What are Google Ad Extensions? Explanation of setting methods and features of each type

Google Ads Display Option is a function that allows you to display product/service information, your company’s phone number, address, etc. along with the headline and description of your ad. By quickly providing the information users need, it becomes easier to lead to actions such as inquiries and product purchases.

In this article, we will explain the purpose and mechanism of setting Google Ads display options, how to set them, how to check the results, and the characteristics of each type. Please refer to it.


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What are Google extensions?

Ad Display Option is a function to display additional service information for advertisements distributed by Google Ads. With optional settings, in addition to normal ad text, you can display more detailed business description, phone number, address, and link to a specific page.

By displaying options, you can quickly provide the information the user wants to know, making it easier for them to take action. For example, a face-to-face business can set up store phone numbers and addresses so that customers can contact them without visiting the website.

How Google extensions work

How Google extensions work

Here, we will explain the conditions under which the ad display option is displayed and the mechanism of billing.

Display conditions | Not always displayed

Ad display options are selected each time a user performs a Google search and are not guaranteed to be displayed. Your Ad Rank and ad position must be increased for the option to appear.

Ad Rank and ad position are determined by factors such as:

  • Bid: how much you can pay with one click
  • Ad and Landing Page Quality: Are Ads and Linking Websites Helpful to Users?
  • Ad Rank floor: Does your ad meet the minimum standards that it must meet?
  • Search background: Considered from search keywords, user location, device, time of day, etc.
  • Effects of ad display options: Is there a possibility that the option will have an effect?

By raising the ad bid and improving the quality of the ad, you can expect an increase in the rank and position of the ad.

Also, simply setting ad display options will have the effect of increasing the evaluation of your ad rank. Let’s set it regardless of whether it is displayed or not.

Billing mechanism|Billing per click

Google Ads extensions do not incur costs just by setting them, you will be charged when they are clicked.

The detailed billing system is as follows.

  • You will be billed for up to 2 clicks per impression (the number of times your ad is displayed), and there will be no charge for 2 or more clicks
  • You will be charged when you click “download button”, “call button”, “route icon”, etc.
  • Clicks on “View Reviews” and “Seller Ratings” are not charged
  • The higher the ad rank, the higher the competition rate, which can lead to higher click units

How to set up Google Ad Extensions

How to set up Google Ad Extensions

Here’s how to set up Google ad extensions:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account
  2. Click “Ads & extensions” from the admin menu
  3. Click “Ad Display Options”
  4. Click “+” and set the ad display option you want to set
  5. setting the details

You can expect to improve your ad rank evaluation just by setting up Google Ad Display Options. Therefore, even if you do not plan to use it, it is recommended to set it.

[By Goal] List of types, features, and usage of Google Ad Display Options

The types and features of ad display options are summarized in a list.

1. Sitelink display options Show specific page link Provide action leads to users
2. Callout display options Display product/service details Appeal to users the features and strengths of products and services
3. Structured snippet display options Show product/service details in header list Comprehensive appeal of product and service information
4. Price display options Display product and service details in card format Introducing multiple products and services
5. Image display options Visual appeal with images Appeal information that is difficult to convey in text
6. Promotion display options View sales and promotions Set a period and appeal to “discounts” etc.
7. Seller Rating Display Option Show ratings from users Providing objective information to users
8. Address display options Show address or map Encourage visits to stores, etc.
9. Affiliate Display Options Display the nearest store of the product for sale Encourage visits to retail chains
10. Phone Number Display Option display phone number Facilitate phone inquiries
11. App link display options Show link to app Promote app downloads
12. Lead form display options Submit user information directly from forms Generate leads from interested users

Here are some recommended options for different purposes.

I want to increase conversions from my site

In order to increase conversions from a website, it is necessary to quickly provide links that lead to specific pages and information related to products and services that users want.

First, let’s talk about your options for increasing conversions.

Sitelink extension


Sitelink extensions allow you to add specific page links below the body of your ad, such as product information or opening hours.

If you set up a page that leads to price lists and material downloads, users can get the information they need quickly, and your click-through rate and conversion will also improve.

The number of options displayed is 2 – 6 for computers and up to 8 for tablets and smartphones. Therefore, it is recommended to set 8.

Also, in order to display the options more effectively, include a description that describes the content of the link destination. It’s a good idea to keep your description as compact as possible, as fewer characters can show more links.

callout display options

Set up callout extensions to provide more information, such as product or service details and shipping costs.

Callout extensions allow you to concisely display the features of your product or service to prospective users. As a result, you can expect improved conversions and click-through rates.

Set things common to the entire business such as “24-hour customer service” at the account level, and set them at the campaign or ad group level if you want to promote a specific service or product.

You can set up to 10 callout display options, so pick up the information you want to appeal and make the most of it.

Structured snippet display options

“Structured snippet display option” can set 3 to 10 lists for one header as shown in the image, and can appeal the features of products and services in more detail.

Unlike callout extensions, it is possible to cover the features of your product or service.

Users can save the trouble of searching for details of products and services on the website, which increases convenience. In addition, you can expect more clicks from interested users because you can view the details of the product or service without clicking on the ad.

Price Display Option

“Price display option” is characterized by being able to appeal the details of products and services in card format. A set of 8 cards can display different products, prices and features on each card.

By displaying the features and prices of multiple products with the price display option, users can compare products and services without going through the website.

In addition, since users click on the product page after comparing products and services, it is possible to gather users with a high willingness to purchase. In addition, since it is possible to simplify the lead to the product page, you can expect to improve cost effectiveness and increase conversions .

Image display options

“Image display option” displays images related to advertisements, allowing you to visually appeal your products and services.

Appealing with images can visually display information and points that are difficult to convey with text, which will lead to an increase in click-through rates and conversions.

Image display options have specific requirements and guidelines. Details can be found on Google’s official website.

Promotion Display Option

In “Promotion display options”, you can set the timing and display sales promotions for products and services.

In addition to pre-set events such as New Year, Year-end, Valentine’s Day, etc., detailed settings such as dates, days of the week, and time zones are also possible.

By conducting limited-time sales and promotions, you can expect clicks and conversions from users who want to use products and services under favorable conditions.

Seller Rating Display Option

Seller Rating Display Option

“Seller evaluation display option” is an option that allows you to appeal the evaluation received from users. As shown in the figure above, it is displayed under the headline and text of the advertisement, and is displayed in the order of “five-star rating, number of ratings, and highlights”.

Underneath your ad, you’ll see ratings such as:

  • “4.0 ★★★★☆”: User-selected star rating out of 5
  • “★★★★☆ (300)”: Number of user ratings
  • “4.0 ★★★★☆ (300) Highlights” Highlights of the reason for the evaluation

If the merchant display option is displayed, users can find high-quality products and services based on objective information. As a result, you can expect higher click-through rates and conversions.

In addition, merchant extensions can be displayed if the following conditions are met:

  • 100+ valid reviews (within the last 12 months) on Google Customer Reviews and third-party review partners
  • When Google completes an advertiser’s site survey
  • The advertiser’s domain matches the Google-rated domain

Please check the Google official website to see if it has been evaluated. About seller

I want to increase the number of visitors

Here are some options for getting more customers to your store. Displaying addresses and location maps is an effective way to increase foot traffic through Google Ads.

Address display options

“Address display option” is an option that can display the address of the company or store, the distance from the current location to the location, etc.

You can quickly provide information about the location, and you can expect to visit the store. You can also add a call button, which will lead to inquiries by phone.

If you run a business in a store, be sure to set it up.

Affiliate address extension options

“Affiliate address display option” is an option that allows you to display the nearest store where you can purchase the advertiser’s products.

When you click on it, the route to the store will be displayed, increasing the possibility of coming to the store. Please note that affiliate address extension options can only be set by car dealers or retail chains.

I want to increase inquiries by phone: call number display option


With “phone number extension”, you can expect an increase in inquiries because you can add a phone number to your ad.

Call extensions are useful for services such as:

  • Urgent services such as water leaks, car repairs, hospitals, and pest control
  • Food delivery services such as pizza delivery

In addition, it has the advantage of being able to appeal effectively to users who are not good at using the Internet.

Want to increase app downloads: App link display options

By setting the “App Link Display Option”, you can display a link to the mobile/tablet app under the text ad.

One ad has two effects: website clicks and app downloads. If your primary goal is to download an app, use “app appeal ads” that limit the link to the app only.

Ask users to submit information: Lead form extensions


Set up lead form extensions to let users submit information using a form directly below your ad.

Therefore, users will be able to send information without going through the website, increasing convenience. As a result, advertisers will be able to find prospects interested in their products and services.

Please note that you will be charged just for opening the form. Include a call to action, such as “limited time offer” or “free now”. In addition, in order to reduce the user’s input burden, it is necessary to devise a method that does not increase the number of items in the form.

How to see the performance of your Google extensions

How to see the performance of your Google extensions

This section explains how to check the results of ad display options. In order to effectively use Google Ads display options, it is important to repeatedly analyze and improve results.

How to find out which ad extensions are performing well

If you check the ad display options with high results, it will be a basis for deciding whether to improve or continue the options. It will also help you find options that should be deprecated.

Here’s how you can see which elements of your ad are driving results by click type:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account
  2. Click “Ads & extensions” in the page menu
  3. Click “Ad Display Options” on the subpage menu
  4. Click “TABLE”
  5. Click “Click type” from “Category”
  6. Check impressions and click-through rate for each option

How to check the performance of specific ad extensions

The number of clicks displayed in the above method etc. is not the number of clicks for options only. It also includes the number of clicks on the ad when the option was shown.

If you want to check the number of pure options only, please refer to the following method.

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account
  2. Click “Ads & extensions” in the page menu
  3. Click “Ad Display Options” on the subpage menu
  4. Click “TABLE”
  5. Click “This ad display option and others” from “Category”
  6. Check the numbers

Set Display Options to Maximize the Effectiveness of Google Ads

By setting ad display options according to your Google Ads goals, you can quickly provide users with the information they want to know, leading to increased inquiries and conversions.

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