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For many people working on SEO measures, Google ‘s core update will be one of the concerns. There will be a core update in May 2020, and some web managers may be in a hurry. *In order not to be afraid of updates, it is important to understand Google ‘s thinking and create content that is not easily affected by updates. * Also, you should be able to quickly grasp what kind of update you are doing.

So this time, I will introduce the official blog for Google webmasters . In addition, I will touch on information that is good to know, so if you are still new to SEO , please check it out. The official blog for Google Webmasters will definitely help you in your day-to-day content operations.

Google always tells us here!

Google isn’t doing all the updates to its ranking algorithms without knowing it. We may notify you of updates in advance. The official blog for Google Webmasters is where this kind of information is published . Thankfully, there is a Japanese version. If you haven’t seen it yet, please visit it.

The official blog for Google webmasters not only updates the algorithm, but also provides various information that webmasters need to know, such as what factors are used to determine rankings and updates to the help center documentation It’s also useful for those who wanted more information from non-help pages , such as how to use Search Console.

Blog posts have labels like ” webmaster guidelines” and ” search engine optimization” and are searchable, making it easy to find information. Also, there is information you want to know early, such as information on core updates, so be sure not to miss the official blog for Google Webmasters .

Up to now updates and important evaluation points are also introduced

Check out the official Google Webmaster Blog for information on the updates that have been made so far. Here, we will introduce a page that can be used as a reference for what kind of information is posted on the official blog for Google webmasters . There are many other articles to learn from, so please read many other pages .

Google’s post about core updates

I would like to introduce a post that I would like to pay particular attention to in recent years. This article, posted on October 1, 2019, describes what webmasters should know about Google ‘s core updates. You’ll understand why core updates happen and how to interpret the consequences. Also, the content creation advice posted in 2012 has been updated, and these items are worth checking out. In addition, EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and credibility), which should be especially noted in recent years, has been touched upon.

Posts about improving medical and health-related search results

Check out our post on December 6, 2017 about search results related to medical and health . This post reports that we have updated how pages are evaluated in Japanese search. Reliable information will be higher by updating. The important thing here is that we will continue to improve search, regardless of whether it is medical or health. As you know, EAT (expertise, authority, and credibility) is still very important today. Posts like this give you a sense of what Google is up to.

Page experience rating post

Finally, let’s pay attention to this year’s post. An article about page experience posted on June 5, 2020 states that they plan to publish search rankings that incorporate page experience metrics. The page experience is the user’s experience of interacting with the page . It seems that there will be another notification when this update will be implemented, so be careful not to miss it.

Also take a look at our help page

Along with the official blog for Google Webmasters , you should make it a habit to visit the help page . Search Console Help has webmaster guidelines Here, you can find a variety of information such as * what kind of things you should do to violate the guidelines and the ranking may be lowered. * Of course, it also describes how to use Search Console, which will surely come in handy for those who work on SEO measures.

In addition to the Help Center, Search Console Help also has a community. In some cases, the topic of updates is raised. It will be an opportunity to look through various information.

Know 10 facts about Google

Please check this page as well . ” Google ‘s 10 Facts” is Google ‘s philosophy. Google says it reviews 10 facts from time to time. Among them, the phrase written at the beginning is impressive: “If you focus on the user, everything else will follow.” I feel that Google ‘s pursuit of user convenience and establishment of its existence as a search engine is characteristic of Google . Check out the other items and get to know Google .


Let’s check the official blog from now on

As introduced in this article, if you read the official blog for Google webmasters , you can learn about updates and what kind of efforts Google is making. You will be able to see what you have to be careful about when considering SEO measures for your website . You should also follow the Twitter account Google SearchLiaison , although it is in English . Keep the information that Google sends out as close to you as possible. And the bottom line is that Google is looking at its users . Keep this in mind and create valuable content for your users.

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