How to use Google Analytics & Google Search Console. Let’s understand the current situation and use it to improve the site!

In order to maximize the results of a website , it is essential to correctly analyze the current status of the website and turn the PDCA cycle . To that end, it is important to set appropriate KPIs and check whether numerical targets have been achieved.

As a tool for numerical analysis, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which can be used for free , are indispensable. However, for first-time users, it is often difficult to understand how to use the system and which numbers to look at.

This article is an excerpt from the PDF document “You can understand even for the first time! How to use Google Analytics & Google Search Console” and explains in detail the functions and benefits of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Table of contents

  1. What is Google Analytics
  2. What you can do with Google Analytics
  3. What is Google Search Console
  4. What you can do with Google Search Console
  5. Benefits of using Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  6. Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to understand the state of your website

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free access analysis tool provided by Google . By linking with the website established by your company , you can acquire various data related to the site, such as the number of accesses and the time spent on the page .

By analyzing the acquired data, you can understand the following items.

  • Inflow source (SNS, search engine , e-mail magazine , etc.)
  • Transition status
  • stay time
  • withdrawal rate
  • bounce rate
  • User attributes

*These are just some of the items that can be obtained.

By understanding these, it is possible to identify the factors necessary to achieve the issues and goals of your site.

What you can do with Google Analytics

Here’s a detailed look at what you can do with Google Analytics.

User behavior analysis

Google Analytics allows you to analyze user behavior on your site. You can understand data such as whether the user has visited before or is a new user, what page they are viewing, etc.

Many publishers want to keep new users coming back . With Google Analytics, it is also possible to capture the behavior that new users become repeaters It helps you understand the pattern of repeat visitors and take concrete actions such as changing the link destination and page layout.

Understanding user characteristics

You can also understand the attributes of site visitors, such as gender, age, region, and device used. If you can understand the characteristics of users, it will be useful when considering measures to improve the site, such as which users are effective to target, or which layer of customers should be focused on.

If you are targeting a specific age group, you can also analyze what kind of content that group is viewing, where the inflow source is, and which page the transition destination is. By analyzing these, the measures that should be emphasized will be clarified.

Inflow source analysis

You can also understand the source of the user’s flow to the website through what . By checking the numbers of inflow sources such as Google search and SNS, we can determine whether the article is easy to read on SNS, whether the article is popular in natural search, or whether the article receives a lot of inflow from Yahoo! News. You can catch the original trend.

For example, let’s say you are managing media that spans genres such as economics, entertainment, and sports. Articles related to economics often come in via natural search, and are sometimes divided into SNS for entertainment and Yahoo! News for sports.

Based on this trend, we focused on building keywords for economic articles, which have a lot of inflows from natural search, images that will be quoted on SNS for entertainment, and eye-catching titles for Yahoo! News . Specific measures such as This leads to more accurate article writing.

What is Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you to monitor and manage your website ‘s performance in Google search results . You can check the keywords that users have flowed into the site and the display ranking in the search results .

Using Google Search Console to understand the inflow route of users is essential for appropriate SEO measures.

What you can do with Google Search Console

Here’s what you can do with Google Search Console.

Detailed confirmation of inflow keywords

You can check the following data in Google search on the website .

  • Ranking
  • impressions
  • number of clicks
  • CTR

By checking the details of the inflow keywords, you can check how many people are visiting your website for which keywords. By checking these numbers, you can see which keywords are effectively attracting customers and which ones are not.

Based on the results, we repeat improvements in various ways, such as reviewing the keywords that should be emphasized and revising to better content .

Site problem analysis

Google Search Console gives you a detailed analysis of what is happening on your site. For example, you may see issues such as:

  • Not indexed by search engines
  • Some pages are not optimized for smartphones
  • font too small

The first, ” Not indexed by search engines “, refers to the situation where the crawler that recognizes the site cannot crawl and is not recognized by Google . In many cases, the error is caused by a problem with the link structure, so it is necessary to review the placement of internal and external links appropriately.

The second, “There are pages that are not optimized for smartphones ,” includes errors such as tables and text not being displayed on smartphones, and the layout being scattered and difficult to see. In recent years, the number of web accesses from mobile devices has increased, so it is important to be conscious of mobile friendliness. It is necessary to improve the website so that it is easy to use and view even from a smartphone .

The final “characters are too small” problem is also a serious error that prevents high-level display. It should be improved to an appropriate size that is easy for the user to read.

Crawl request

Crawling refers to crawling the Internet and collecting website data. By submitting this crawl request, it is possible for Google to recognize when you update your site. By using crawl requests, you can make Google recognize your site pages and take measures to display them in search results as soon as possible.

Also, if you have many URLs to handle at once , sending a sitemap is also effective. sitemap is a file that tells search engines about your website .

When you add a new page or find a page that isn’t indexed , submitting a sitemap is a quick way to let search engines know what’s new with your site.

Benefits of using Google Analytics and Google Search Console

What are the advantages of using Google Analytics and Google Search Console? Here, I will explain the merits of introducing the two tools.

Google Analytics can identify problems on your site

The greatest advantage of Google Analytics is that it enables us to understand problems and improve content such as articles, images, banners , and LPs by grasping in detail the differences between target values ​​and KPIs in site operation. A feature of Google Analytics is the wide range of data that can be supplemented, such as attribute and behavioral pattern analysis.

By analyzing the inflow source, you can see how many CVs are reached by users via natural search, referrals, e-mail magazines , SNS, etc. Google Analytics can numerically grasp efficient and effective methods for site operation. At the same time, you can also understand the attributes of users, so you can also determine the quality of inflow.

Effective SEO with Google Search Console

Google Search Console has the advantage of being effective in terms of SEO . Google Search Console allows you to analyze natural search results such as display ranking, number of impressions, CTR , and number of clicks.

If there is an article with a low CTR despite the high ranking , you may be able to increase the number of clicks by making improvements such as changing the title .

In this way, Google Search Console has the data necessary for SEO measures, so it is useful for producing results via natural search.

I understand even for the first time! How to use Google Analytics & Google Search Console

If you use Google Analytics and Search Console as a set, the entire flow of website visits → CVs will be clear, and you can greatly improve the efficiency of attracting customers. In this book, we will introduce how to use two web attracting tools as a set!

Keep your site healthy

Google Search Console checks website problems from various perspectives, such as whether the site has been penalized or whether mobile usability is good.

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, you will be alerted immediately, so you can immediately work on improving the problem. In this way, Google Search Console is useful for keeping your site pristine.

Also, by using Google Analytics, you can quickly notice suspicious access. Google Analytics allows you to understand the inflow from sources other than natural search.

If there is a sudden surge in access from overseas, even though there are usually only domestic users, there is a possibility that the site is under some kind of attack.

By checking the analytics regularly, it will lead to stable operation.

Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to understand the state of your website

This time, I explained the overview of Google Analytics and Google Search Console and the benefits of introducing them. With Google Analytics, you can understand user behavior, attributes, and inflow sources.

On the other hand , Google Search Console is useful for understanding the details of inflow keywords and site problems. Both tools are great for conversions and SEO .

It is an indispensable tool for site operation, so please consider introducing it.

The following documents explain in detail how to implement and use Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The introduction method is a little difficult for first-time users.

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