Solve the peak of Web advertising! Three checkpoints to improve CPA and CV

There may be people who want to improve CPA and CV of web advertising , but do not know what measures are effective. In order to improve the results of web advertising , it is important to confirm the cause of the plateau and take countermeasures according to the situation .

In this article, I will explain three checkpoints to solve the problem of web advertising .

Table of contents

  1. The main reasons why the results of web advertising have plateaued
  2. Checkpoint 1. The same keyword exists multiple times in the campaign/ad group
  3. Checkpoint 2. Impression share loss due to budget
  4. Checkpoint 3. There is room for distribution to measures with low CPA

The main reasons why the results of web advertising have plateaued

Web advertising performance is affected not only by account settings such as keywords and ad text , but also by budget allocation and the situation of competing advertisers . The main reasons why the results of web advertising are sluggish are as follows.

I’m having trouble setting up my ad account

If there is a problem with your ad account settings, your CPA, CV, etc. will not be optimized.

For example, if the keywords you bid on are not relevant to your ad text , your ad ‘s Quality Score will go down. With a lower Quality Score , you need a higher cost- per-click (CPC) bid to get your ad to rank.

In addition, there are multiple possible causes, such as inappropriate campaign and ad group settings , incorrect negative keyword settings , etc.

Inadequate budget allocation

Even if your ad settings are correct, poor budget allocation can slow down your performance.

One of the reasons for sluggish CV growth is that the number of times an ad is displayed is limited by the daily budget set for the campaign .

In addition, when operating multiple media such as Google Ads , Yahoo! Ads , and Facebook Ads , it is necessary to optimize the budget allocation for each ad medium. Allocating a lot of budget to advertising media with low cost effectiveness is the cause of skyrocketing CPA.

Changes in competitive conditions and customer needs

External factors , such as the entry of competing advertisers and changes in customer needs, also affect advertising performance.

For example, if there are more competitors placing advertisements on the same keywords as your company , it is common for the cost per click to soar. Also, changing customer needs can lead to a lower response rate on your landing page , which in turn increases your CPA.

At the same time as reviewing your company’s account settings and budget, it is important to explore the cause of the plateau based on changes in external factors.

10 checkpoints that can be judged even if you have no experience in advertising management

Explaining 10 checkpoints to determine whether web advertising has hit a ceiling

Checkpoint 1. The same keyword exists multiple times in the campaign/ad group

Based on the reasons why web advertising hits a plateau, here we will introduce how to actually check the settings of your advertising account and budget allocation.

The first checkpoint is whether the same keyword exists in multiple campaigns or ad groups.

If keywords are duplicated in multiple campaigns or ad groups, the data will be scattered and machine learning will not progress , resulting in CPA and CV not being optimized.

Confirmation method

How to check for duplicate keywords in Google Ads

First, click “ Keywords ” → “ Search Keywords ” from the left menu of the management screen to display the list of keywords. You can find duplicate keywords by clicking the ” Keywords ” column in the table and sorting in descending or ascending order.


If keywords are duplicated in multiple campaigns or ad groups, it is effective to keep only one of them and stop the other keywords .

At that time, if you leave keywords with a large number of CVs and a large amount of accumulated data for machine learning , you can reduce the risk of worsening results.

Checkpoint 2. Impression share loss due to budget

” Impression share loss due to budget” is a metric that represents an estimate of the percentage of ads not shown due to insufficient budget . For example, if your loss rate is 30%, you are missing out on 30% of your ads showing due to budget constraints.

However, if you select “Maximize Conversions” as your ad’s bid strategy, it will automatically adjust to use up your daily budget, so you don’t need to check the impression share loss rate .

Confirmation method

Select ” Campaigns ” on the left menu of the Google Ads management screen, and click ” Display items ” at the top of the report.

Check ” Search ad impression share loss rate (budget) ” and click ” Apply “.


If you find a campaign with a high impression share loss rate due to budget , you may be able to prevent opportunity loss by lowering your bid or target CPA . A lower cost-per-click means you’ll spend less of your budget and get more clicks.

However, lowering the bid or target CPA tends to lower the ad position, so it is necessary to make adjustments while looking at the balance .

If you are able to achieve the desired CPA and have room in your budget, increasing your daily budget is one way to prevent opportunity loss.

Checkpoint 3. There is room for distribution to measures with low CPA

In general, if you operate multiple campaigns and advertising media, there will be differences in CPA. By concentrating the advertising budget on measures with lower CPA , it is possible to lower the overall CPA.

Confirmation method

Calculate and compare the CPA for each campaign and medium over a period of time, such as the past month or three months . It is important to compare data from the same period to align conditions such as seasonality .

Also, if there are multiple conversion points such as document requests, inquiries, product purchases, etc., it is necessary to compare the CPA for the same conversion point .


If you find a campaign or medium with a lower CPA , allocate more budget.

However, in the case of BtoB , it is important to allocate the budget based not only on the CPA for requests for materials and inquiries, but also on whether or not it led to an order. Focus your budget on campaigns and mediums that not only have a low CPA, but drive more sales .

Let’s review the operation of web advertising and improve results

If you pay attention to the above checkpoints, it is possible to find out the reason why web advertising is hitting a ceiling. CPA and CV can be expected to improve by reviewing account settings and budget allocation.

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