Reasons why MA (marketing automation) tool selection fails and 5 checkpoints before introduction

MA ( marketing automation) tools that automate marketing are a growing market that is expanding rapidly year by year. Many companies are considering introducing or considering it because it can be used to develop prospective customers and manage existing customers , but it is also known that the hurdles to continued use are high and there are many cancellations.

In this article, based on the functions and benefits of MA tools, we will explain in detail the common mistakes in introducing MA tools and points to check before introduction . We also introduce PDF materials that companies that have introduced MA tools should definitely read, so please refer to them.

Table of contents

  1. Reasons and benefits for using MA (marketing automation) tools
  2. Main functions of MA (marketing automation) tools
  3. Common mistakes in choosing MA (marketing automation) tools
  4. 5 checkpoints before introducing MA (marketing automation) tools
  5. Choose an MA tool that has the necessary functions and is easy to use

Reasons and benefits for using MA (marketing automation) tools

MA stands for “ Marketing Automation” and means automation of marketing . In other words, MA tools are tools that automate marketing activities.

According to a survey by Yano Research Institute, the MA market size in 2019 was 40.2 billion yen, and the market size in 2018 was 39.0 billion yen The market for MA tools will expand further in the future as recognition among companies increases. Here, I will explain why MA tools are needed.

Collect and manage customer information efficiently

All kinds of companies have contact points with consumers through various channels, such as physical stores, EC sites, and even SNS accounts , and have begun to collect customer information both online and offline. In addition to basic information such as gender and age, you can also collect behavior history such as purchase history and visit history .

However, even if the amount of information collected increases, it cannot be effectively utilized if it cannot be managed. MA tools can efficiently collect and manage a large amount of customer information with lead generation and scoring functions , and are useful when dealing with a large amount of customer information.

Data marketing can respond to rapidly changing customer needs

With the spread of the Internet , the ways in which consumers collect information have diversified, and changes in customer needs have accelerated, such as trends emerging one after another on SNS. Companies need to respond to these social needs and must be sensitive to ” what consumers are looking for now .”

MA tools are equipped with functions such as reporting functions that quantify and manage user reactions, so you can analyze needs from user behavior. By doing such data marketing , it will be easier to think of effective marketing measures such as ” how to increase the willingness to purchase “.

Acquiring prospective customers and cultivating existing customers becomes easier

MA tools can send information tailored to customers with scoring functions, etc., and carry out personalized marketing . This makes it easier to nurture and acquire leads.

In addition, by building good relationships with customers, the quality of communication improves, and the company is recognized as a company that delivers a comfortable experience, increasing brand value. The quality of the so-called customer experience (customer experience) will improve, and the repeat rate of existing customers will also increase.

Main functions of MA (marketing automation) tools

An MA tool that organizes customer information and builds good relationships. What kind of functions are included? Here, we will introduce four basic functions of the MA tool .

Lead generation function

A lead is a prospective customer, and the lead generation function is a function that promotes customer acquisition. You can create LPs ( landing pages ) and web forms for lead acquisition , making it possible to appeal effectively by appealing the appeal of your company’s products and services.

Lead nurturing function

The lead nurturing function will increase the willingness of prospective customers to purchase and lead to closing the deal. Approach prospective customers by sending emails based on customer attributes and behavior history, and by sending separate LINE messages.

Scoring function

Scoring is calculating the angle at which the lead reaches the constraint. The scoring function gives a score that shows the priority according to the lead’s behavior, and realizes marketing that is suitable for each lead’s enthusiasm.

Reporting function

With the reporting function, numerical reports can be generated when marketing measures are implemented, so you can make improvements by turning the PDCA cycle while analyzing the effects.

Common mistakes in choosing MA (marketing automation) tools

Although it is a convenient and popular MA tool, many companies both in Japan and overseas fail to select the tool, and it is also known for its extremely high churn rate of about 30% . Here are some examples of common mistakes we tend to make.

no effective strategy

The most common reason is the lack of consideration of strategy . There are many companies that have canceled without being able to come up with an effective strategy because they introduced it without properly considering the strategy in advance. If you don’t clarify what you want to do with the MA tool and develop a strategy, you won’t be able to use it well and it will be a waste of money.

Tools are complicated and difficult to use

It is said that about 40% of companies cancel their contracts because “the system was more complicated than I thought.” Even companies that have clarified their purpose and developed a strategy will end up failing if they introduce an MA tool that they cannot master. Let’s introduce it after simulating whether it can be operated in-house.

In addition to these, the lack of coordination between marketing and sales and the low system of contact lists hinder the continuation of MA tools. If you want to check all three other failure reasons, please check the PDF document “Don’t fail to choose MA anymore! 5 preparations”.

Examples of common failures in choosing MA tools and preparations to avoid failure

In order not to fail in choosing a tool, we will introduce five essential preparations before introducing MA from the basics.

5 checkpoints before introducing MA (marketing automation) tools

In order not to fail to introduce the MA tool, we will explain the points that should be checked in advance.

(1) Understanding leads (potential customers)

In order to select an MA tool that suits your company, in order to plan and design an accurate scenario and development process, the person in charge will need to determine the persona of the lead (potential customer) who can be sent to sales, and the lead who will purchase the company’s products . It is important to clarify and understand the “ personality of When drawing a persona of a lead, don’t rely solely on quantitative data such as numbers, but be specific about attributes such as age, gender, occupation, place of residence, and personality.

②Understanding and consideration of the optimal lead acquisition process

Once you understand your leads, create a customer journey map based on their personas. Then set the touchpoints that will be the first points of contact with your leads. By simulating what kind of actions the lead will take, you can understand ” when ” and ” where ” to contact them most effectively.

(3) Designing the optimal development process for leads

Finally, we will design a specific development process for “how to develop leads, who are prospective customers, and connect them to contracts”. In the diagram above, we are designing a scenario in which the content of email delivery changes depending on the customer’s status, such as “persons who have registered as members but have not purchased yet”, “persons who have requested a catalog”, and “persons celebrating their birthday”.

In this way, by analyzing the current customer data and formulating hypotheses based on the results, it is possible to devise highly angled marketing measures . By implementing it and analyzing the effect, you can make improvements and realize effective marketing activities.

Two other points are essential: “preparing content ” and “coordination within the company (other departments).” For details, please refer to the PDF document “Don’t fail to choose MA anymore! 5 preparations”, so please take a look.

What are the 5 points for properly introducing MA tools?

In order not to fail in choosing a tool, we will introduce five essential preparations before introducing MA from the basics.

Choose an MA tool that has the necessary functions and is easy to use

By using MA tools, marketing activities can be carried out efficiently even with a small number of marketers However, it is also a tool with high introduction hurdles and a high churn rate, so be careful. Based on the failure examples introduced, please check “Can you really use this MA tool?”

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