What is a service site that increases lead acquisition? Explanation of startup procedure

A service site is a website that specializes in products, merchandise, and services, unlike a corporate site that provides company information . Since the site is more focused on services than a corporate site, it is important to operate with agility, such as constantly providing information to solve customer problems If you don’t understand the difference, you can’t operate effectively.

In this article, I will explain in detail the tips and points of operation for creating a service site.

Table of contents

  1. What is a service site?
  2. Service site introduction case
  3. 4 steps to launch a service site
  4. Follow the steps to create a service site

What is a service site?

A service site is a website that disseminates information about a specific product or service . The main purpose of operating a service site is to attract customers through information dissemination, deepen their understanding of products and services, and encourage purchases. Specific operational purposes are as follows.

  • I want to acquire new leads and new customers
  • I want to provide a brand image for the product
  • I want to increase the number of repeat customers of existing customers

Service site introduction case

We will introduce an actual case of introducing a service site. It will be a site in line with the above three operational purposes.

① Service site for the purpose of acquiring new leads and new customers…Wantedly Co., Ltd.

The service site of Wantedly Co., Ltd. is aimed at downloading materials for its own service, and it conveys the catchphrase of “Use your thoughts as a weapon for recruitment”, the value provided by the company, and all of the CTR in a first view . It’s a feature. By attracting the attention of new customers who visit the site and immediately directing them to CTR , effective lead acquisition is realized.

(2) Service site for the purpose of providing a product brand image: Marubeni Aerospace Corporation

Marubeni Aerospace Co., Ltd.’s business jet service site displays aerial images of business jets and the catch phrase, “Opening up the next generation of aircraft,” on the first- view page. conveys a strong image.

③ A service site aimed at increasing the number of repeaters: Chatwork Co., Ltd.

Chatwork Co., Ltd.’s service site is designed to make you want to visit again and again, with usage methods, introduction examples, and various useful materials for each industry on one page . The information of the service is covered, and it is possible to understand the product on one service site.

4 steps to launch a service site

You must take appropriate steps to launch your service site. The steps are as follows.

  • understand the purpose
  • design a target
  • Design KPIs
  • produce content

Here, we will explain in detail about “understanding the purpose” and “setting the target”.

Understanding the Purpose of the Service Site

First, let’s clarify the purpose of the operation of the site. In addition to service sites, there are three types of websites : media sites, recruitment sites, and corporate sites, and depending on the purpose, recruitment sites and corporate sites may be more suitable.

The features of each site are explained here.

media site

Media sites are sites that disseminate useful information on specific themes, and are used for the purpose of increasing the number of customers in the medium to long term. People who are looking for specific information visit the site through Internet searches such as Google , which leads to an increase in the number of customers.

It is effective as a means to strengthen the ability of the website to attract customers.

recruitment site

A recruitment site is a site that conveys company recruitment information, and is used for the purpose of increasing the number of applicants and improving branding in the recruitment market.

Targeting working people and students who are thinking about finding a job or changing jobs, we will send out content that meets the attractiveness and needs of the company. The advantage is that it can provide applicants with information that cannot be conveyed on job information sites, and the degree of matching is high, so that applicants can face interviews with deep basic information about the company.

It can be said that it is an effective site for strengthening the recruitment power of the company.

corporate site

A corporate site is a site that provides company information, and is used for the purpose of raising awareness of the company and giving a better impression.

Unlike recruitment sites, the target is not only job seekers but also various people such as business partners, investors, and shareholders. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as communicating the company’s origins and the latest information to business partners, and communicating corporate value and IR information to investors and shareholders.

In addition, many companies use corporate sites as marketing elements such as promotion and advertising , so it can be said that it is a convenient site when you want to know more about the company.

design a target

Next, let’s determine the direction and target of the service site. There are four major steps to setting directionality.

① Target setting

The target in the site is something that shows “who”, “what problem”, and “how to solve it”. By setting the target, you will be able to dig deep into the user’s problem and provide content that is suitable for solving it .

However, if you try to target blindly, you may miss user issues. It is important to get close to the user’s concerns, such as interviewing people who know the site and incorporating the opinions of customers.

②Persona settings

A persona is an image that represents the characteristics of a target. Persona settings help you make consistent decisions when designing your site and creating content , allowing you to create messages and copy that resonate more with your customers.

B2B persona settings require two settings: the person in charge of collecting information and the final decision-maker. This is because, in the case of BtoB products, in many companies, the person who makes the payment is not the person in charge of a single department, but a superior with purchasing authority or the department in charge of purchasing.

It is very rare for a service to be selected intuitively like a BtoC product, and after conducting a sufficient preliminary survey and measuring the effect, it is judged based on various indicators, “Is it really beneficial for the company?  You can decide whether

③ Competition analysis

Clarify your service’s position in the market with a competitive analysis.

When customers consider introducing products, they often consider the products of other companies. By clearly showing your company’s differentiating factors from your competitors, you will be able to make your customers understand the appeal of your company’s services.

It is recommended to use a framework for competitive analysis . You can use frameworks such as :

・3C analysis

A framework for analyzing the market environment based on the three axes of Company, Competitor, and Customer

・5F Analysis

Based on the five forces (threats) against the company: “competition”, “bargaining power of sellers”, “bargaining power of buyers”, “new entrants”, and “alternative products”, the structure of the industry and the degree of influence of the company A framework to grasp

・SWOT analysis

A framework for formulating a company’s strategy based on the four axes of the company’s internal factors, Strength and Weakness, and external factors, Opportunity and Threat.

④ USP setting

USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the “unique strength” of a product or service.

A USP briefly summarizes the points of differentiation from the competition. By concisely verbalizing the points of differentiation, it becomes easier to understand the unique strengths of your product or service.

When setting a USP, be conscious of whether it sticks to your persona. No matter how highly functional and unique a product or service is, it cannot be a strength if it is not demanded by customers.

Follow the steps to create a service site

A service site helps promote customer understanding of your products and services. It is effective in establishing the brand image of products and services and in acquiring new customers and repeat customers.

When launching a site, it is a good idea to follow the four steps of ( 1) understanding the purpose, (2) designing targets, (3 ) designing KPIs , and (4) creating content .

In the document below, we explain in detail the ” KPI setting” and ” content creation” that were not explained in the article . Please feel free to use it as it is a document that helps you understand in more detail how to set up a service site.

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