Introducing 10 materials that deepen the official view and learning of Google’s SEO

The most frustrating thing about SEO is that there is no correct answer . This is because Google does not disclose specific information, and even if it does, there is a lot of vague information.

There are more official announcements than before, but there is still a lot of information that doesn’t go beyond speculation depending on the content .

In this article, we have summarized the SEO -related materials and views that Google has officially announced so far, which are a must-see for web managers .

Table of contents

  1. What is SEO that Google wants to achieve?
  2. Google search service
  3. 10 facts about Google
  4. Search Console help
  5. Search engine optimization starter guide
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Quick Checksheet
  7. Webmaster guidelines
  8. Building websites for Google developers smartphones
  9. Patent on Google Search Engine (Japanese translation article)
  10. Official blog for webmasters “Regarding violations of guidelines by link programs”
  11. What Site Owners Need to Know About Google Core Updates
  12. Get Google’s thinking right and improve your site’s ranking

What is SEO that Google wants to achieve?

In ” Google Search Central”, the significance of SEO is stated as follows.

The website should be built for the convenience of the user and all optimizations should be adjustments to improve the user experience. Search engines are one such user, helping other users find your content . SEO is the work of helping search engines understand and present your content to other users.

1. Google search service


This is the official page explaining the search engine provided by Google . It explains Google ‘s mission of ” making the world’s information convenient for users ” , Google ‘s approach, and the details of how search works.

You can check the basic premise of how Google wants to realize user convenience through the search engine .

2. 10 facts about Google

❶ Focus on the user and everything else will follow.
❷ It is best to do one thing extremely well.
❸ It’s better to be fast than slow.
❹ Democracy on the web works.
❺ It’s not just when you’re in front of your computer that you want to look for information.
❻ You can make money without committing evil deeds.
❼ The world is still overflowing with information.
❽ Information needs cross all borders.
❾ You can work seriously without a suit.
➓ “Great” is not enough.

There are 10 articles that can be said to be the philosophy of Google . The word that comes up again and again is “ user ”. You can see that Google is very particular about the user’s point of view.

As you can see from these 10 articles, let’s understand that Google emphasizes usability in search results .

3. Search Console Help

Search Console is a free tool that allows you to analyze how many times your site was searched for using the Google search engine .

In Search Console Help, you can learn about the flow of registering the site you want to analyze in the Google search engine and points to keep in mind. You can also solve any questions you may have while using the Search Console continuously.

If you enter ” SEO ” in the search window of the help center and search the site, you will find an explanation that can be taken as Google ‘s opinion casually , so even those who understand it are recommended to read it once. increase.

4. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide


This document comprehensively explains the optimal points for SEO , such as how indexes and crawlers work, how to design the entire site and how to create content .

Originally, it was used as an internal document of Google , but it was released to the public, so if you are in charge of the web, you should save it for internal use.

● What you can learn from the search engine optimization starter guide

Get tips on how to build an interesting and useful site and get high ratings from both users and Google .

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Quick Check Sheet


It is a check sheet that explains the points that should be kept in simple SEO .

There are some items that overlap with the above-mentioned search engine optimization starter guide, but among them, the most important are “ make your images look good in search results’ ‘, “ make images visible to Google ” , and “ update frequently ”. An easy-to-understand check sheet with illustrations for three important points.

▼ Click here for SEO measures specialized for BtoB

If you want to know the measures for successful B2B content marketing , please download the PDF document from the link below.

Guide to attracting SEO customers accelerated by content marketing

Guide to attracting SEO customers accelerated by content marketing

In order to achieve results in web marketing, SEO measures cannot be avoided. In this book, we will introduce how to proceed with content measures to increase the effectiveness of SEO.

6. Webmaster Guidelines

Items to be observed in website operation are described. If you violate the guidelines ( spam ), you may be subject to a penalty, so be sure to keep an eye on it.
However, the Japanese translation is not sufficient for some explanations, so let’s refer to the following articles.


7. Building a website for Google developers smartphones

In today’s world where everyone has a smartphone , building a mobile-friendly homepage is essential to improve user convenience and get a high evaluation from Google .

It introduces the items that must be noted on the search engine when creating a smartphone-friendly website .

The content described here may be related to search results on smartphones, so be sure to read it when operating a smartphone-friendly website or making it responsive.

8. Patent on Google Search Engine (Japanese translation article)


This article summarizes the patents (English) related to Google ‘s search engine in Japanese. By understanding the patents Google has acquired so far , it becomes easier to grasp what Google is aiming for.

Looking at the patent acquisition history, I can understand the major changes that have occurred to date .

9. Official blog for webmasters “Regarding violation of guidelines by link programs”


Google ‘s official blog that publishes information about search engines for website operators ( webmasters ) . In the article, the features of intentional external link sites that Google designates as violating the guidelines are disclosed.

A typical example of external link manipulation that has been done so far is introduced, so let’s refer to it to see if it applies.

10. What Site Owners Need to Know About Google Core Updates


In order to improve search results , Google carries out a large-scale change ” core update ” of the search algorithm several times a year, and the ranking may drop sharply after the core update, or vice versa.

It’s tempting to think that your site needs to be fixed when your rankings drop, but if you don’t understand the updates correctly, you may end up making the wrong changes. Or maybe you don’t need to fix it at all.

According to Google ‘s official position, ” If your search rankings drop , we recommend that you focus on providing the best possible content (relative to your competition) .”

Correctly understand Google’s ideas and improve your website

The information introduced in this article is all about what you should check and save if you are involved in SEO . In particular, the search engine optimization starter guide can be used for internal sharing. Please use it as a reference.

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