What is digital marketing? Introducing strategies, analysis methods, and example measures

In today’s world where remote communication has become widespread and established, it is becoming difficult to achieve significant results through face-to-face sales activities alone. Website- based digital marketing is essential for companies to increase their competitiveness and stably earn a large amount of profit .

On the other hand, there are many marketers who do not know how to start digital marketing and do not know which method is suitable for their company.

Therefore, we will explain how to start digital marketing , along with how to make strategies, example measures, and analysis methods.

Table of contents

  1. What is digital marketing
  2. Examples of digital marketing strategies and measures
  3. Current status analysis steps in digital marketing
  4. Points to note when implementing digital marketing measures
  5. Execute digital marketing measures according to the current situation

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to marketing activities through devices such as smartphones and tablets . Let’s take a closer look at the differences between web marketing and inbound marketing , which are often confused .

Difference from web marketing

Web marketing is the use of websites and the Internet to persuade targets to purchase products and services.

Digital marketing is marketing that uses digital technology , and in addition to websites and the Internet , it also uses apps and AI . So web marketing is part of digital marketing .

Difference from inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing technique that encourages prospective customers to discover products and services on their own .

For example, we communicate the existence of products and services through blogs , SNS, video content , e-books, etc., and ultimately lead to purchases. Inbound marketing is also part of digital marketing .

Examples of digital marketing strategies and measures

In order to lead digital marketing to success, it is necessary to formulate a strategy, implement appropriate measures, analyze the results, and derive points for improvement.

Digital marketing includes various measures such as SEO, web advertising, and SNS operation Let’s take a closer look at each feature.


SEO ( search engine optimization) is optimizing a website so that it provides valuable content for users and is rated as high-quality content by search engines .

For example, you can expect an improvement in site performance by displaying your site at the top of the search results in KW searched by targets who are interested in your company’s products and services .

Web advertising

Web advertising is a method of placing advertisements displayed on websites . For example, the well-known Google Ads is based on an auction system, which can sometimes yield great results at low cost .

SNS operation

SNS operation is a measure to increase name recognition and credibility by transmitting information on products and services on SNS and lead to purchases . Since the content of the post is regarded as the intention of the company itself, it is necessary to be careful about the content.

press release

A press release is a measure to provide the latest information on products, services, events, etc. to news sites, newspapers, TV stations, and other media companies. By providing and sending information to each media, it becomes possible to deliver information to the users of that media .

email marketing

Email marketing is a method of sending emails that are suitable for each customer to draw their interest in products and services. The purpose is to develop customers and continue purchasing .

In today’s world where LINE is the main means of communication, the effectiveness of email marketing tends to be neglected, but email magazines are still an active sales method. increase.

content marketing

Content marketing is a measure that nurtures customers by creating and distributing content that is valuable to them , and ultimately leads to the purchase of products and services.

You can expect a medium- to long-term increase in sales by acquiring your own fans . It takes several months to half a year or more for the effect to appear, so be careful not to stop immediately even if the effect does not appear.

Web service

Web service refers to online service for users who have accessed a website . Just like visiting a physical store, we suggest recommended products and services and answer questions , leading to purchases.

Now you can get started! digital marketing first step

A step-by-step guide on how to get started with digital marketing.

Current status analysis steps in digital marketing

When planning a digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to extract the company’s issues and set performance indicators and goals based on evidence.

In order to increase the effectiveness of measures, it is essential to clarify the start and goals . If measures are implemented without clarity, it will not be possible to judge success or failure, and it will be impossible to formulate appropriate improvement measures.

Digital marketing can efficiently increase sales by combining multiple measures as shown in the figure above. In order not to waste costs, it is necessary to clarify issues and implement measures to compensate for weaknesses .

The current situation is ascertained in the following order.

1. Break down big customer movements

First, we subdivide the flow until a customer purchases a product or service and visualize it so that everyone can understand it at a glance. As mentioned above, there are multiple junctions between visiting the website and becoming a new member.

By organizing the flow of customers in this way, it will be easier to imagine the necessary measures in each process .

2. Understand the number of customers for each action and the transition rate between actions

Next, extract your company’s data and drop the current situation. Let’s add what percentage of the number of website visitors reached the membership application form , and what percentage of them became new members.

For example, in the above, the number of members within 12 months is only 30% of the number of members within 3 months. Therefore, it is necessary to consider measures to increase this ratio .

Points to note when implementing digital marketing measures

If you make a mistake in how to implement digital marketing measures, you may not only get sufficient results, but you may also waste your costs. Let’s carry out the measures correctly by holding down the following two points.

don’t change priorities

When working on marketing , you need to input various information every day, and at the same time, you will be exposed to all kinds of ways of thinking. However, it is not uncommon for the axis of judgment to be blurred by touching such information .

Therefore, when you touch on information, it is recommended to think from the perspective of ” what kind of measures can be taken from this information if it is applied to the company’s priority issues? “

Also, be sure to regularly check the progress of the indicators you set as priorities.

Continue the PDCA cycle

Even if the measures are implemented properly, the effect will not appear immediately. By constantly repeating the PDCA cycle , you can increase efficiency and save time and money.

As a major premise, let’s recognize that a large effect cannot be obtained with a few measures .

Execute digital marketing measures according to the current situation

If you make a mistake in your digital marketing policy, you will not only get no results, but you will also waste your costs. Therefore, it is important to properly analyze the current situation and develop a digital marketing strategy that suits your company .

It is difficult to develop a digital marketing strategy without knowledge and experience , so consider consulting with a support company if necessary.

If you want to check how to perform more advanced data analysis and how to plan a marketing strategy, please check the following materials.

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