Thorough explanation of the web chat system! Introducing tools and recommended services

Call centers are currently understaffed, so it is very difficult to respond to questions immediately without making users wait. His web chat system is attracting attention as it can solve such problems.

A web chat system is a system that allows customers to input questions and requests using chat on a website and get answers in real time.
In this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the web chat system, his recommended web chat system services, and the comparison of each service, so please refer to it!

Also, at the end of the article, we will be presenting a “‘Chatbot Vendor’ Thorough Comparison Collection”, so please stay tuned!

Contents of this article 

  • What is a web chat system?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each of the three types of web chat systems
    • 1, Features of manned chat system
    • 2, Chatbot features
    • Advantages of web service tools
  • Comparison points for each web chat system
    • manned chat
    • chatbot
    • Web service tool
      • If you want to use a web service tool, we recommend using it in combination with LINE.
  • Web chat system 3 recommended services
    • Recommended services for manned chat
    • Recommended services for chatbots
    • Recommended companies for web service tools
  • summary

What is a web chat system?

A web chat system is a system that allows customers to input questions and requests using chat on the website and get answers in real time.

Unlike conventional call centers and inquiry forms, the biggest advantage is that we can respond quickly.
Also, with the spread of LINE, chat-type UI is relatively easy for users to accept (intuitive use), which is a strength.
This web chat system can be roughly divided into the following three types according to the difference in the method of responding to users.

  • manned chat
  • chatbot
  • Web service tool

Let’s take a closer look at these three types.

Advantages and disadvantages of each of the three types of web chat systems

I would like to explain the overview and advantages of each system for the three types of web chat systems. Understand the characteristics of each, consider factors such as products and services, and the attributes of users who visit the site, and choose the one that suits your company. A must-see for those who are considering introducing it!

1, Features of manned chat system

The first is the “manned chat system”.
A manned chat is literally a human answering a question from a user in a chat.

A manned chat is literally a human answering a question from a user in a chat.

When users visit the homepage, they can ask questions through the installed chat instead of calling or emailing.
Users can communicate with support center staff more easily than by email or phone.

The biggest advantage of manned chat is that it is possible to flexibly respond to questions from users because people respond. With an automatic response chat that can only return a predetermined answer, if the question entered by the user in the chat is not appropriate, an appropriate answer cannot be returned.

However, in a manned chat, you can read between the lines of the question typed by the user and respond appropriately.

The disadvantage is that it costs human resources like a call center. Recruitment costs and training costs are also incurred, and since it is handled by human power, the human cost tends to increase.
Also, even if a certain operation manual is prepared, there is a possibility that there will be a difference in the quality of response.

2, Chatbot features

The second is a “chatbot”.
A chatbot is a system that analyzes questions entered by users and automatically returns answers. There are two types of systems that analyze and answer questions: those with AI (artificial intelligence) and those without AI.

The common advantages of chatbots with AI and chatbots without AI are:

  • Immediate response to user questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Even if many users visit at the same time, it can be handled in parallel

is mentioned.

Additionally, for AI-powered chatbots,

  • Analyzes, understands and responds to natural sentences entered by users
  • Accuracy of answers increases through learning

There are other benefits as well.

The disadvantage of chatbots is that they cannot respond well to irregular or lengthy inquiries from users.

Advantages of web service tools

The third is “Web service tool”.
A web service tool is a system that distributes pop-ups to users who visit a website according to the user’s profile and the page they are viewing.
For example, imagine a fashion e-commerce site.
・Introduce how-to content for users who visit the site for the first time and are stuck on the top page
・Introduce a campaign with a time limit to users who have added items to the shopping cart and are stuck ・
Recommend other products that can be worn together to users who have already purchased the product

The web service tool has the advantage of being able to serve customers according to the user ‘s condition even on the web , making it easier to lead to conversion. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to set up scenarios. It is possible to sort out by various conditions = It means that it is necessary to set various conditional sorting conditions and create content to be displayed.

Web customer service tools have a fixed fee structure depending on the product, but you have to be careful because there are things that cost varies depending on the scale of the site and PV.

Also, one thing I would like to pay attention to in common with the three types of web service tools is the time and effort required to operate them.

However, simply introducing a tool is not the end of the story. It is necessary to design a scenario in advance, and tune the content and conditions of the display based on user reactions. For that reason, it is necessary to secure the time of the human resources involved in the operation.
Also, when introducing it, it is necessary to assign an operation staff and work out a strategy in order to make the most of the tool.
After the introduction, it is necessary to measure the effect and make appropriate improvements.

Comparison points for each web chat system

I have introduced three types of web chat systems, but here I would like to explain the points of service comparison that are necessary when considering the introduction of each.
Considering the tools that should be introduced for each service while paying attention to the following points will make it easier to choose tools and reduce mistakes!

manned chat

First of all, the points for comparing manned chats are the usability of the UI and the information management function.

It is important that the UI is easy to use even for first-time visitors and those who are unfamiliar with IT.
Specifically, when the user visits the site, the chat will automatically open and talk to you.
Also, in manned chat, the ability to share information between operators is important. When comparing services, the point is the ability to manage customer information and inquiry requirements.


An important point in comparing chatbots is whether or not they are equipped with AI. By having AI learn how to interact with users, it is possible to return more accurate answers.
Furthermore, as the proficiency level of AI increases, it can be developed not only for answering questions, but also for use as answer knowledge to be used in the company’s call center.
On the other hand, conventional systems that do not have AI are able to communicate in a standardized manner, but there are cases in which application is not effective, and the burden on operators ends up increasing.

Web service tool

The points for comparing web service tools are ease of operation and visibility of reports. In a real store, the staff can pay attention to details because of the face-to-face communication, but in online customer service, the convenience of the tool is everything.

Also, since it is very important to see the usage history of the tool and improve it on a daily basis, it is also important to make the user behavior analysis report easy to read.
You can brush up effectively by analyzing not only cases where conversion is successful, but also cases where conversion is not successful and cases where the withdrawal rate is increasing.

If you want to use a web service tool, we recommend using it in combination with LINE.

So far, we have focused on web customer service tools, but we recommend combining them with LINE official accounts when actually introducing them.
The reason is that ” approaching with web customer service tools rarely leads to purchases on the spot” .

In the first place, web customer service tools aim to improve CVR by having users who visit the company’s website take actions on the spot, such as purchasing products or stepping on a specific link.
However, in reality, among the users who visited the homepage, there are very few “users who take some action”, and the majority will leave.
Until now, companies have created leads to conversion points by having such abandoned users register for e-mail magazines, but now there are almost no people who open all e-mail magazines.

Therefore, I would like to recommend using it together with the “LINE Official Account” .
Users can easily register from the mail magazine because they can easily register with a single “Add friend” button.
In addition, since there are many users who use LINE frequently, it is possible to increase the read rate of messages, making it an ideal method for lead nurturing.

So, how do you guide users from your company’s website to your LINE official account?

Earlier, I explained that web customer service tools have a “pop-up type” that can display campaign and coupon information to users who visit the site.
By displaying the QR code of the LINE official account on this pop-up or displaying a message recommending adding friends of the LINE official account, it is thought that it will be possible to guide the user smoothly.

After adding friends, it is possible to use push notifications and regularly distribute product information and campaigns that may be of interest to the user, raising the user’s sense of interest and promoting purchases.

Web chat system 3 recommended services

Finally, we will introduce companies that provide specific services for the three types of web chat systems.
The features of each company’s tool are largely divided, and there are areas of strength and weakness. Understand the strengths of each and choose the product that is right for you.

Recommended services for manned chat

The recommended service for attended chat is Zendesk Chat . We offer global chat with multilingual support.

Zendesk Chat was born in Singapore and is now used all over the world and is highly regarded for its reliability as a chat system.
Since it also supports Japanese, there is no need to worry about overseas services being translated as they are, making the translation difficult to understand, or being unable to solve problems on your own due to insufficient help.

Zendesk Chat can centrally manage all inquiries from chat, phone, email, and SNS. Operators will be able to share inquiry status and customer information more smoothly.
In addition, by conducting a questionnaire about the chat system to the customer after the response, it is possible to collect customer satisfaction and collect points for improvement.

Recommended services for chatbots

A recommended service for chatbots is sAIChat , which offers a switchable chat system for automated and manned responses .

Many chatbots answer from pre-registered FAQs, but with sAIChat, if you have a complicated question that can’t be answered by the chatbot alone, you can switch to an operator response.
Furthermore, even after switching to the operator, the AI ​​will recommend answers to the operator, enabling smooth answers.

As I mentioned earlier, the disadvantage of AI is that it takes a lot of learning data and costs before it is introduced.
However, sAIChat’s AI is an AI with high response accuracy from the beginning due to its own algorithm of natural language processing, which is backed by the introduction of many chatbots and high technical capabilities, and the introduction cost is also kept low.

As a result, there is a track record that it can be used with a correct answer rate of 95% from the initial introduction.

Recommended companies for web service tools

A recommended company for web service tools is Flipdesk , which can issue coupons and deliver notifications according to user needs .

The feature of Flipdesk is that it focuses on correctly conveying the content of products and services to users who visit the site, rather than aiming for conversion from the beginning.
If you encourage users to purchase or register at a stage where their understanding has not caught up, users will be confused and the withdrawal rate will increase.

At Flipdesk, we create a flow line that guides users to the next step after conveying the appeal of products and services to users in an easy-to-understand manner.
By analyzing the user’s actions after visiting the site, it is designed to provide appropriate coupons and notifications at the appropriate time.

Many interviews with major companies are also posted on the introduction case studies on the official website, and you can see that the service can be applied regardless of the industry.


What did you think?
This time, we have introduced a web chat system that uses chat to increase conversions. We hope it will be helpful for companies that operate call centers.
In addition, as introduced in the article, we provide an AI-equipped chatbot. After reading this article, if you have any questions such as “How effective is AI chatbot?”

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