What are the benefits of video marketing?

Some people may have the impression that video marketing is something that BtoC companies work on. However, video marketing is an effective means for both BtoC and BtoB.

In this article, we will tell you why companies should work on video marketing now, and introduce specific methods of video marketing and points to note when working on them.

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What is video marketing?

video marketing

Video marketing is a marketing technique that uses video as a means of conveying a marketing message.

Until now, various media such as blogs and owned media have been used for marketing. One of the media that is currently attracting attention is video.

In fact, more and more companies are using video ads and running their own YouTube channels for marketing.

Also, according to the survey results of wyzowl, 66% of people answered “I would like to see a short video” to the question “How do you want to know about products and services?” From the fact that only 18% of the respondents answered that they would like to read text-based articles, it can be seen that videos are actually very useful for users’ purchasing activities.

Background of video marketing

Background of video marketing

There are more and more opportunities to see videos not only on the Internet, but also on trains and on the street. now. Why are so many companies turning to video marketing? Let’s check the background.

1. More information can be conveyed at once than other media

The main reason why video marketing is attracting attention is that the amount of information is overwhelming compared to other marketing methods.

Compared to still images and text, which are only visual information, videos can convey auditory information at the same time, and there are research results that videos have 30 times more information than still images.

Videos can also be animated, so you can emphasize key messages and build stories to convey your marketing message. In this way, video can convey a huge amount of information to the target in a short period of time compared to other methods.

With so much information available on the Internet, the chances of attracting the attention of your target audience are limited. Therefore, the key to marketing success lies in how efficiently the marketing message can be conveyed in a short period of time.

2. People of all ages spend more time watching videos

The spread of smartphones and personal computers has led to an increase in the number of people watching videos regardless of age, which is one of the major reasons why video marketing is attracting attention.

In the past, broadcasting TV commercials was the only way to deliver videos to a wide range of age groups. In other words, video marketing was limited to large companies that could cover the production and broadcasting costs of TV commercials.

However, with the spread of the Internet and smartphones among a wide range of generations, the number of people watching videos on the Internet is increasing regardless of age. According to a survey conducted by NTT Docomo Mobile Society Research Institute, the recognition rate of YouTube in Japan exceeds 95%, and the usage rate of those who answered that they “use it at least once a month” has reached about 62%. In this way, video marketing has come to be used by many companies because it has become possible to deliver videos to a wide range of generations at a relatively low cost.

3. Improvement of communication environment

In addition to 4G communication, which has been the mainstream until now, the area where 5G communication can be used has expanded in the city center.

The maximum communication speed of 5G communication, which means “5th generation (Generation),” is said to be 100 times faster than 4G.

Videos contain more information than text and images, so the amount of data is also huge.

If the communication environment is not sufficient, it takes a long time to load each video on the Internet, which is a stress factor for viewers. However, today, with the development of high-speed communication, it is now possible to deliver high-quality videos to viewers with short loading times and stress-free.

In what scenes can it be effective?

In what ways can video marketing be effective?

As mentioned at the beginning, video marketing is an effective method for both BtoC and BtoB.

Here are four key benefits of video marketing.

1. Lead generation

As a starting point for sales, an increasing number of companies are conducting inbound marketing that makes full use of blogs and landing pages.

Video marketing is highly effective in this inbound method.

Customers who make inbound inquiries have more than a little interest in the problem they want to solve and the company, and they imagine that the problem can be solved, leading to inquiries and document requests.

At that time, the amount of information is limited only with text information and image information on blogs and landing pages, and it may be difficult to get them to have a concrete “image that can solve the problem”.

On the other hand, videos can give potential customers a more concrete image of the features of your solution or product, leading to a higher lead generation rate.

2. Increase awareness of the company and services

If a “still image” ad and a “video” ad were displayed on the same display, which would be more noticeable? It seems obvious that videos are more likely to grab attention and make a lasting impression.

In fact, research shows that videos are 64% more effective at acquiring recognition than static images.

Customers see a variety of advertisements every day, and video is more effective than still images in gaining recognition.

3. Branding

A brand is created by accumulating the history and story of the product.

By transmitting your company’s specialized knowledge and product stories, you can improve your brand power and gain trust.

Since video is a medium that has a “time axis”, it can be said that it is a suitable format for transmitting and conveying the story of a company or product.

4. Recruitment

When hiring human resources, in addition to skills and achievements, “whether the candidate fits the culture of the company” is important.

No matter how high your skills are, you can expect them to be ready to work, but if they don’t fit your company’s culture, they won’t take root.

By using video for recruitment, you can convey to candidates the atmosphere and culture of your company that words and still images cannot convey.

What kind of means are there?

How should video marketing be implemented?

So, when it comes to actually implementing video marketing, which channel and how should you promote it? There are countless ways to use videos, but here are three easy-to-understand examples.

1. Video ads

First, there is a method of using videos instead of images as ad creatives. Advertisements are generally posted on video platforms such as YouTube, and SNS such as Instagram and Facebook where videos are posted.

In recent years, the size of the video advertising market has expanded rapidly. According to a survey by CyberAgent, Inc., the market size was 184.3 billion yen in 2018, 259.2 billion yen in 2019, and 506.5 billion yen in 2023. It is expected to reach the yen.

Video ads have a higher creative cost than static images, but as mentioned above, they are highly effective in gaining recognition. In particular, BtoC products are expected to be effective in sales promotion activities.

FRECIOUS, a water dispenser manufacturer, successfully doubled the number of applications while reducing CPA by 41% by distributing video ads on Instagram through retargeting.)

2. Open your own channel

In recent years, an increasing number of BtoB companies have their own YouTube channels and are working on video marketing.

This is because more and more people are watching videos as a way to gather information.

Videos can convey more information than text media, so if you can convey your company’s knowledge and lead to problem solving for your target, you can expect to receive inquiries even if your reach is small.

Also, by having your own channel, it is also a great advantage that past videos and followers remain as assets.

Once published, the video will remain on the platform until it is deleted, increasing your reach.

In addition, by continuing to send content that is beneficial to viewers, fans can be formed, which can be expected to generate word-of-mouth effects and long-term business relationships.

3. Utilization on landing pages (LP)

The last technique we’ll show you is how to insert a video to supplement your landing page.

Text and still images alone may not be enough to fully convey the usability and usage procedures of a product or product. Therefore, by including videos of actual usage scenes, customers will be able to have a better idea of ​​how to solve the problem, which can be expected to lead to improved CVR.

Using videos on landing pages not only improves CVR, but also has the advantage of allowing customers to deepen their understanding of your company and products in advance.

A deeper understanding of the customer will enable the subsequent sales to proceed smoothly.

Things to keep in mind when implementing video marketing

Things to keep in mind when implementing video marketing

Video marketing can be expected to have various effects, but there are also caveats.

Since videos are more expensive to produce than images and still images, pay attention to the following points and implement effective video marketing.

Set clear KPIs and never neglect to measure their effectiveness

Video marketing, like other marketing measures, needs to be improved by turning the PDCA cycle.

Many companies spend time planning, structuring, and producing video marketing, but few companies set KPIs for videos, properly measure the effects after publishing, and lead to improvements. .

In order to rotate the PDCA cycle in video marketing, it is important not only to plan the video itself, but also to determine the method of measuring effectiveness and the definition of success in advance.

Pursuing “Benefit for Video Viewers”

Because videos have a visible impact, it can be satisfying to see how a video turned out.

However, the purpose of creating videos is to increase marketing effectiveness.

Don’t just focus on the creativity of your videos, but remember the essence of marketing, which is to provide useful information to your customers.

Try video marketing now

[Conclusion] Now is the time to challenge video marketing

With the spread of smartphones and the development of the communication environment, the usefulness of video marketing, which includes a huge amount of information, will increase further in the future.

In fact, regardless of whether it is a BtoB or BtoC business, an increasing number of companies are working on video marketing and achieving results.

How about working on video marketing while firmly grasping the basics of marketing such as “turning the PDCA cycle from effect analysis” and “providing useful information to customers”?

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