SEO check tool 40 selections by purpose! Introducing analysis tools that can be used in practice regardless of whether they are free or paid

The use of check tools is essential for shortening the time for SEO measures and for more accurate analysis. Among them, SEO often uses multiple checking tools for purposes such as ranking measurement, internal analysis, and backlink research .

Therefore, this time, we have compiled 40 check tools that can be used for SEO measures. There are many SEO measures that you can do for free if you use the tools well . Please take advantage of it.

Table of contents

  1. What is an SEO check tool?
  2. Are Free SEO Check Tools Effective?
  3. How SEO Scoring Works (Google)
  4. Free analytics tool provided by Google
  5. Rank measurement tool
  6. Keyword research tool
  7. Keyword frequency check tool
  8. Broken link/source code check tool
  9. Internal SEO diagnostic tool
  10. Backlink check tool
  11. Competitor research tool (free)
  12. Copy Content/Duplicate Check Tool
  13. Search algorithm fluctuation check tool
  14. Other research tools
  15. Use our SEO check tool to increase your ability to attract customers!
  16. Learn more about SEO

What is an SEO check tool?

An SEO check tool is a tool for obtaining information that is essential for high-ranking display of content . Various preliminary surveys such as competition research, search algorithm fluctuation research, and keyword research that is likely to display high are essential for high-ranking content. Performing these surveys manually would be extremely time consuming.

By using an SEO check tool, you can significantly reduce research time and reduce the risk of manual mistakes.

Are Free SEO Check Tools Effective?

There are free and paid SEO tools. While many companies want to take SEO measures without spending as much as possible , there may be some who feel that “Does a free SEO tool make sense?”

Before we get to the tools, let me assure you that there are plenty of free SEO tools out there that do a great job . Paid tools may be more suitable for measuring a large amount of KW or obtaining more detailed data, but for small sites and those who are just starting SEO measures, it is recommended to try free tools .

While using the free check tool, if you need more detailed data, consider introducing a paid check tool.

Differences from paid SEO check tools

The difference between paid and free depends on the SEO check tool. For example, with keyword research tools, the number of keywords that can be researched per day is limited, and you cannot batch download CSV files Also, some competitive research tools only allow you to research a subset of competitors. In this way, pay attention to the differences such as “you can use the same functions as paid ones, but with a limited number of times” and “you can only use some functions with free”.

Depending on the frequency and number of content creation, it is important to choose a paid SEO check tool.

How SEO Scoring Works (Google)

SEO scoring is the mechanism by which content displayed on Google is scored. The higher your SEO , the easier it will be to appear at the top. However, the SEO scoring mechanism is not disclosed, so the current situation is to increase the score by fumbling around.

Various information has been announced from Google official. Based on the content, SEO measures are taken to take measures that will increase the score . Various factors such as backlinks , internal links , original images, correctness of sentences, quality of information, reliability, etc. are reflected in the SEO score.

Free analytics tool provided by Google

First of all, I will introduce the check tool provided by Google . Google provides various website checking tools to ensure that quality content is delivered to users.

It is no exaggeration to say that SEO is Google’s strategy. Let ‘s start by using the checking tool provided by Google . Depending on the size of your website , most of the tools provided by Google are free to use.

Google Search Console (Free)

” Google Search Console ” is a check tool that can be said to be the basic of the basics when talking about SEO tools. In addition to internal diagnosis, important information such as keywords that are accessed can be grasped with Google Search Console .

Google Analytics (free~)

A website analysis tool provided by Google . You can grasp everything such as website PV , visit route, user’s stay time, device used, etc. Not only for SEO , it is an indispensable tool for website analysis and improvement. Use it in conjunction with Search Console.

PageSpeed ​​Insights (Free)


“PageSpeed ​​Insights” is a check tool provided by Google that allows you to check the speed of a page and check for problem areas. Specific improvement methods and points are given, so it is easy to get hints for solving problems.

Mobile friendly test (free)

Google has announced that it will start MFI (Mobile First Index ) from 2018 and will use websites viewed from smartphones as the criteria for evaluating search rankings. Therefore , optimizing your website for smartphones is very important for SEO .

Mobile Friendly Test is a checking tool provided by Google . It diagnoses whether your website is mobile optimized and tells you how to improve it if necessary. Make sure your website is optimized for smartphones.

Google Trends (Free)


By using ” Google Trends”, you can find out popular keywords and trending keywords on the Google search engine . In addition, it is recommended for grasping the characteristics of keywords because you can see from the past to the future predictions.


Google Keyword Planner (Free)


“Keyword Planner” is a check tool that can also be used for keyword selection when posting Google ads .

The feature of this tool is that it can calculate the search volume on Google . By entering a keyword that interests you, you can see how much search volume there is for that keyword. In addition, since mobile demand for keywords can also be understood, important information can be acquired in these days where mobile demand is increasing.

I used to be able to use all the functions even if it was free, but since it was originally a tool for Google advertising , I couldn’t see the details of the search volume unless I spent a certain amount of money on Google advertising . I was.


Rank measurement tool

It is a tool that allows you to check how many times your website is displayed.

Service name type free Paid Free measurement KW
Gyro-n SEO Fixed point observation type Yes From 4,500 yen/month Ten
SEO rank check Fixed point observation type Yes From ¥2,000/month 3
GRCMore Fixed point observation type Yes From ¥410/month 20
SEO Cheki! Each time input type Yes Nothing 3
ranking check tool Each time input type Yes Nothing 3
BULL Fixed point observation type Nothing From ¥1,100/month 0
Market Engine Fixed point observation type Nothing inquiry each time 0

* Annual contracts are calculated by dividing by 12 months.

Gyro-n SEO (free~)


“Gyro-n SEO ” is a cloud fixed-point observation type SEO ranking check tool, and if you register keywords and URLs , it will perform a fixed-point observation of ranking checks every morning. In addition, it has become a very excellent tool, such as rewriting URLs and checking the ranking of competitors.


GRC (free~)

“GRC” is a long-established check tool for ranking measurement tools. It is a type of tool that you download and use, and it cannot be used on Mac. In the case of the free version, it is possible to measure 20 keywords from 3 URLs , and you can see which pages are ranking higher with which keywords .

What is GRC?  How to use the rank check tool to efficiently check search results

What is GRC? How to use the rank check tool to efficiently check search results

How do you do your search rankings as a web manager? Are you checking visually? Or is it a tool? GRC is an installation-type search ranking check tool that started service in 2004 and still has many users. This time, I will introduce the features and basic usage of GRC.

SEO Cheki! (free)

As an SEO ranking check tool that can be used for free , it is a long-established store that has been operated for a long time. Measurement is possible by entering the target keyword and URL on the spot , not the type that can be fixed point observation . Also, Yahoo’s ranking can only be measured up to the 10th place. In addition to ranking measurement, you can also diagnose SEO internal measures . Above all, it is easy to operate, so it is attractive that anyone can handle it.

Search ranking check tool (free)


“Ranking check tool” is a checking tool that can measure the ranking of 3 keywords for 1 URL . In addition, you can get the number of search results for the keyword and advice on acquiring the keyword.

BULL (paid)

“BULL” is a check tool that allows you to check the transition of ranking fluctuations and Google algorithm fluctuations in a graph. It is convenient to check at a glance whether the factor of the ranking fluctuation is the influence of the algorithm.  

Market Engine (Paid)

“Market Engine” is an SEO ranking check tool that allows you to monitor your site without stress. Data from Google Analytics and Search Console can be managed collectively and multiple sites can be managed, which greatly reduces man-hours.

By grouping keywords and URLs , you can see at a glance which keyword areas are up and down.

Keyword research tool

A keyword research tool is a tool used to find keywords that you want to rank high for. Not every keyword can rank high. Also, you need to select keywords that lead to conversions. A keyword research tool allows you to search for keywords efficiently.

Sea otter keyword (free)

“Otter Keyword” is a check tool that allows you to collectively search for related keywords searched on Google , Yahoo!, and Bing. It can be used for keyword selection with a simple operation of just entering the keyword you want to look up .

Google Suggest Keyword Batch DL Tool (Free)

“Google Suggest Keyword Bulk DL Tool” is a check tool that allows you to download all the suggested keywords displayed when searching. You can also use this to find your target keywords.  

Keywordmap (paid)

“Keywordmap” is a tool that allows you to investigate keywords to be addressed based on competitive ranking, seasonal factors, user needs, etc., and you can discover keywords that are losing opportunities to attract customers.
You can immediately start working because you can see the effect of displaying at the top and which sites you should compare.
We have all kinds of Japanese data, so we recommend it to those who need fact-based measures.

It is a tool that can be used for competitive SEO and content marketing . It is also possible to analyze the content that has many shares and backlinks in the target market , as well as the function to display popular pages on competitive sites and SNS that are ranked high for the target market ‘s competitive strategy and specific organic keywords and phrases. . We offer multiple SEO strategies to beat the competition.

Keyword frequency check tool

A tool that allows you to check the type and number of keywords contained in your content . In the past , the number of keywords was considered important in SEO measures, but now it is denied. It can be mainly used to find out the frequency of occurrence of each type of keyword. (free)


“” provides various SEO check tools. If you use the keyword appearance rate check in it, you can check the appearance rate of a specific keyword in the content .

You can also see the number of keywords required for the appearance rate target, so check it if you are concerned about the keyword appearance rate.

FC2 Keyword Appearance Rate Checker (Free)


It is a tool provided by FC2. The word list displayed in the content is displayed in terms of frequency and percentage.

Broken link/source code check tool

It is a tool that can efficiently check broken links and source code problems. Such issues negatively affect SEO scoring. Therefore, regular checks are necessary, but manual work would take an enormous amount of time. If you use a broken link /source code check tool, you can detect and deal with it early.

Another HTML-lint gateway (free)


“Another HTML -lint gateway” is a check tool that can check the grammar of HTML documents. Let’s check the newly created homepage .

Markup Validation Service (Free)

Markup Validation Service

“Markup Validation Service” is a CSS grammar check tool provided by W3C . Just like Another HTML -lint gateway, use it to check the CSS of your newly created homepage .

Internal SEO diagnostic tool

It is a check tool that allows you to check whether internal SEO measures are in place. You can efficiently check the level of SEO internal measures and problems, such as whether html tags are being used correctly, whether there are any abnormalities in the status, etc.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool (Free)

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

“Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool” is an overseas tool. A list of page URLs , status codes, Titles, Keywords, Descriptions and H tags for the entire homepage is displayed. Duplicate check will of course help you in looking for internal improvement tips in SEO .

SEO Takaya’s SEO check tool (free)


” SEO Takaya’s SEO Check Tool” is an internal diagnostic tool for SEO . You can check everything from page meta information to domain acquisition date. In addition, it is a versatile tool that can acquire various information in one, such as ranking check function and backlink check .

SEO Master (Paid)

” SEO Master” is a check tool that can check more than 100 internal items important for SEO from statistical information and extract problem areas. In addition, it can be said that it is an all-in-one tool for keyword extraction with high CVR , competitor research, and SEO . (free)

“” is a checking tool that allows you to understand mainly the internal structure and backlink status . Competitor research can also be performed by comparing with the top 10 competitors.

Backlink check tool

It is a tool that can check backlinks that are important for SEO measures. Backlinks are said to have a big impact on your SEO score . It is possible to investigate the source of the backlink and the time when the backlink was attached. It helps you collect information to get more backlinks .

Majestic SEO (Paid)

“Majestic SEO ” is an overseas backlink check tool. You can check the source of the backlink and the time when the backlink was created. Since it is now compatible with Japanese, it has become easier to use.

Open Site Explorer (Paid)

“Open Site Explorer” is a backlink checking tool provided by Moz, which is famous in the overseas SEO industry . In addition to researching the source of the link , you can also understand the information about the backlink , such as the domain authority , page authority , root domain , and total link of the backlink source page . It can also be used as a competitor research because you can see the backlink status of your competitors .

Ahrefs Site Explorer (Paid)

“Ahrefs Site Explorer” is a check tool that investigates information related to SEO , focusing on the status of backlinks . Since it is possible to compare the status of internal SEO measures on the site with competitors, it can also be used to discover issues. In particular, this check tool is popular for its large amount of information obtained from websites and its high accuracy. Despite being made overseas, it is also a point that it is compatible with Japanese.

Competitor research tool (free)

It is a checking tool that allows you to check the state of your competitors’ websites . By observing the state of websites that are similar in nature to your own site , you will be able to see measures to gain an advantage.

DemandMetrics (Paid)

“DemandMetrics” is an SEO monitoring tool. You can check the ranking fluctuations of a large number of keywords, select new keywords, and analyze the content you have created.

In addition, there is also a diagnosis whether basic SEO such as internal measures are properly done. There are many items to check, and it is a tool that helps SEO that is difficult to check with a small number of people .

SEO Access Analysis Tool Versus (Free)

” SEO access analysis tool Versus” is a check tool that allows you to compare the page ranked first in the search ranking with the countermeasure keyword in terms of SEO . You can see the status of your competition, whether it’s in directories , whether it’s using press releases, and even approximate traffic.

SimilarWeb (Free)

” SimilarWeb  is an SEO check tool that allows you to see the access status and inflow route of your competitor’s homepage, and you can make your competitors naked . It also supports Japanese, making it a must-see check tool in the SEO area.

eMark+ (Paid)

eMark+ is a tool that allows you to quickly check the movements of competitor sites and changes in the market. Behavior log monitor You can also see the online and offline behavior of about 300,000 members , which is useful when deciding on content improvement policies.

Copy Content/Duplicate Check Tool

It is a tool that can check copied content . Copied content will be penalized by Google , which will lower the site’s rating and duplicate content will not be indexed Therefore, when uploading content , a copy check is required.

chiyo-co (free)

“chiyo-co” is a tool used to check copy content . In addition to checking the overlap rate with web content , you can also check between sentences. Therefore, you can also check the duplication rate in   multiple contents delivered collectively from the subcontractor .

35. Kopiperner (charged)

“Copyperner” is a check tool created for the purpose of preventing copying of college student reports and papers. It was also used in the recent copy content problem and became a hot topic. It also supports fuzzy searches (fluctuations in word endings), making it a highly functional checking tool. (Free)

“” is a checking tool that compares two pages and determines whether they have been copied. If there is a page that you think is clearly suspicious , let’s check it.

###CopyContentDetector (Free)

“CopyContentDetector” is a tool that can copy check up to 4,000 characters of text to be investigated. html tags are automatically stripped out for a more accurate check. In addition, by specifying exclusion domains , it is possible to check duplication excluding your own site.

Search algorithm fluctuation check tool

It is an SEO check tool that allows you to check the movement of search algorithms . Since Google changes its search algorithm regularly, it is forced to change its SEO policy every time. By quickly detecting changes in search algorithms, you will be able to implement new measures faster than your competitors and aim for higher rankings.

namaz (free)

“namaz” is a check tool that allows you to check the ranking changes at any given time. Also, the news about the Google search engine that was uploaded at that time will also be picked up, so check it when you grasp the news of the search engine . There is also a function that will notify you by e-mail when there is a big change, so it is recommended.

Yahoo! real-time search (free)

“Yahoo! Real-Time Search” cannot be limited to SEO , but it can catch up with information with high breaking speed such as Twitter , so when there is a change, search with ” Google algorithm change” etc. and use it to understand the situation. .

panguin (free)



“Panguin” is a check tool that allows you to understand whether you have received the Panda Update or Penguin Update by linking with analytics . It also supports other algorithm fluctuations, so it can be used to understand recent fluctuations.

Other research tools

In addition to the tools introduced so far, there are other tools that are useful for SEO measures. You can check the operation history, management source, measures that are considered necessary to improve performance, etc.

Internet Archive (Free)

“InternetArchive” is a check tool that allows you to check past operating history in chronological order simply by entering a domain . For example, it can be used to find out what kind of homepage the domain has operated in the past .

aguse (free)

By using “aguse”, it is possible to check domain information and management sources. It can be used to check the reliability of the website . As with Domain Tools, this can also be applied to unlinking .

pingdom (paid)

You can use pingdom to check the speed of your server. It is also convenient that there is an alert function that notifies you when trouble occurs.

EmmaTools™ (Paid)

“EmmaTools™” is a website analysis/improvement AI tool. We use big data and AI to find out what to do to improve website performance. Even people without specialized knowledge can maximize the results of the website .

Use our SEO check tool to increase your ability to attract customers!

By using the SEO check tool, you can quickly investigate the elements that are essential for aiming for higher display. Quality is important for content , but speed, regular updates, and prompt resolution of problems are also important. By using the SEO check tool, you can expect to prevent manual mistakes and improve work efficiency. Please refer to the tools introduced this time and introduce a tool that suits your company.

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