How to use Google Ads “Keyword Planner”! Thorough explanation from introduction to practice

When doing business by transmitting web content , you have heard of keyword planners. It’s a useful tool for getting your content seen by many people, but the reality is that there are surprisingly many people who don’t know how to use it .

In addition to being useful for advertising, which is the original purpose, it is a tool that can also be used for SEO . Understanding how to use it will greatly improve the quality of media transmission. First of all , it is important to know the basics and connect them to content production suitable for the Internet .

This time, while introducing the basic usage from the registration of the keyword planner, let’s look at the case when actually using it. The goal of this article is to take you through the Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool, so don’t miss it.

What is Keyword Planner?

First, let’s take a look at what a keyword planner is. Keyword Planner is one of the functions in Google Ads , and it is a tool used for keyword selection when hitting listing advertisements .

Data such as search volume and the degree of entry of competitors can be obtained, which is useful for strategic advertisement placement. Since Google Ads itself is mainly advertising , I feel like I have to post ads, but in fact, it is also possible to use only the keyword planner .

The registration process can be a little confusing, so I hope you will read this article and proceed with the process.

How to register with Keyword Planner

I will explain how to register with Keyword Planner. The method itself is easy, so please proceed while checking it. Since Keyword Planner is a function within Google Ads , you will need to register with Google Ads before using it .

Sign up for Google Ads

Google Ads is an advertising service operated by Google , but in order to register for Google Ads , it is necessary to ” temporarily ” set the advertisements to be posted. First of all, a Google account and go to “Login” or “Go to Keyword Planner”.

First, a screen to set the ” Purpose of Advertisement ” will be displayed, but you can select one of them. After that, various items will be displayed, but there is no problem to set them all. Because it all stops after setting the ad .

Next, set up your ad content, and set up your payment information to create your Google Ads account . After that, be sure to unsubscribe . Of course, it is possible to post an ad as is , but be careful if you are not used to it.

You can opt-out of ad delivery from “Confirm Campaign ” on the top page of your Google Ads account . Since the advertisement set at the time of registration is displayed, change the distribution setting to ” Campaign please set the distribution setting to “pause

set to expert mode

To use the Keyword Planner, you have to go one step further. That’s the “expert mode” setting. This is because the default setting is smart mode, which is a mode that summarizes the minimum necessary functions.

You can switch the expert setting method from “Settings” in the upper bar of the screen. As you toggle, you’ll see various icons in the top bar.

Available as a tool within Google Ads

If you can switch to expert mode, you can use the keyword planner from “Tools and Settings” displayed at the top of the screen. There are many other functions that can be used to create advertisements, but if you think only from the perspective of creating web content , the first thing to do is to learn the keyword planner.

What you can do with Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner basically allows you to measure how much effect you can expect before placing an ad . Enter your keywords and you’ll get relevant information to help you plan your strategy. Let’s take a look at what you can do with Keyword Planner.

Check the volume of search keywords

It is no exaggeration to say that the most used function is the function to check the volume of search keywords . When transmitting web content , it is necessary to determine which keywords to fight for. Search volume is an effective metric to determine the most effective locations.

Based on how many users are searching, you can explore the needs of the theme and how to approach it. No matter how much useful information you provide, if you make a mistake in setting keywords, you may not get any effect at all.

The Keyword Planner is a very useful tool in the process of smooth content transmission. Let’s remember how to do it.


Check the cost of advertising for each keyword

Keyword Planner is an advertising tool. Therefore, the function for effectively hitting advertisements is also substantial. Even if you select a keyword, if it is popular, the advertising cost will increase in proportion to the popularity. The keyword planner also allows you to check the search keywords and their cost.

Not only can you check the cost, but it can also be an indicator of how many competitors have entered. Listing ads, in particular , will greatly contribute to business performance if properly managed. First of all, it is important to check the difficulty of the keyword you want to advertise and determine the best one.

For reference in selecting keywords for SEO

Keyword Planner allows you to see your search volume and ad spend. If you apply this, you can use it for SEO that cannot be avoided in Web content transmission.

In SEO, the keywords you choose will change depending on the content of your content . If the keyword is easy to understand the needs, it will be effective, but there will be a lot of competition and it will be difficult to display at the top. So let’s take a look at advertising costs.

You can see that there is a lot of competition where the advertising cost is high, but on the contrary, you can also check the keywords that the competition has not entered much. Target keywords that have minimal volume, low competition, and match user needs to your content .

Benefits of using Keyword Planner

Now that we’ve covered what you can do with Keyword Planner, let’s take a look at the benefits of using it. If you understand the benefits of a tool, it will be easier for you to come up with ideas for using it. Please be sure to check it so that you can master it and improve your results.

Capture keywords and their related terms in one tool

I told you that you can check the volume of a specific keyword in Keyword Planner. However, when doing SEO , it is necessary to hold down related words as well . Because the words that users are interested in tend to fit them.

Keyword Planner also displays information about related terms when viewing for a single search term. Utilizing this will lead to content creation that is easy to evaluate. If you use it well, you can also approach deeper and narrower needs.

The accuracy of approaching powerful prospective customers will also increase, so please use it well.


Advertising spend can predict how many competitors are entering

As I mentioned earlier, you can also check the degree of entry of your competitors in the keyword planner. This will be important information for developing a content distribution strategy. It is one of the judgment criteria because it can be seen from an overall perspective from high cost to low cost.

In SEO, it is important to send content suitable for user needs with suitable keywords. However, large volume is not always good. Sometimes the best keywords are the ones your competitors have overlooked, so Keyword Planner can help you figure them out.

Researched keyword data can be saved as CSV

When you launch a media, you should be able to do some research. Keyword Planner can help with that too. Even if you’ve researched multiple keywords, managing that data can be daunting.

The function that can be utilized there is the saving function in CSV . It is possible to manage the volume and related word information for each keyword . If the data is compiled again, it will also function as a media content list.

Specific use cases of Keyword Planner

I have introduced the functions and benefits of the keyword planner, but it may be difficult to imagine when using it. In order to lower the psychological hurdles when using it, we will introduce usage examples.

In the case of keyword selection before advertisement placement

I will show you how to use it for advertising When a company uses Google Ads , it selects keywords using the page that leads to a contract. However, it takes time to display at the top only with SEO , and there is no immediate effect. That’s why I came up with the idea of ​​advertising .

The points to pay attention to when selecting keywords are the sense of cost relative to the budget, the strength of competition, and the high degree of affinity with the company’s content . In addition, since you can set detailed information such as the region to be sent, you can improve CVR and ROAS by accurately determining the demographics that want the services provided by your company .

Even if the site is displayed at the top, if the site itself does not meet the needs, the click-through rate cannot be expected to improve. First of all , it is basic to clarify the persona of your content and dig deep into the customer psychology.

In the case of SEO keyword selection

For SEO , I will only use Keyword Planner. If your goal is to be displayed at the top of search results, it is important for your site to be evaluated by Google ‘s AI . In order to expand your business online , you need a platform-friendly approach.

First, check the search volume in Keyword Planner. Extract keywords from the keyword planner and research online what is required for each word. Comprehensively research keywords that match your company and organize content for which keywords to create. Based on that, we will create content that users are looking for and aim for higher display.

The keyword planner also provides suggested words, which can be a hint when expanding related content . If there is a lot of competition and it is difficult to target keywords with high search volume, one way to create content is to get hints from suggested words .

Aiming for the top in SEO is difficult, but a keyword planner can be a powerful ally. Please use it to promote your business.

Comfortable research with Keyword Planner

I have already told you about the keyword planner, from registration to usage, but it is a tool that is very useful not only for advertising but also for creating web content . It may seem difficult at first, but once you try it, you’ll find it’s easy.

It is a necessary tool for effectively disseminating content, so we hope that this article will serve as a reference for its utilization .


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