What is impression share? Thorough explanation of calculation methods, guidelines, and improvement methods

When operating ads , one of the metrics you want to check is ” impression share .” Impression share is an indicator to know the rate at which your ad is actually viewed, and is an essential indicator for efficient operation.

In this article, we will introduce how to calculate impression share , how to estimate it, and how to improve it. Check it out if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your ads .

Table of contents

  1. What is impression share?
  2. How to improve your lost impression rate
  3. Frequently asked questions about impression share
  4. Aim to maximize the effect by increasing the impression share

What is impression share?

Impression share is the ratio of the number of times your ad was actually shown to the number of times your ad could be shown. It is one of the important indicators that help us understand the display status of ads and points for improvement.

How impression share is calculated

Impression share can be calculated from the total number of times an ad was available to be shown and the number of times it was actually shown. The detailed calculation method is as follows.


For example, if your ad was able to be shown 100 times total and was actually shown 50 times, your impression share would be 50%. The total number of times your ad was able to be shown is estimated taking into account many factors, including targeting , approval status and quality .

Impression share can also be used as a metric to determine whether your ad can be shown to more users when you increase your bid or budget .

why am i not seeing ads

There are many people in charge who feel that even though they are putting out advertisements , they are not displayed. There are two reasons why you might not see your ad :

● Lost Impression Rate (Budget)

“Lost Impressions (Budget)” is the percentage of ads that are not displayed due to insufficient ad spend. If the campaign budget (daily rate), keyword bid price, account balance, etc. are insufficient, the ads that were supposed to be displayed will not be displayed.

For example, if you want to display an ad that costs 50 yen per display 1,000 times, you need a budget of 50,000 yen. However, if the budget is insufficient, ads will not be displayed for the amount that is insufficient .

In order to prevent the impression loss rate (budget) from becoming too high, it is necessary to calculate and prepare a budget at the start of advertising placement .

● Lost Impression Rate (Rank)

“Lost Impressions (Rank)” is the percentage of times an ad was not shown due to a low Ad Rank .

Lower ad rank , which is determined by your bids and the quality of your ads compared to your competitors, means your ads are less likely to show and your impression loss rate increases.

Why impression share is an important metric

Broadly speaking, there are two indicators for measuring the effectiveness of advertising : ” reach indicators ” and ” effectiveness indicators .” The reach index is an index of whether or not the ad reaches the user, and the effect index is an index of how much it affected attitude change and behavior change, such as click rate and conversion rate.

Of course, it is important to improve performance indicators, but if the impression share , which is an achievement indicator before that , is low, the chances of conversion will decrease in the first place.

Therefore, impression share is considered an important metric in advertising placement.

How to improve your lost impression rate

Here, I will explain how to improve the impression loss rate. We will explain how to improve the budget, the position, and the loss rate of each, so please refer to it.

Stay on top of trends

By constantly grasping the market trends for each industry , you can see when the cost per click tends to rise and when impressions tend to grow. Staying on top of trends is a great way to improve your lost impression rate (budget).

By checking the search queries, etc. , you can understand the keywords that users often use when searching. By always keeping an eye on changes and trends, you will be able to take the best measures at that time.

Increase your ad bid

Increasing your ad bids will improve your lost impression rate (budget). A bid is the maximum amount an advertiser will pay for one click on an ad . The higher your maximum bid, the more likely your ad will show .

For example, if a competitor’s bid is 100 yen and your company’s bid is 150 yen, your company can acquire the right to distribute ads for 101 yen. The bid amount is only the upper limit of the bid amount , and the amount you set is not necessarily charged.

Of course, you don’t have to force yourself to raise your bids , but it’s important to reconsider your bids in order to get more impressions. By increasing your bids, it ‘s quite possible that your ad will be shown more often.

improve ad quality

The search ranking of search ads is determined based on the ad rank. Ad Rank is the index that determines the position of search ads and whether or not they are displayed.

Ad Rank is calculated from factors such as ad quality and maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids . Therefore, increasing the quality of your ads will increase your ad rank, which will lead to an improvement in your lost impression rate (rank).

In order to improve the quality of your ad , optimize your ad text by including keywords that users are likely to search for in your ad text and title . It is also important to do LP optimization. Keep it mobile-first and make it look comfortable on your smartphone.

Narrowly target your ads

By narrowing down the target, you can expect an improvement in the impression loss rate (budget). In order to narrow down the target of the advertisement , let’s review the delivery region setting and delivery destination device .

It is important to check whether ads are being delivered to useless places and to set the target so that it can be delivered. Let’s check once again whether the distribution area is in your company’s trade area .

Also, check the delivery schedule, such as the days of the week and time slots for ad delivery. You can narrow down the target by delivering only on the time and day of the week that you really need, such as “Do you need delivery on Saturdays and Sundays?”

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Frequently asked questions about impression share

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about impression share . If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the following.

What is your impression share?

Impression share should aim for 100%, but it is quite difficult to keep 100% all the time. However, the higher the number , the more ads are displayed, so try to aim for the highest possible number.

As a guideline, it is recommended to keep it at 80-90% or more . If it is 80-90% or more, it can be said that it is a good number, so it means that the advertisement is being displayed without waste. If it’s below 60-70%, you’ll need to improve.

How can I check my impression share?

If you want to check the impression share on Google , enable the ” Impression share ” display item on the ad group or keyword page . Once enabled, you will be able to see impression share data for specific ad groups and keywords.

On Yahoo!, click the ” Display ” tab on the ad management screen and select ” Edit display items “. After that, select the impression share display item from “Additional items” and add it to view. Both can be easily checked from the management screen, so be sure to check them frequently.

What is Top Impression Share?

Impression share includes impression share for search ads , display ads , and shopping ads , but here we will explain the impression share for search ads .

There are three types of impression share for search ads : ❶ Impression share for search ads ( all ) ❷ Impression share at the top of the page for search ads ( top ) ❸ Impression share for exact match search ads

The top impression share is a value that indicates whether there is a possibility that the ad will be displayed at the top or top of the search results page in ❷ .

Even with the same number of impressions, ads at the top of the first page tend to have higher CTR and subsequent CVR . Conversely, from the second page onwards, the click-through rate and subsequent CVR are considerably lower.

Relationship between search ranking and CTR when listing ads are inserted into search results.png

In the case of search ads , the actual click-through rate differs greatly between the top or top of the search results and other areas , so it is better to look at the top (upper) impression share instead of just the overall impression share .

Aim to maximize the effect by increasing the impression share

Impression share is one of the most important indicators of advertising effectiveness . You can easily check it from the management screen of the advertisement , so let’s improve while always understanding.

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