What is EEAT? Explanation of the relationship with YMYL and points of SEO measures

” EEAT ” and ” YMYL “, which are emphasized in SEO measures, are areas that are easily affected by Google ‘s algorithm. Pages to which these apply must pay close attention to quality content creation.

By complying with Google ‘s evaluation criteria , it is easy to create user-first content , and it is also useful for SEO measures. In this article, we will explain how to improve SEO evaluation from the overview of “EEAT” and “YMYL”.

Table of contents

  1. What is EEAT
  2. Why EEAT Matters
  3. What is YMYL, where EEAT is particularly important?
  4. Pages corresponding to YMYL
  5. EEAT and YMYL-conscious SEO measures
  6. Let’s check based on EEAT

What is EEAT

EEAT is an acronym for the following four words, and is a standard used to evaluate the quality of websites shown in Google ‘s “Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines”.

  • E : Experience
  • E:Expertise
  • A : Authoritativeness
  • T : Trustworthiness

Covering EEAT and improving the quality of content is an important element for SEO measures , as it is easy to lead to user-first content .

Until now, the Google search quality evaluation guidelines had “EAT”, which indicates expertise, authority, and reliability. However, with the update of the guidelines in 2022, “ Experience ” has been added to become “EEAT”.

From the following sections, we will explain the specific contents of each EEAT.


Experience is an index that evaluates whether the content is based on a unique ” experience ” or ” experience “.

In addition to whether or not the created content conveys the experiences and experiences of the creator, the point of evaluation is how much the contents of the experiences and experiences are incorporated into the content . Specific examples of experience are as follows.

  • experience using the product
  • the experience of actually visiting a place
  • Experience of participating in an event
  • Experiences of doing activities


Expertise is an index that evaluates whether content is created based on specialized knowledge and skills .

Content creators are evaluated on their subject matter expertise and technical knowledge, or whether they are able to provide professional and accurate information in their content .

Specific examples of content creators evaluated for Expertise are as follows:

  • Enthusiasts of certain products/activities (gadget enthusiasts, camping enthusiasts, etc.)
  • Persons with qualifications such as doctors, pharmacists, and certified public accountants
  • Those who have specialized knowledge and experience in specific fields such as bank employees and real estate industry workers


Authoritativeness is an index that evaluates how well content and websites are recognized by the public as trusted media .

If many people around the world recognize your site as an influential source of information, it will be evaluated as a highly authoritative site.

Specific examples of websites with high authoritativeness are as follows.

  • Websites quoted in multiple media
  • Accounts with a large number of followers on social media


Trustworthiness is an index that evaluates whether content is accurate and reliable.

It is important not only that the information posted is correct, but also that it does not use exaggerated expressions that may provoke users . Another point of evaluation is whether the security of communication is maintained, such as being an SSL connection ( HTTPS communication).

Specific examples of content and websites with high trustworthiness are as follows.

  • Refers to trusted sources , such as official information or laws
  • The latest information that reflects the current situation and actual situation is posted.

Why EEAT Matters

EEAT is important because Google prioritizes the convenience of users of the search engine .

Google ‘s business model is based on advertising revenue. In order to make a profit, many users need to be recognized as a “reliable search engine “.

Therefore, you should evaluate content that meets user needs, not misinformation or thin content .

Content that is based on EEAT tends to satisfy user needs, so Google highly evaluates content that has a higher EEAT element as being of better quality .

What is YMYL, where EEAT is particularly important?

YMYL is an abbreviation for Your Money or Your Life, and is one of the search quality evaluation guidelines set by Google . The Search Quality Rating Guidelines define how Google ranks websites in search results.

Among them, YMYL is an area that requires particular attention in content and is likely to affect the life of users.

YMYL , which refers to ” pages that may affect people’s well-being, health, financial stability, or safety “, is a page that Google takes very seriously with its users. If you don’t produce it, you may get a low evaluation.

YMYL, which can affect people’s well-being, health, financial security and safety, naturally places a high value on credibility. This is because if a page with unreliable information is ranked high, it may have a negative impact on many people.

Therefore, EEAT tends to be emphasized especially in the YMYL area.

Pages corresponding to YMYL

Check below to see what pages fall under YMYL.

Pages about shopping and financial transactions

Refers to pages where users can purchase products, send money, make payments, etc. online, such as online shopping .

Financial information page

Pages that provide information about money are eligible. Specifically, it refers to pages that post information about investments, taxes, buying a home, tuition, insurance, etc.

Medical information page

Means pages with medical information, including both physical and mental, such as health, illness, mental health, and nutrition .

Legal information page

Refers to pages that provide legal information such as divorce, custody, making a will, obtaining citizenship, etc.

Pages about public information

It refers to information provided by governments and public institutions, including disaster response services and international events.

Other pages corresponding to YMYL

Other than the genres listed above, those that are considered to fall under YMYL are also eligible. This includes things like adoption and car safety.

Guide to attracting SEO customers accelerated by content marketing

We have summarized how to proceed with content measures to increase the SEO effect.

EEAT and YMYL-conscious SEO measures

Considering EEAT and YMYL, what kind of SEO measures are necessary? We have picked up specific countermeasures.

take real life stories

Don’t limit yourself to general content about a topic or field, but include your own experiences in your content . There is a high possibility that information, realizations, know-how, impressions, etc. obtained through actual experiences are rare information sought by users.

If you are going to introduce a specific product or service within the content , posting real experiences such as usability, texture, feeling of use, and impressions of using the service will make the content more valuable .

Post information about content creators and operators

In order for users to judge whether the information on the page can be trusted, it is desirable to disclose the information of the content creators and operators. It will be easier for users to judge if you post specific expertise and achievements.

Similarly, if the website operator is a company, include the company name, address, contact information, and other information that should be disclosed in order to gain trust.

When you make an expensive purchase online , it is recommended that you think about the specifics of what is written on the website, based on what kind of information should be included in the information of the operator of the website to be reliable . .

Use public information when quoting

Where you source your information is important to your EEAT rating. It is necessary to cite information from websites of public institutions and research institutes such as universities.

Avoid quoting information from unreliable pages that you don’t know who created them . When quoting information, clearly indicate that you have quoted it, such as by using tags . Let’s tell Google that the page correctly cites highly reliable and authoritative information so that it can be highly evaluated.

Focus on content quality and volume

It is a point to focus on whether the information posted in the content is accurate. It should be highly original and not consist only of quotes If the content is highly rated by users , it will be judged to be authoritative and will naturally be able to obtain excellent links .

You should also regularly check to see if the information you publish on your website is as professional or reliable as your competitors’ websites .

Advertise and transmit the site on SNS

By continuing to post posts on a specific topic or field on external services such as SNS, your account will become more well known and recognized as a highly specialized account on that topic .

In addition, citations from other SNS accounts and blogs can also be used to increase the name recognition of the website and improve its authority.

Ensuring Robustness of Security and Quality of Information

It is also important to use SSL on the site and to provide accurate and sincere information so that users can browse the web page with peace of mind.

SSL refers to encrypting the contents of Internet communication, which makes it difficult for users’ personal information to be hacked.

In addition, in order to increase the reliability of the content itself, it is also important to cite and refer to reliable information sources such as the sites and papers of public institutions and specialized institutions .

Also, depending on the content, it is effective as an EEAT countermeasure to show the user who the information was obtained from , such as interviewing experts and posting information such as the background of the supervisor and author. is.

Let’s check based on EEAT

Although EEAT and YMYL are indicated in the search quality evaluation guidelines, they do not refer to anything special or difficult.

However, if you do not pay attention to how to handle the YMYL area, it may adversely affect the user’s money, health, and life , so please post information with higher accuracy and expertise than other areas. The trend toward demand for is likely to continue.

If you have a page that falls under YMYL on your site, reviewing it based on EEAT may reveal points to improve.

We would like to continue to take the best possible measures while considering that pages that fall under YMYL may change significantly due to Google algorithm updates.

While checking Google ‘s trends , including search quality evaluation guidelines , let’s do our best to take effective SEO measures based on EEAT even on pages in the YMYL area.

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