[Latest in 2023] What is SEO? Explains how to make SEO measures from the basics and how to create content that aims for the top of search results

SEO isan abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization , and is calledsearch engine optimization . It refers to efforts ( SEO measures) to make your site more exposed in the search results of search engines such as Google .

In this article, I will explain the basics of SEO , how to take measures, how to choose keywords, etc. in an easy-to-understand manner.

Table of contents

  1. What is SEO
  2. Google’s approach to SEO
  3. In the age of smartphone-conscious SEO measures
  4. How to select search keywords for SEO
  5. Internal and external measures in SEO
  6. How to create content that ranks high in search results
  7. Things to know before doing SEO
  8. Efficiently use SEO tools
  9. How to collect backlinks efficiently
  10. Frequently asked questions about SEO measures
  11. Learn the basics of SEO and aim for top search results


1. What is SEO?

SEO isanabbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. _ SEO measures are measures taken to make your website appear higher onsearch engine results pages .

As a basic concept of SEO measures, high-quality content that meets user needs is the most important. By creating the best content for both users and Google , the chances of being displayed at the top of the search results increase.

Through SEO measures, you can expect various effects such as an increase in the number of website accesses, an improvement in brand recognition, and inquiries.

Please refer to the figure below for the display location of the search results . Be careful not to mistake it for a listing advertisement that can be displayed higher by paying money .

1-❶ Mechanism for determining search ranking

Google ‘s search ranking is determined based on the algorithm for the most relevant content to the keyword searched by the user in the following flow.

  1. Google ‘s crawler automatically reads web pages and collects information ( crawling )
  2. Registered in search engines by crawling ( index )
  3. Algorithm determines the ranking from a huge number of indexed web pages

The elements of the algorithm that determine the ranking of search results have not been specifically announced, but it is said that there are more than 200 elements that Google has officially announced Algorithms are updated daily to make it easier for users to find more useful information.


1-➋ SEO measures are Google measures

The main search sites in Japan are ” Google ” and “Yahoo!”. In fact, Yahoo!’s search engine uses Google’s engine, so if Google ‘s SEO measures are in place, Yahoo!

However, it should be understood that the display results are different from those of Google because the contents and information of partners held by Yahoo! are inserted into the search results .

1-❸ Market share of Japanese search sites

The share rate of the sites searched in Japan is as follows, and the overwhelming number one is Google .

* According to gs.statcounter.com , as of August 2022

First place 2nd place 3rd place
Google 76.04% Yahoo! 15.65% bing 7.64%


About 76% use Google , and even Yahoo! stays at just over 15%. If you are going to take SEO measures, it would be efficient to mainly think about measures on Google .

1-❹ Differences and Characteristics of Search User Groups

You don’t need to be very conscious of SEO measures, but let’s touch on the differences in user demographics.

I quote from the data published in 2020.

The percentage of men who frequently search on Google
is higher than that of men, and the percentage of men and women who frequently search on Yahoo! Result 6.1 points higher than users ・Yahoo! users have a high percentage of men in their 50s and over, especially men in their 60s and over are 10.4 points higher than Google users ・Women tended to be roughly the same as men , Among women in their 40s, Yahoo! users were 4.6 points higher than Google users

1-❺ Items inserted only in Yahoo! search results

Here are some elements that are inserted only in Yahoo! search results .

● Yahoo! Chiebukuro

Yahoo! Chiebukuro is also displayed in Yahoo! search results . This may or may not be displayed depending on the search keyword, but you can see that it is firmly inserted. In particular, many keywords such as troublesome keywords are inserted.

● Yahoo! ShoppingYahoo! Shopping is inserted in many keywords related to shopping.

● Yahoo! AuctionSimilar to Yahoo! Shopping, auctions are often inserted as a set because keywords are similar.

● Yahoo! NewsNews is most recent and is inserted when there is news corresponding to the search keyword.

2. Google’s history in SEO

The concept of SEO has changed over time. Past and present SEO strategies include:

2-❶ Past SEO measures

In the past , SEO measures were much more spammy than they are now. In the past, as well as now, Google uses every means to evaluate (rank) websites in order to show better content to users . However, there were many loopholes because the logic of evaluation was not as esoteric as it is now.

A famous saying is that “ the more backlinks a site has , the more likely it is to be displayed at the top .” This is because of Google ‘s logic that a page with a lot of backlinks (external links) must be a highly rated page But it’s no longer that simple.

It can be said that what is common to past SEO measures is that they are closer to “techniques”.

For example, “If you add a backlink, the ranking will go up”, “The more characters, the better”. The ultimate is what is called ” black hat SEO “, which is a way to misunderstand Google as a good website by finding the logic that Google evaluates and focusing on SEO measures there. But one after another, Google is taking steps to combat those practices, and it’s a cat-and-mouse game.

2-❷History of Google Core Updates

Before we get started with SEO , let’s understand the updates that have been made so far. Various core updates have been made to improve the quality of search results .

season name feature
February 2011 panda update Focused on content quality, low quality sites were downgraded
December 2011 freshness update The latest information is now displayed in search results , and emphasis is placed on the up-to-date nature of the site and the freshness of the information.
April 2012 penguin update Website ratings adjusted for SEO spam and poor links . Black hat SEO has been eliminated
December 2014 venice update Adjusted to reflect user’s location information in search results
April 2015 mobile friendly update Mobile-friendly pages are ranked higher
May 2015 quality update It was implemented for the entire ranking algorithm, not just for a specific genre
December 2017 Medical and health updates The credibility and usefulness of pages have come to be emphasized in the medical and health fields.
July 2018 speed update Adjusted to affect search rankings when page display speed is extremely slow
October 2019 BERT update Tailored to understand search query needs and context to return more relevant search results
June 2021 Core Web Vitals Announcing metrics for a better user experience
June 2021 June 2021 core update Update on local SEO measures
July 2021 July 2021 core update There is a tendency to place more importance on the management source and authority
May 2022 May 2022 core update No mention of the content of the update
September 2022 September 2022 core update User-first content , tendency to emphasize whether EAT is satisfied
December 2022 Help full content update Recognize content that satisfies visitors and differentiate it from content that does not meet visitors’ expectations
December 2022 link spam update The purpose is to invalidate a large number of unnatural links , and the target range has been reviewed.


Looking back at the history of Google core updates so far , it can be said that what Google evaluates is whether or not it is a “user-first” site It’s not that the technical side is ineffective, but you have to understand that it’s not a simplistic way of doing it .

2-❸ SEO measures as of 2023

SEO in 2023 is said to be more essential than in the past. The essence is that it’s getting closer to what Google is aiming for.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what Google is aiming for.

● Google puts users first

The basic philosophy of Google has not changed since then . It means that “everything is for the user”.

Below are ten tenets that Google still holds.

10 facts about Google

  1. Focus on the user and everything else will follow.
  2. It’s best to do one thing really well.
  3. It’s better to be fast than slow.
  4. Democracy on the web works.
  5. It’s not just when you’re in front of your computer that you want to look for information.
  6. You can make money without doing bad things.
  7. The world is still full of information.
  8. Information needs cross all borders.
  9. You can work seriously without a suit.
  10. “Awesome” isn’t enough.


Basically, Google ‘s services are created and operated based on this philosophy.

For example, displaying high-quality content at the top is because it is easier for users to use. Here it corresponds to “1” and “2”. Also, if it is “3”, Google did a test in 2015 to mark slow pages as ” Slow ” .

By using Google ‘s PageSpeed ​​Insights , you can measure the display speed of your company’s page and point out improvements. Just enter the URL , so it might be a good idea to try it once.


A “4” would be proof that the backlink is still valid . Previously, Google used a metric called PageRank. This was used in the sense that links were like polls between sites. Good content should get links from a lot of content .

In this way, by understanding Google ‘s philosophy, you may be able to determine whether the SEO effects that are often talked about on the Web are really effective.

● Google tends to evaluate sites with EEAT (former EAT)

EEAT is an acronym for Experience , Expertise , Authoritativeness , and Trustworthiness, and is a search quality evaluation guideline ( English PDF ) . ) is one of the criteria for evaluating websites .

Originally it was only EAT, but on December 15, 2022, Experience was added and became EEAT. Here are some points to consider in order to improve each:

  • experience

An index that asks how much “experience” a content creator has in the field. For example, there is a big difference in reliability between “reviews by people who have used the product” and “reviews by people who have never used the product.”

  • Expertise

Specialize in one genre and increase the amount of specialized knowledge ( content amount). It is also effective to publish content interviewed by experts .

  • authority

Disclose the name of the author and the name of the operating company, and receive a backlink from an authoritative site (national government, local government, organization, etc.) . It is also effective to have a professional in the industry share it on SNS .

  • reliability

Disclose more company information such as the person in charge, contact information, number of employees, etc., and also publish policies that show media policies and goals. Citing evidence from highly specialized sites also improves credibility.

Especially in the YMLM genre, EAT is important

YMYL is an abbreviation of “Your Money or Your Life”, which literally means your money and life . It refers to a genre that can have a great impact on a person’s life in terms of money and health.

● Google wants high-quality search results (content)

Google wants to increase user satisfaction by returning better content as search results for search keywords entered by users . That’s why we value what leads to returning better search results for our users.

● Content that attracts high-quality backlinks is good content

It has long been said that “backlinks are important” for SEO measures However, recently, it is said that backlinks are ineffective Which one is actually true?

The answer is: backlinks are still important .

However, the era of simply adding backlinks to improve search rankings is over, and we are now in an era where only high-quality backlinks are effective .

So how do you get quality backlinks ?

In the first place , let’s understand that the content that naturally attracts high-quality backlinks is the flow of “high quality makes people want to link “.

If it’s “non-original content ” that’s similar to many others , I won’t go out of my way to post a link to it. Unlike those contents , if you are “creating content that you want to introduce “, the quality of the backlinks attached to the content will naturally increase.

For more information about backlinks , please also check the following articles.

Do backlinks help SEO? Advantages/Disadvantages/Precautions

Do backlinks help SEO? Advantages/Disadvantages/Precautions

“Backlinks” have been attracting a lot of attention as an important element of SEO for about 10 years. Are “backlinks” effective for SEO at present? This time, I would like to focus on “backlinks” and explain them.

● Is the amount of characters and keywords important?

In SEO measures, there used to be a method to aim for a higher display by simply increasing the number of characters and the amount of keywords. However, as mentioned above, Google is currently focusing on ” content quality “. It is not effective to increase the number of words blindly or to put keywords in contexts that do not make sense.

However, when asked, “Do you really need to worry about the number of characters or the amount of keywords?” For example, a website that is already displayed at the top of the search results is writing an article of about 3,000 characters with a lot of content including original elements. It will be difficult to aim for the top search results.

As for keywords, it is not necessary to insert unnatural keywords, but it is necessary to insert appropriate keywords where necessary . While researching what kind of information users are looking for and what kind of information is provided by websites that are already displayed at the top, it is possible to create articles that incorporate the optimal number of characters and appropriate keywords . will be needed.

Please refer to the following article for the relationship between SEO and character count.

What is the relationship between SEO and word count? Commentary based on actual search results

One of the most frequently asked questions about SEO-friendly content production is the relationship between SEO and word count. There are various opinions such as “At least 3000 characters are necessary” and “The number of characters is irrelevant”. Therefore, this time, we will explain the relationship between SEO and the number of characters based on the content that is displayed at the top of the actual search results.

● What is content SEO?

Content SEO is one of the SEO measures, and it is a method to continuously send high-quality content and increase the inflow from search . Content SEO is also attracting attention in BtoB and BtoC , and is an important measure for attracting customers.

The more content is accumulated, the more it becomes an asset of the site, and the greater the effect of inflow and branding. Compared to listing ads and SNS ads , short-term results cannot be expected, but it is characterized by bringing benefits to the site from a long-term perspective.


3. In the age of smartphone-conscious SEO measures

3-❶ Mobile First Index (MFI)

When doing SEO , don’t forget about ” Mobile First Index (MFI) “.

Mobile-first indexing is a policy to determine the search ranking based on the content of the smartphone page , instead of determining the search ranking based on the content of the PC page .

In March 2018, Google finally announced on its official blog for webmasters that it would support mobile-first indexing .


For example, let’s say there is a site that displays a PC page and a smartphone page with the same URL . A certain PC page is displayed at the top, but there is content that is not posted on the smartphone page from the viewpoint of UI . In this case, if the ranking of smartphones is determined by the PC page , even if you access the search results of smartphones, there will be no content . This is a problem for smartphone users.

Another major factor is that the number of people searching from smartphones exceeds the number of people searching from PCs.

In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.

In 10 countries, including the United States and Japan, the number of people searching from smartphones has already exceeded the number of people searching from PCs. increase.

Google ‘s view is that if the majority of people are searching from smartphones, it would be healthier to base search rankings on smartphone pages . From now on, it will be necessary to put more effort into creating websites that are easy to browse on smartphones.

So what exactly should SEO do? From the next chapter, we will explain specific SEO measures.

More information about mobile-first indexing can be found in the following articles:

Don't miss it! Mobile-first indexing (MFI) recommended by Google

Don’t miss it! Mobile-first indexing (MFI) recommended by Google

Google’s Mobile First Indexing (MFI) will finally be implemented this year. This time, we will introduce the basic knowledge of the mobile first index and the points to note.

4. How to select search keywords for SEO measures

I hope you understand that you need to create quality content , but that’s not enough. You need to research and understand search keywords.
* Specific methods are also explained in the web marketing course ” SEO course” of “ferret”. Matching please see.

Let’s take a closer look at how to select search keywords.

4-❶ Understand the needs of users searching for keywords

Keyword selection is very important in SEO . Search keywords are visualizations of user needs, so it is meaningless to choose search keywords that are not your company’s strengths.

Search keywords are the key to SEO . is.

Here are two ways to specifically research search keywords and understand the needs of users who search for them.

● Understand user needs using suggested keywords

The suggestion function is a function that makes suggestions (suggestions) for the following characters when you enter characters in a search box, etc. Basically, this suggestion function suggests keywords that have been entered many times in the world, so it is useful for knowing needs.

In this way, you can see that even people who are searching for a dentist know their needs.

If you want to rank high for the keyword “dentist appointment,” you should create content specifically for that. If you want to rank for the keyword “dentist”, you need to create content that includes the needs of these suggested keywords.

This is because Google has no way of knowing if a search user wants to make an appointment, or if they want to know how to choose, or if they want to know the market price when they search for “dentist”. So, it is necessary to raise the content that covers the content with high search needs in the world .

In this way, many needs are hidden in search keywords, so you have to think carefully before taking SEO measures.

● Understand user needs with Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is the same as Suggest.

Keyword Planner allows you to find out the search volume (how many people are searching for) for a specific search keyword.

For more information on how to choose SEO keywords, please refer to the article below.


4-❷ Check the number of searches for SEO keywords

We will use an external tool to investigate the number of searches. Use the “Keyword Planner” to check the number of searches on Google , and use the ” Keyword Advice Tool ” to check the number of searches on Yahoo . There are other tools like Keyword Watcher, but with the Keyword Planner and Keyword Advice Tool, you should be fine.

● Keyword Advice Tool (Yahoo)

A tool provided by Yahoo that functions similarly to Google ‘s Keyword Planner is the Keyword Advice Tool . Find monthly searches, competitiveness, estimated bids , estimated impressions, and estimated clicks.


4-❸ Calculate the estimated inflow access number and estimated sales amount

Although it is an estimate, it is possible to grasp the number of searches (needs) per month with the keyword planner and keyword advice tool , and to check the number of accesses from that keyword and the amount of sales. Generally, the higher the

search results , the more clicks and accesses the site receives. If you know the number of monthly searches, you can calculate how many accesses you need to be displayed.

● Click-through rate of top display

Here is the click-through rate data for search results , researched by SEO Clarity in 2021.

2021 Search Results CTR


rank click rate
First place 13.94%
2nd place 7.52%
3rd place 4.68%
4th 3.91%
5th place 2.98%
6th place 2.42%
7th place 2.06%
8th place 1.78%
9th place 1.46%
10th 1.32%


There is about a 10x difference between the 1st and 10th place CTRs. It’s just data, and it will change depending on   keywords and titles , but let’s keep it in mind as a reference value.


5. Internal and external measures in SEO

In order to perform SEO and achieve higher display, it is important not only to create high-quality content , but also to take internal and external measures. Below, we will explain internal and external measures in SEO .

5-➊ What are internal measures?

Internal measures refer to measures related to content enhancement, update frequency, internal link structure, etc.

If you don’t take proper internal measures , you won’t be able to accurately convey the content of the content to the search engine . Accurately performing internal measures is important for the site to be evaluated correctly.

● Effective measures for internal measures

Internal measures include various measures. The main measures include setting title tags and heading tags , normalizing URLs , and creating site maps .

The internal SEO measures that ferret is actually doing are published in the following article, so please refer to it.

Internal SEO measures ~ Summary of measures taken by ferret [with template]

Internal SEO measures ~ Summary of measures taken by ferret [with template]

Ferret has been doing a lot of internal SEO measures. SEO can be divided into three main areas. Content, external measures, and internal measures. This time, we have summarized the SEO internal measures taken by ferret.

5-➋ What are external measures?

External measures are measures to acquire backlinks from high-quality external sites. By getting links from high-quality external sites that are highly related to your site , the evaluation from search engines will increase.

● Effective measures for external measures

An effective measure for external measures is to create high-quality content that external sites will want to link to.

For example, publishing useful free tools or disseminating timely information according to the latest trends will lead to the acquisition of backlinks .

In addition, settings that are easy to spread on social media are also effective for external countermeasures.

6. How to create content that targets search results

Once you have decided to some extent about the keywords that you aim to display high in SEO , the next step is to create content that satisfies the people who search for those keywords. It is necessary to understand what purpose the searchers have and what they want to solve before creating content .

6-❶ What is Google’s quality content?

Since Google earns revenue from advertisements displayed in search results , we pursue user convenience so that more users use Google Therefore, in order to increase user satisfaction, Google evaluates content that meets user needs as “quality content ” and has a mechanism to display it at the top.

The official blog for webmasters , which Google officially publishes , introduces reference items for evaluating page quality as advice for creating a high-quality site . These items will be indicators of good content that Google lists.

・Whether the information in the article is reliable, whether it was written by an expert or someone who is familiar with the topic ・Whether there are
similar or duplicate articles on the site
・Whether there are spelling errors, grammatical errors, or factual errors
・Covers topics selected based on user interests Offers original content, information, reports, research and analysis
Has clear value compared to
similar pages
Covers the topic・Whether
the article is mass-produced by outsourcing ・Whether
there are too many advertisements that interfere with the main content
・Whether the article contains insightful analysis or interesting information Dolphin


There are various other items, so please check the ” Official Blog for Webmasters “.

In the next section, I will introduce some things that can be used as references for content creation.

6-❷ Pick up ideas for content from QA sites such as Yahoo Chiebukuro

QA sites such as Yahoo! Chiebukuro gather questioners with many problems, answers to them, and best answers.

If you type in an SEO keyword on a QA site, you can find out the needs of people who search for that keyword . It will give you a hint of what you can do.


6-❸ Pick up ideas for content from suggested keywords

Do you know the suggested keyword? It is a function that recommends a combination keyword when you type a keyword in the search box of Yahoo! or Google .

It can be said that it is a keyword with high needs because it displays the multiplication keyword searched together with the entered keyword. There is a site where you can download these suggested keywords all at once, so make use of it.
*Tools are listed below.

6-❹ Investigate the pages of other sites that are displayed at the top

The pages of other sites that have already been displayed at the top are , of course, highly evaluated for their content content and displayed at the top. Analyze that content and think about creating content that goes beyond what the page has .

Since the page is highly rated by Google , it can be said that there is a high possibility that users will also find useful information. On top of that, let’s be conscious of creating information that will please users beyond that as content . User rated contentIf you can do this, Google will also rate that , so your chances of ranking higher will increase .

6-❺ Enter the keyword you want to target in the title

It is important to put the keyword you want to target in the first half of the content title . The title is the keyword searched by the user is displayed in the first half of , it will be easier for the user to determine at a glance whether it is the information they are looking for , which will also affect the click-through rate.


6-❻ Keep SEO writing in mind

SEO writing is creating sentences that meet user needs and is highly rated by

One of the basics of SEO writing is to write clear and concise sentences. You can also incorporate keywords that are already included in the top-ranked sites, and use tables and bullet points. SEO. writing is

For more detailed writing methods, see the article below.


7. Points to know before doing SEO measures

Even if you suddenly take SEO measures, it will not work. Here are some things you should know before doing SEO .

7-❶ It takes time to see results

SEO measures require a steady effort. Even if you take SEO measures, the effect will not come out immediately, but you can gradually realize the SEO effect by continuously improving the content . It is said that it takes six months to one year for a newly launched site, and one month at the shortest for an existing site that has continued SEO measures. Considering this as the initial stage of customer development, it is important to take long-term SEO measures and work steadily.

7-❷ Long-term planning of time, money, and people is necessary

Long-term content updates and repairs are indispensable for SEO measures, so naturally a lot of time, money, and people are required. Strengthening the content in the short term will only lead to temporary results, so we will continue to brush up on the content . short make a long-term plan while rotating the

7-❸ Clarify goals

Depending on the goal (goal) of SEO measures, the policy of measures will change. Based on the characteristics of the product or service and the needs of the target, clarify what you want to achieve from attracting customers to your website , such as whether you want to increase PV or increase CV . Pages for SEO and content to be added accordingly will change.

7-❹ Use tools for keyword research and effect measurement

Keyword research and effect measurement are indispensable for SEO measures. SEO measures are often done and the workload is heavy, so it is desirable to introduce SEO tools so that accurate data can be collected efficiently . Check out these SEO tools and implement the ones that are right for you.

SEO measures that have a lot to do and are difficult. One way is to ask ferret to write an article. Please feel free to contact us.

8. Efficiently use SEO tools

There are many SEO tools in the world, and by using these, you can use them for SEO measures such as checking backlinks, the status of internal measures , and investigating pages that are displayed at the top .

  • 13 recommended SEO tools (free/paid)! Explain basic knowledge of SEO measures
  •  SEO check tool 43 selections by purpose! Introducing analysis tools that can be used in practice regardless of whether they are free or paid
  • 8 recommended Chrome extensions to help with SEO
  • Strengthen SEO with WordPress! Introducing measures to be taken and 5 useful plug-ins

The tools featured in these articles have been hand-picked by ferret’s editorial team. We recommend that you read the article and choose the tools you need.

Even so, I will introduce some of the tools I actually use as a director who is doing SEO measures for ferret.

8-❶ Basic system

● Google Search Console

It is a tool that checks the health of your website . Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

Basic knowledge of Google Search Console

“Google Search Console” can be used as a means to examine search keywords hidden as (not provided) and to know how your website is displayed in Google’s search results. increase. In this article, we will introduce the basics of Google Search Console, how to link Google Search Console and Google Analytics, which are essential for website operators, and how to acquire search keywords.


● Google Analytics

Although it is an access analysis tool that can be used for free , it is very feature-rich and most of the companies that perform access analysis have introduced it.

Must-see for beginners! How to use Google Analytics explained from “I want to see that number”

Google Analytics is used by many web managers as a free tool that allows you to understand the access status of your website. When you analyze access, you can see what purpose the user accessed the homepage and what kind of tendency the users who led to conversion have. I definitely want to use Google Analytics, but some beginners don’t know how to display the numbers they want to know.


● PageSpeed ​​Insights

It is a tool for checking the display speed of the page .


You can instantly analyze the homepage display speed! How to use PageSpeed ​​Insights

You can instantly analyze the homepage display speed! How to use PageSpeed ​​Insights

Page speed is becoming more and more important both from a UX perspective and from an SEO perspective. So how do you measure page speed? This time, I will explain how to use the page display speed research tool “PageSpeed ​​Insights” provided by Google for free.


8-❷ Countermeasure Keywords

● Google Keyword Planner

You can see the number of Google searches for the specified keyword on Google . In addition, you can see keywords that are searched together with the keyword, which is useful for content creation.


What is Keyword Planner?-Let's know the search needs of the world using Google's official tool

What is Keyword Planner?-Let’s know the search needs of the world using Google’s official tool

I think there are many people in charge of the web who want to know how many times the search keyword is searched in the world. A tool that can help you find out how many people are searching for you is Google’s “Keyword Planner”. This time, I will explain from the basic knowledge of such a keyword planner to how to use it.

● Yahoo! Keyword Advice Tool

This is the Yahoo! version of Keyword Planner.


How to use Yahoo! Keyword Advice Tool

How to use Yahoo! Keyword Advice Tool

Using the Yahoo! Keyword Advice Tool not only allows you to calculate the budget for advertising expenses to some extent, but also allows you to know the competitiveness and search volume of the keyword, so it is useful for keyword selection when creating content. can also be used. We have summarized how to read numbers and how to read attributes such as gender, age, and region.

● Google Trends

It is a powerful tool for keyword trend research. You can see the increase and decrease in the number of searches in a graph, so you can should be prepared.


You can quickly grasp the trend of the net! How to use Google Trends

You can quickly grasp the trend of the net! How to use Google Trends

In this article, I will explain how to use Google Trends. Google Trends allows you to check the popularity of each keyword based on the information being searched on Google. For web managers who want to check the latest information every day, it will be a reliable tool while providing easy support.

● Otter keywords

This sea otter keyword is very useful when researching needs. It is a keyword research tool that can be used for free, and it is convenient because the suggested keywords are displayed in an instant.


What is Suggest? Google search basics and 7 keyword extraction tools

What is Suggest? Google search basics and 7 keyword extraction tools

When you enter a keyword in a search service such as Google, keywords that are likely to be searched with that keyword are automatically displayed. These keywords are called suggested keywords. This time, I will explain the suggestion function, focusing on Google’s suggestion function, and introduce seven suggested keyword extraction tools.


8-❸ Rank check system

● Gyro-n SEO

It is an SEO ranking check tool that is also introduced in ferret . It is an excellent tool that detects the rewriting of titles and the ranking of multiple pages even with the same KW .

You can easily observe the search ranking at a fixed point! Streamline your SEO with Gyro-n SEO!

You can easily observe the search ranking at a fixed point! Streamline your SEO with Gyro-n SEO!

Gyro-n SEO is a cloud-based search ranking check tool that automatically checks your ranking every day by registering keywords that you are interested in. It has gained support from many users with a simple operation method of just registering keywords and target domains.


It is an SEO ranking check tool that shows the ranking of all search keywords with one click . You can also use the function to automatically check the ranking at startup without clicking. Ranking changes are displayed in a graph, and it is a convenient tool that allows you to visually check why the rankings have changed.

● ferret One

A CMS tool created by Basic Co., Ltd., the operator of ferret . In addition to creating a website with no code, it also has a function to check the numerical measurement and ranking of the site.
ferret one


8-❹ Backlink check system

● Ahrefs

A backlink checking tool made by a company in Singapore and Ukraine . You can use it for free as well. It is a tool that is widely used overseas.


● SEO Cheki!

Japanese SEO backlink check tool Backlink _It is very convenient because you can check the rank in addition to

SEO Cheki

Let's take SEO measures by holding down the 5 functions and usage of SEO Cheki

Let’s take SEO measures by holding down the 5 functions and usage of SEO Cheki

If you are in charge of web, do you know a tool called “SEO check!”? This tool was developed when external link measures were effective, so you can check items that you don’t need to worry about now, but the search ranking check tool is still useful. This time, I will explain the functions of SEO instax in general.


● Meet Link Explorer

“Meet Link Explorer” is a very famous backlink checking tool . It used to be called “Open Site Explorer”, but now the same functionality is integrated into “Meet Link Explorer”. You can use it for free by registering an account . It calculates not only backlinks , but also the power status of domains and pages , making it convenient for comparison with competitors.


Use OPEN SITE EXPLORER to understand your company's backlink status!

Use OPEN SITE EXPLORER to understand your company’s backlink status!

As a web manager, I would like to have a firm grasp of the SEO situation for my site. OPEN SITE EXPLORER, which we introduce this time, is convenient for such situations. OPEN SITE EXPLORER is a backlink (backlink) research tool that allows you to examine information on links from other sites. It can be said that it is essential to check the links posted on your own site as a web manager so that you are not recognized as spamming even though you have not done anything if a link is posted from a malicious site. prize. This time, we will introduce how to register OPEN SITE EXPLORER and how to use it.


8-❺ Anti-smartphone system

● Mobile-Friendly Test

It is a tool that can check whether the smartphone site is “mobile friendly”. Smartphone sites that are not mobile friendly are difficult to display at the top, so let’s check with this tool to steadily respond.


9. How to collect backlinks efficiently

Regarding external measures, backlinks were the only focus until now . Backlinks are still important.

The reason is that no matter how smart Google becomes, its ability to evaluate the quality of content is still insufficient, and for that reason , it has no choice but to use link evaluation.

However, spam will run rampant if ” link = evaluation” remains as it was in the past , so we use logic to prevent that from happening. As I mentioned in “2.2”, backlinks will naturally gather by creating useful content that makes you want to introduce it to someone.

Let’s do some things to collect backlinks as efficiently as possible .

9-❶ Analyze incoming backlinks

In order to collect natural backlinks , let’s know what kind of content is easy to receive backlinks . The tool I use is Ahrefs “.

Ahrefs is an SEO tool run by a company in Singapore and Ukraine . Even a free account can do some analysis.

Shows the status of ferret backlinks RD stands for the number of backlink domains . The higher this number is, the more domains you are receiving links from .

First, let’s find out what kind of content can collect backlinks by analyzing the characteristics of content with many RDs .

9-❷ Analyze shared content

Next to it, the number of shares on social is displayed. If you look at it this way, you can see that the social share and the number of RDs are not proportional. Google has previously stated that even if it is spread on Facebook, Twitter , etc., there is no effect of SEO .


Just because social doesn’t work for SEO doesn’t mean you can ignore it. Even if there is no SEO effect, it is a social that is unmatched in terms of diffusion power. The more it spreads, the more likely it is that more people will want to introduce your website .

Let’s analyze the content that is spreading on social and understand the content that is easy to spread .

9-❸ Set up OGP to create an environment for social diffusion

In this day and age, many people gather information in ways other than searching. A good example is social media . Social media is now the source of many of the phenomena that spread information at once, called buzz .

However, simply throwing information on social media will not create a buzz. This is because there is so much information on social media . A little bit of that contentIt should

Therefore, OGP title and OGP image settings are required .

Here is the post that set up OGP. As you can see, the parts of the image are very prominent. By setting the OGP image in the post, the image will be displayed on the social media side. Also, if you set an OGP title , you will be able to display a title different from the normal title on social media .

For example, if it is an article for web designers , by including that in the title , the percentage of web designers who see it and click on it will increase. There are many ways to add titles , but ferret broadly divides them into the following four types.

  • Personal type : ” A must-see for web managers who are worried about KPIs !”
  • Easy-to-use and good-for-you type : “A must-see for EC operators! 7 laws you should know”
  • Number appeal type : ” CVR increased by 300%! What should be done with LPO “
  • Inciting type : “I can’t ask now! How to set up Google Analytics”

There is an article that explains how to set OGP in detail, so please refer to it.

How to set and check Facebook OGP

Facebook, the world’s largest SNS, has a great strength in information diffusion power through “Like” and “Share” in addition to the fact that users are real names. When Facebook users share a web page, if the information is appealing, further sharing can be expected. In order to spread information by making the most of the characteristics of SNS, it is important to make effective use of “Likes” and “Shares” from users. This time, I will explain OGP, which is the display setting when a user “likes” or “shares” on Facebook. Depending on your OGP settings, you can greatly improve your marketing results, so please use this as a reference.

Frequently asked questions about SEO measures

Here are some frequently asked questions about SEO .

Q: How long does it take for SEO to take effect?

The effect of SEO measures varies depending on the period of operation of the domain , the amount and quality of content , the points improved, and the content of the measures. Some effects may appear immediately, but basically it should take time. Generally, in many cases, a period of three to six months is required after the implementation of the measures.

Q: What is the point of keyword selection?

Key points for keyword selection are as follows.

  • Keywords related to products and services you want to increase traffic to
  • Keywords with a certain amount of search volume
  • Keywords with low competition

We also recommend using tools to efficiently select keywords.

Q: How much does SEO cost?

If your company has people or engineers who have knowledge of SEO measures, no special costs will be incurred, but if you do not have them in-house, you will have to ask an external specialized company to do SEO measures .

Depending on the content of the request, the cost of SEO measures will be as follows.

content Cost market
SEO consulting Medium scale: 100,000 to 300,000 yen (month) Large scale: 1 million to 3 million yen (month)
Content SEO 50,000 to 100,000 yen (one bottle)
Internal SEO measures 100,000 to 500,000 yen (month)
SEO external measures 50,000 to 300,000 yen (month)

*Costs vary depending on the destination.


Learn the basics of SEO and aim for top search results

As you can see from Google ‘s philosophy, SEO measures are about facing users . The measures taken to achieve this are summarized below.

  • Optimize content , HTML , site structure, etc. for search engine algorithms
  • Provide high-quality content that meets the needs of searching users
  • Increase external links and website credibility and reputation
  • Use keywords and metadata effectively to accurately convey information to search engines ( crawlers )
  • Analyzing user behavior data to improve the website
  • Ensure mobile-friendly design and effortless page speed

Let’s aim for the top of the search results by creating useful content for users and implementing SEO measures that take into account descriptions, site structures, and user experiences on websites that are easy to understand for Google ‘s search engine .

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