Thorough explanation of the orientation and unsuitability of WordPress! Introducing how to choose a CMS!

” WordPress ” is useful for creating web media . It is a system that allows you to easily create a website without any knowledge of programming, etc. , and is used by various companies.

It is said that 1/4 of the sites in the world are now WordPress , and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most popular tool in web development.

However, WordPress is not the best choice for every site . WordPress is also suitable and unsuitable depending on the site you want to create.

So, in this article, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress . Please refer to it so that you can choose the best CMS .

Table of contents

  1. What is WordPress
  2. Advantages of WordPress
  3. Disadvantages of WordPress
  4. Actions required when choosing a CMS
  5. Run your site with a CMS that suits your company

What is WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Contents Management System) that boasts the world’s largest market share , and with the introduction of WordPress , you will be able to easily create and update your website website expertise.

There are many other CMS , but WordPress is often chosen for reasons such as “other companies have introduced it” and “it can be used for free” .

However, WordPress is not suitable for all types of sites, and is not suitable for any type of site.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it can be used for free, but if you continue to use it in unsuitable situations, it may increase operating costs.

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

CMS is a general term for systems that allow website construction and operation without coding knowledge . You can efficiently perform operations such as posting articles and replacing images. There are various CMS that can be used for free like WordPress , such as Ameba Ownd, Jimdo, and Wix.

Main domestic pages using WordPress

Introducing companies that use WordPress in well-known companies and organizations .

“News” and ” Campaign Information” provide information from the company’s perspective, and “Recipes” provide information from the user’s perspective. The content is rich with a simple design .

It is structured so that the latest information jumps into your eyes. It is a site that focuses on delivering posted articles to users as soon as possible.

The purpose is to convey the activities and vision of the Shidax Group to users. The service content is placed above the latest information, making it possible to grasp the multifaceted services at a glance.

Note the difference between “” and “”

It’s confusing, but there are two types of WordPress : ” ” and ” “. The CMS WordPress introduced in this article is “ ”.

” ” is a free blog service, and you can start operating your blog as soon as you register . However, it is not suitable for building complex sites and has a low degree of freedom.

Advantages of WordPress

Explain the benefits of WordPress . It can be said that WordPress has the functions necessary to build and operate a website .

① CMS can be used for free

The best thing about WordPress is that it is free to use.

There are many paid CMS and website creation services, but with the introduction of WordPress , the cost required to launch a website is only the server fee and domain fee, so you can create a site with a low budget.

(2) Automatically implement internal SEO measures

More than 80% of the functions necessary for internal SEO measures , such as normalization of URLs and titles , are installed as standard in WordPress .

In addition to plug-ins that enhance SEO such as “All in One SEO Pack” that has many functions such as automatic generation of XML maps , there are also plugins that improve display speed and support mobile friendliness automatically, so even WordPress can be used. If so, you can get a good boost in terms of technical SEO .

(3) High scalability

One of the appeals of WordPress is that you can install plugins that extend the functionality of your site .

With over 55,000 plugins , you can extend and customize the functionality of your site any way you like. In recent years, it has become possible to add images and text animations to websites , and to make payments using plug-ins .

In addition to this, a website requires functions such as realizing a design that matches the site concept and changing the display page according to the user, and WordPress also has these functions.

You can read more about the benefits of WordPress in the resources below, so feel free to download them. We are introducing plug-ins that enhance SEO by improving display speed and automatically making mobile friendly .

[Must-see for BtoB marketers] Surprisingly difficult! ? Whether WordPress is suitable or not, and how to choose the right CMS

WordPress has the advantage of creating a site for free, but it also has some disadvantages, depending on the purpose of the site. This book explains the advantages/disadvantages of WordPress in web marketing and CMS selection points for producing results.

Disadvantages of WordPress

I’ve explained the benefits, but WordPress also has disadvantages. If you don’t have knowledge of the website , it can be a big barrier to introduction, so let’s check it out.

① How to use the plug-in is complicated

In order to make full use of the plug-in , expertise in the web domain such as HTML , CSS and PHP is required. If you can’t make use of plugins , you won’t be able to introduce functions such as SEO measures and EC payments, and it will be difficult to maximize the potential of WordPress .

② Manual update required

WordPress updates must be done manually.

This is because the display of the site may collapse if you update it while plug-ins and coding are involved. Fixing broken site display also requires expertise in the web area, and it takes time and effort.

③Insufficient technical support

Since WordPress is an open source service, there is no official support center. Therefore, if there is no one in the company who is familiar with web production, it will be difficult to solve problems correctly and quickly.

In addition, security measures and the design of marketing elements such as UX are concerns when operating a website . WordPress also has disadvantages in these respects, so you need to be aware of them.

Other disadvantages are introduced in the link below, so please refer to it. In addition to the problems of the system, we also introduce organizational issues such as the strong dependence of the person in charge when operating WordPress in a team.

[Must-see for BtoB marketers] Surprisingly difficult! ? Whether WordPress is suitable or not, and how to choose the right CMS

WordPress has the advantage of creating a site for free, but it also has some disadvantages, depending on the purpose of the site. This book explains the advantages/disadvantages of WordPress in web marketing and CMS selection points for producing results.

Actions required when choosing a CMS

I will explain the actions required when choosing a CMS that suits your company . Beyond WordPress , these actions will change what kind of CMS you need.

(1) Goal setting for site operation

In order to decide what kind of website to create, first set quantitative goals that you want to achieve in website management.

As e-commerce sites require a payment function and reservation sites require a reservation system, the functions required for a website and the CMS that suits your company will change depending on your goals.

② Calculation of budget for site operation

Since each CMS has a different fee, the CMS you choose will also change depending on your budget for site operation . However, in addition to the cost of the CMS itself, maintenance and production costs may also be incurred separately, so when choosing a CMS , consider that budget as well.

(3) Understanding IT skills within the company

As WordPress requires knowledge of security, HTML , CSS , etc., the IT skills required by CMS also change. Clarify the IT skills that your company lacks and choose a CMS that can compensate for them.

Based on these three criteria, the ideal operating method for a BtoB site and CMS selection points, which are important after selecting a CMS , are summarized in the following materials. All of the summarized contents are important viewpoints for website operation, so please refer to them.

Run your site with a CMS that suits your company

WordPress is available for free, and is an attractive CMS with a wealth of plugins and design templates .

On the other hand, it requires web production and security technology to master it, and it often costs money to cover them.

Among the CMS , the introduction of WordPress is suitable for companies that meet the following conditions.

  • I want to keep my budget down
  • In-house web construction literacy is high
  • In-house maintenance personnel
  • Low page volume (less than 1,000 pages )
  • Do not handle sensitive information

Personnel who do not meet these criteria will need a different site operation method. Please refer to the following materials for the ideal operation method of the website and how to select the most suitable CMS .

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