the first time.

Link Explorer

It is also a useful tool when you are worried about external measures for SEO, and it is characterized by displaying the authority of the site based on its own score in addition to the number of backlinks.

It is also possible to compare scores with other sites.


Although it is a paid tool, in addition to the number of backlinks, you can see the important figures that are indispensable for SEO measures such as the search volume of each keyword, the number of traffic, and the difficulty of ranking.

It is also recommended for those who are looking for a multi-function type tool.

cognitiveSEO Site Explorer

This is a tool that enables backlink research on a domain-by-domain and page-by-page basis. You can also check page rank and keywords, and you can investigate not only your own page but also the backlinks of your competitors’ pages.

It is characterized by a wide range of functions, such as being able to check anchor text and broken links. It is free to use, but there are paid plans with more features.

The royal road method to increase future backlinks

The method introduced in this article will be the royal road method to increase backlinks by attracting customers on the web in the future.

Acquiring natural backlinks requires the right inclusion of quality content for searchers and search engines .

The steps and know-how for writing the “Customer Success” blog introduced in this article are detailed in the free kit below, so please download it.

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