Is it possible to challenge from humanities? Summary of Prompt Engineering from a Business Perspective


  • Introduction
  • What is Prompt Engineering
  • The Prominence of Prompt Engineering
    • American company looking to hire a large number of prompt engineers
    • Recruitment of experienced ChatGPT workers with high urgency
    • ChatGPT work experience required in a wide range of fields
  • How much does Prompt Engineering earn?
  • Prompt Engineer Qualities and Learning Resources
    • What are the qualities required of a prompt engineer?
    • Learning Resources to Become a Prompt Engineer
  • Is prompt engineering a transitional technology?
  • The Rise of the Prompt Market
  • summary


In recent years, “prompt engineering”, a technology for inputting appropriate instructions to obtain the desired output from generation AI such as ChatGPT, has been attracting attention. Therefore, in this paper, we will explain this technology, focusing on business aspects such as the degree of attention in the job market and the salary of prompt engineers .

For engineering aspects such as specific description methods for prompt engineering, please refer to the learning resources described later.

What is Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering means the technical body of instructions written in natural language that you enter to get the desired output from a generative AI . The term comes from the fact that the instructions you enter into the generated AI are called “prompts”.

Prompt engineering began to attract attention around 2020 when OpenAI released the large-scale language model “GPT-3”. The output results from this AI were so natural that they were indistinguishable from those written by humans. .

In 2022, with the release of a large number of image generation AIs such as DALL-E 2, prompt engineering has been attracting attention again as “ technology for outputting desired images from image generation AI’ ‘. At the end of 2022, the interactive AI “ChatGPT” was released to the public, and this technology was rapidly and decisively known to the public as “a technology that outputs desired text from interactive AI”. It is still today.

Recently, AI models that generate videos, 3D objects, and even music from text input have been researched, so the output obtained by prompt engineering is diversifying (*Note 1).

Prompt engineering is also used to produce the top images in this article. Specifically, it was produced with Microsoft Image Creator powered by DALL-E 2. The prompt used to generate this image was: “A cat-shaped robot that chats by typing into a computer using the keyboard. A programming language is displayed on the computer screen. It’s cartoonish. The background is bright.” I did (* Note 2).

The Prominence of Prompt Engineering

Regarding the degree of interest in Prompt Engineering, the results of a survey conducted on April 13, 2023 by, an American company that provides a resume creation support service that utilizes machine learning, targeted American companies. announced .

American company looking to hire a large number of prompt engineers

When 346 US companies were asked if they wanted to hire prompt engineers, 29% said they wanted to hire them immediately . In addition , 21% of companies that want to hire prompt engineers said they would like to hire 10 or more. The graph quoted below shows the number of prompt engineers that companies want to hire by employee size. 44% of companies with 501-1,000 employees would like to hire 6-10 prompt engineers.

In addition, 75% of the surveyed companies believe that hiring prompt engineers will lead to a reduction in employment, of which 27% answered that the employment reduction effect is “very high” and 38% answered that it is “somewhat high.” rice field.

Recruitment of experienced ChatGPT workers with high urgency

When asked about the urgency of hiring people with experience working with ChatGPT, a typical generative AI, among the surveyed companies, 30% answered “extremely urgent” and 19% answered “somewhat urgently . ” urgent,” he replied.

When we asked an open-ended question why it was urgent to hire people with ChatGPT work experience, we received the following answers.

  • Recruiting people with experience in ChatGPT can save a lot of human and material resources .
  • ChatGPT work experience can teach ChatGPT to other staff .
  • Experienced ChatGPT workers can improve the productivity and work efficiency of the company.

ChatGPT work experience required in a wide range of fields

When we expanded the survey to 1,000 companies and asked which areas they needed ChatGPT experience, 58 % were in software development, 33% in customer service, 32% in human resources, and 31% in marketing . I was. See the chart below for more detailed results.

Also, when asked about the level of work required of people with ChatGPT work experience (multiple answers allowed), 50% answered entry level, 39% middle level, and 43% management level.

Based on the above survey results, it can be said that the demand for prompt engineers is high, and they are expected to play an active role in a wide range of fields . Prompt Engineers can be seen as a purely ‘seller’s market’ as the high demand does not require a very high job level .

Although the results of this survey were conducted in the United States, it is expected that the perception of prompt engineers in Japan will be similar.

How much does Prompt Engineering earn?

Regarding the salaries of prompt engineers, according to the aforementioned survey conducted by, nearly 25% of surveyed companies answered that they would pay at least $200,000 (approximately 29 million yen) per year as the starting salary for the same position . 17% of large companies with 1,000 or more employees said they would pay $300,000.

Anthropic, one of the American AI companies that met with Vice President Harris on AI ethics at the White House in the United States on May 4, 2023, is hiring prompt engineers as of July 2023 . According to the job posting, the annual salary is set at $250,000 to $375,000 (approximately ¥36 million to ¥54 million) .

Interestingly, the desirable skills and backgrounds of the above Anthropic job postings do not include the educational backgrounds required for typical AI talent, such as “graduate degree in engineering” or “master’s degree in data science. ” However, there are requirements such as “having at least a high level of knowledge about the architecture and operation of large-scale language models” and “having at least basic programming skills and being comfortable writing small Python programs”.

Business Insider interviewed Anna Bernstein, a prompt engineer at, a service that lets generative AI perform various tasks, and previously worked as a freelance writer and historical research assistant . He said that he was browsing microfilms exclusively in the library. She says her uncanny obsession with her own language helps prompt engineering. She also describes the job as “a job where her literary background and analytical thinking intersect .”

As mentioned above, prompt engineers can expect high income, and it can be said that there are many opportunities for those who have graduated from a liberal arts university to aim for that position .

Prompt Engineer Qualities and Learning Resources

Prompt Engineer, an emerging occupation, overlaps with conventional AI occupations in that they operate large-scale language models, but it is a feature not found in existing AI occupations that prompts are written in natural language instead of programming language. there is. These jobs seem to require new skill sets. Below, we review those skill sets and provide you with learning resources to become a Prompt Engineer.

What are the qualities required of a prompt engineer?

Pooya Amini, Senior Software Engineer at Amazon, posted on Medium on May 5, 2023, “Prompt Engineering: The Future of the AI ​​Job Market, or Just a Trend? ” ] lists the following four qualities required of a prompt engineer.

  • Good understanding of language: A good mastery of different expressions and phrasing is desirable in order to create good prompts. Good vocabulary includes slang, idioms, and proverbs.
  • Understanding Large Language Models: Understanding large language models for entering prompts is essential. Large-scale language models are a rapidly evolving field, so it is necessary to check the latest developments in this field.
  • Domain-Specific Knowledge: Prompt Engineering is used in a variety of industries. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the terminology and phrasing specific to each industry. Also, in the creative industry such as image generation, there will be a need for a modeling sense that generates novel images.
  • Knowledge of computer security: Large-scale language models are exposed to new threats such as prompt injection attacks (Note 3). In order to establish the security of large scale language models, it is desirable that the prompt engineer has a background in computer security that can work with the security engineer.

In a feature article on prompt engineers published by tech media “Geekflare” on May 4, 2023 , it is said that prompt engineers need the following knowledge or skills.

  • Knowledge and skills related to big data: Knowledge and skills related to big data are important in large-scale language model development because they handle large amounts of data.
  • Programming Language Skills: Ability to program in Java or Python to modify prompts is useful.
  • NLP knowledge: The prompts are algorithmically analyzed with NLP, so knowledge of NLP is helpful.

In summary, to become a prompt engineer , a deep knowledge of languages ​​and engineering knowledge and skills related to large-scale language models are required. prize.

Learning Resources to Become a Prompt Engineer

Learning resources for becoming a Prompt Engineer are being developed rapidly. Below are some of the resources that you can take or self-study in Japanese.

learning resource name overview
TechAcademy ” First Prompt Engineering Course “ TechAcademy’s Prompt Engineering introductory course, which provides tech skills courses such as programming. You can learn from the basics to practice, and there is mentor support. 149,600 yen for 4 weeks Lite plan.
Python Maker ” DX School using ChatGPT “ A course for corporations that lectures on how to use ChatGPT in companies. It is assumed that management and several employees will take the course. In addition to this course, there is also a lecture on generating Python code with ChatGPT .
Prompt Engineering Guide (Japanese translation) Full translation version of the site famous as “Prompt Engineering Textbook”. It covers everything from the basics of prompt engineering to research and development level knowledge.
Stubisi ” I will put together tips and example sentences for prompt engineering! Text version and image version! “ A web page about Prompt Engineering published by Stubisi, a site that collects information on tech skills. It summarizes the basics of the technique.
Learning Prompting Teaching materials released free of charge by Learning Prompting, a global community about prompt engineering. Comprehensive and advanced content comparable to Prompt Engineering Guide, but some of the content is translated into Japanese.

Is prompt engineering a transitional technology?

Is prompt engineering like this worth it in the long run? There are experts who disagree with this question.

A feature article on Prompt Engineers published by Business Insider on May 2, 2023, quotes Adrian Weller, a machine learning researcher at the University of Cambridge, UK, on ​​the future of Prompt Engineering. He said he doesn’t think the current state of technology will last long. This is because AI evolves so quickly that it would not be surprising if prompt engineering, which gives instructions to AI, evolves into something different from the current situation .

Open AI CEO Sam Altman also spoke about the future of prompt engineering. “Writing really great prompts for a chatbot persona is an amazingly versatile skill and an early example of programming with a bit of natural language,” the CEO said on February 21, 2023. Tweet and value prompt engineering as natural language programming.

On the other hand, the YouTube channel “Greylock”, which interviews notable people in the tech industry, released a video featuring CEO Altman on September 22, 2022, asking, “Will prompt engineering still work in five years ? ” In response to an audience question, the CEO replied, “I don’t think so.” He believes that in five years, natural language dialogue will replace prompt engineering as the primary interface for interacting with AI .

The Rise of the Prompt Market

Prompt engineering is a ready-to-use technology, but it is difficult and time-consuming to learn from zero knowledge. However, methods are rapidly being developed to get tailored prompts without mastering the art. The way to do that is through the use of prompt markets.

A prompt market is a market that buys and sells ready-made prompts. This place allows those who have not mastered prompt engineering to purchase the desired prompt. For those who have mastered this technique, it becomes a place to sell their own prompts.

Currently, a large number of prompt markets are operated in Japan and overseas. Some of them are introduced below.

Market name overview
Prompt Plus BizTech Co., Ltd. will start operation on June 7, 2023. You can buy and sell ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion prompts.
Prompt Space Picable Co., Ltd. will start operation on April 18, 2023. You can buy and sell DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion prompts. In the prompt search, you can specify categories like “anime” and “avatar”. Support for ChatGPT prompts is planned.
Prompt Works (beta version) Unison Planet Co., Ltd. will start operation on June 21, 2023. ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, plus prompts for Canva AI, Notion AI, Bard, and Bing AI are available for purchase and sale. Prompts can be searched by purpose, such as “Marketing/Advertising”.
PromptBase _ You can buy and sell ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion prompts. An image generation function that allows you to search for prompts by purpose and execute Stable Diffusion prompts is also implemented on the site.
ChatX _ ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion prompts can be purchased. Implement prompt generators for ChatGPT and Midjourney for those who can’t sell their own prompts. For example, if you enter a usage such as “prompt to generate an article about (product or service)”, this function will generate a prompt that executes the input content.


Prompt engineering, which is currently attracting attention as described above, is a useful and important technology for generative AI users in all positions . Prompt engineers, who do not require advanced programming skills but require a deep knowledge of languages, can be said to be technical jobs that even graduates of liberal arts departments can aim for.

There is some question as to whether prompt engineering will continue to exist in the current system of technology in the long term, but for the foreseeable future it will be considered a highly demanded technology .

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