What is a citation? An important factor in MEO measures (local SEO)

When aiming for a high ranking in the local pack ( search results displayed at the top of the search screen along with map information when performing a keyword search for a region, unlike the usual Google search results ), MEO (Map Engine Optimization) measures (local SEO ) are important.

Local packs, which are packs of Google Maps and store and facility information, are likely to be displayed higher than regular Google search results , so many companies would like to use them. *There are various things to do for MEO countermeasures, one of which is citation. *Since citations have become more common in recent years, there are still many people who do not know the details.

Read this article to understand why citations are important to your MEO strategy and what you need to do to get citations.

What is a citation

* Citation means “citation” or “mention”. To put it simply, it is a hot topic on the Internet. * A citation is a third party mentioning a company name or brand on SNS or blogs . Citations do not have to include backlinks , just mention your company name or brand. It is important that the restaurant is talked about with people saying things like, “The staff at this restaurant were very kind!” or “It was a very delicious restaurant.”

Why are citations important for MEO?

*Famousness is taken into consideration for ranking up in local packs, and it is believed that citations are related to that evaluation. *Since the ranking has not been clarified, it is only a guess, but in reality, many of the stores and facilities that are at the top of the local pack are well-known. I feel that this is the power of positive citations. Such a place has many opportunities to mention good reputation on SNS etc., and it can be said that it represents the importance of citation in MEO measures.

Things to do before getting a citation

There is something to work on before increasing the citations. Be sure to do it in advance, not after the number of citations increases.

Check NAPs

A very important aspect of citation is NAP accuracy. *NAP is a name that combines Name, Address, and Phone, and means contact information for stores and facilities. *There must be no errors in the NAP on the site or SNS owned by the company. You should also avoid situations where the description differs from page to page . Avoid variations such as having a website that displays only the abbreviation of the store name and another website that lists the full name . In this way, it is necessary to first maintain your own NAP.

Check citations on the internet

Next, check citations outside your own site to make sure the NAP is correct. There is no problem if it is the same as what is listed on your company’s website, but in the unlikely event that it is different, it is best to contact the site administrator as much as possible and ask them to correct it . Make sure that Google recognizes your citations on various websites , blogs , and social media. In order to obtain the effect of citation, such steady efforts are important.

Prepare SNS

If you don’t have your own SNS, get one. It doesn’t matter if it’s Twitter or Facebook. Citations are references from third parties, but if you don’t actively distribute information yourself, you will have fewer opportunities to get citations. As much as possible, you should work on a daily basis to create seeds for citations. So be prepared to maximize your opportunities using all media.

How to get citations

Here are some ways to earn citations. The trick to increasing citations is to be talked about in as many places as possible.

Publish in various media

In order to get as many citations as possible, register your information in various media and prepare to be talked about. There are also restaurants such as “Hot Pepper” and “Gurunavi”. You can also take advantage of free services such as Yelp.

Users who read the published media may spread the information on SNS and create citations. The more media exposure you have, the better your chances are. However, avoid mismatched media exposure that undermines brand value.

Aiming to spread using SNS

Use your own social media to actively promote your business. To get citations, you need to provide information to your users. We can also expect that customers who shop at the store will look at the information posted on SNS and cite it on their SNS accounts . The customer’s friends also have similar sensibilities and may be interested in your company. SNS and citations go very well together.

Plan activities that are easy to talk about

No matter how much information is provided on SNS, if the information is not very interesting to customers, the response will be weak. You need a reason to want to cite. If you’re into web marketing , you’ve probably thought about what makes a post worth sharing Just like sharing , citations should be planned with the need to generate motivation to talk about them.

Things to keep in mind when getting citations

It is not enough just to display the company name or brand name on SNS or blogs . There is also a risk that the citations you should have aimed for will be adversely affected.

Don’t do your own work

It is important that the citation is a third party reference. In other words, * it is necessary to acquire it naturally, not by self-made performance. * Regardless of the citation, it is a cardinal rule not to do anything that may be penalized by Google .

Be careful not to create bad citations

Not all mentions on the internet work in a positive way. For example, in the case of a restaurant, it is not always mentioned that it was a good restaurant. From the store side, there is a possibility that what seems to be a negative evaluation is written. Of course, you can’t prevent everything, but if you expect citations, try to provide a higher quality service. *Even if you make a mistake, you must not fall into a situation where it will go up in flames on the Internet. An increase in bad mentions can backfire on your efforts to get citations.

Citation is important for motivation

Citations are simple, but some of you may find them surprisingly difficult to earn. It is difficult to create opportunities for third parties to mention your company online. You need motivation to get mentioned. In order to get citations, it is important to have a project that many people will talk about or a wonderful service that you want to tell someone about. And I think that we should build up while paying attention to NAP so as not to waste the citations that we have earned.

While not easy to earn, citations that don’t require a technical component are one of the easiest MEO tactics to tackle. It’s difficult to do it overnight, so let’s start early.

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