Top 5 Popular Blockchain Programming Languages!

Blockchain is a technology that records transaction data in units called “blocks” and stores them by connecting the “blocks” like a “chain”.
Blockchains are great for protecting data because it’s nearly impossible to tamper with the blocks. And this technology is attracting attention in fields such as finance.
Blockchain is a technology derived from the virtual currency Bitcoin. Humans tend to want their cash to be stored in the safest way possible.
Against this background, the demand for blockchain developers is increasing.
Several programming languages can help you develop applications using blockchain.
There are traditional methods such as C++, Java, and Python, or new blockchain-specific programming languages ​​such as Simplicity and Solidity. Now let’s take a closer look at the blockchain programming language.

Table of Contents

  1. C++
  2. Java
  3. Simplicity
  4. Solidity
  5. Python
  6. Go language


Popular blockchain programming language: C++
C++ is a language that extends the functions of the C language and is classified as an object-oriented programming languageOne of the biggest features is that the program execution speed is much faster than in other languages.
It can be used for server-side programming development in the form of adding object orientation to C language, and it is not only compatible with C language, but also easy to understand Java, which has a similar syntax to C language. increase.
Blockchain projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are written in C++ language.


Popular Blockchain Programming Language: Java
Java is a language that can be used in any environment and is one of the three major languages ​​used by Google for development.
It is also a very useful language for strengthening the security aspects of the blockchain. No one can change the contents of a block after it has been verified or encrypted. A new block addepartnershipthe blockchain contains the cryptographic information of the previous block and the cryptographic information of the new block.
Recording the new and previous cryptographic information prevents new blocks from being added to the chain until the contents match the contents of the previous block. 


Popular Blockchain Programming Language: Simplicity
Simplicity is a language designed for blockchain smart contracts. This language was created by Russel O’Connor and is very simple. The developers hope that the language will be built into Bitcoin, that they will experiment, and if all goes well, Simplicity will be used in many applications.


Popular Blockchain Programming Language: Solidity
Solidity is a contract model-based programming language developed by Ethereum.
A language that specializes in implementing contracts is called contract-oriented. It is fundamentally different from other programming languages.
 It resembles the scenario in some languages ​​such as Java, borrowing concepts such as variables, functions, and classes from other languages. The language is very easy to learn for programmers. Solidity provides information on how the code works for those interested in learning the language. However, this information can be confusing for those unfamiliar with modern programming languages. As the new language of blockchain, Solidity is becoming more and more popular.


Popular blockchain programming language: Python
​Python was created in 1991 by a Dutch programmer named Guido van Rossum. His goal was to create a minimal programming language. The syntax and logic used by this programming language reflect the great ambitions of its creators. Python is the leading language for software and web development. It is very popular among developers, data scientists, and now blockchain professionals.

Go language

Popular Blockchain Programming Language: Golang
Go is a very fast and easy-to-code programming language.
It is also a useful language for building blockchain systems quickly and efficiently. The Go language is used in Go Ethereum, the client software provided by Ethereum. Go Ethereum enables various operations of Ethereum and can be equipped with functions such as smart contracts, mining, and fund transfer, making it ideal for building blockchains such as crypto assets and Dapps.
Blockchain is revolutionizing the way data and assets are traded. This technology is expected to have a big impact on various industries, but you need to know how to code to use it.
Blockchain developers should know at least one modern programming language such as Java or C++. These languages ​​are not only helpful in creating blockchain applications, but also for learning contract-based or blockchain-based languages ​​such as Simplicity and Solidity. Learn programming and blockchain.

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Blockchain technology is expected to become an indispensable technology in our lives in the future. We will also form a blockchain team and focus on system development using blockchain.

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