What is Jimdo SEO? Introducing countermeasure points and setting methods

Website creation services are used in various scenes because anyone can use them easily. I feel attractive because there are many merits such as high design, but some people may be worried that they are weak in SEO . Therefore, this time , we focused on the SEO of Jimdo, which is provided by KDDI Web Communications, which is one of the most popular website creation services .

This article will give you an idea of ​​how well Jimdo works for SEO and how to set it up. If you are considering using Jimdo, please refer to it.

What is Jimdo?

Jimdo is a website creation service that allows people without specialized knowledge to easily build websites . With over 1.7 million users and 25 million sites using Jimdo. It can be said that it is a service with a particularly high degree of recognition among website creation services.

Basic knowledge

Jimdo is a service that meets the needs of a variety of users, with plans ranging from free plans to paid plans that allow for more advanced website management. In addition to being able to create beautiful websites , it is also attractive that even engineers can customize the code. A mobile-optimized homepage will be effective for both user-friendliness and SEO . In addition to being used for corporate sites and service introduction sites, it is also popular for its excellent cost performance, such as the ability to easily set up an online shop.

We have plans for SEO

There is a plan called “AI Builder” that builds a website smoothly with AI, and a plan called “Jimdo Creator” that creates a site to your liking. “Jimdo Creator” has a plan called ” SEO PLUS”, which allows you to use a full-fledged SEO add-on that is strong in obtaining high search rankings. It costs 4,110 yen per month, but it provides a foundation to work on SEO in earnest. “PLATINUM”, which is higher than ” SEO PLUS” , is also a setting that allows you to use the SEO add-on. “AI Builder” can also perform advanced SEO if it is a plan of “START” or higher .

Is Jimdo bad for SEO?

Since it is a website creation service that can be used for free , some people may be wondering if Jimdo is weak in SEO .

SEO measures are ready

Even with the free version of Jimdo, SEO measures such as titles , meta descriptions, and alternative texts (alt attributes) for images are possible. If you have a paid plan, you can do advanced SEO measures as mentioned above . In addition to using your own domain , detailed settings such as meta description settings for each page are possible. Therefore, if you want to focus on SEO , it is better to choose a paid plan from the beginning. If you can use a paid plan, you can do more things, such as setting meta descriptions for each page .

I can’t say I have a lot of freedom.

Free plans for website creation services such as Jimdo allow you to easily create a website , but are harder to customize than WordPress . Therefore, there is a disadvantage that it is difficult to set detailed SEO . If you are a beginner and don’t know how to set up WordPress , Jimdo is convenient, but if you can understand how to operate it, it is more convenient to use WordPress with your own domain . prize. I think the biggest hiring point of Jimdo is that you can quickly and easily set up a site without IT skills.

You can use the blog function

Jimdo has a function to create a blog, so you can also do keyword measures for each article and layer high-quality content . If you think about SEO, the free plan is difficult to choose, but the fact that you can use this blog function can be said to be an advantage.

Jimdo SEO Tips

Well, here are some points that will be important for Jimdo SEO measures. If you use Jimdo, be sure to keep this in mind.

The minimum necessary measures can be taken, so be sure to implement them

Even on the free plan, be sure to take measures for titles , meta descriptions, and alternative texts for alt attributes. This is the bare minimum, but it can be an advantage if competing sites don’t take care of it. Making sure you can do it is an important part of any SEO strategy , not just Jimdo .

Covers operations without relying on platforms

Jimdo’s SEO settings alone are not sufficient SEO measures. The important thing is to create high-quality content that is evaluated by Google . You must include content that contains enough information that users want . It’s also important to understand the keywords your users search for and use them in your content creation. For that reason , you will need to use Google Analytics to analyze user reactions and needs. Linking with Google Analytics is easy with a paid plan, but you can also use the free plan of Jimdo Creator by pasting tags yourself.

Select a plan by looking at the competitive environment and the purpose of the site

SEO needs to be evaluated by search engines more than competing sites for search keywords that aim for the top . In other words , it’s important that your competitor’s website is stronger in SEO than yours . If you’re looking at sites that rank high in search results and are serious about SEO , Jimdo’s free plan may be tough to compete with. Also, if there is a risk that competitors will enter in the future, it would be a good idea to select a paid plan from the point of view that SEO measures should be taken as much as possible.

How to set up SEO for Jimdo

Here is a detailed guide on how to set up SEO for Jimdo . This is the bare minimum you should do with the free plan. If you are wondering whether to use a paid service and want to start with a free one, be sure to do the following.

Setting the title and meta description

Jimdo’s free plan allows you to set a site-wide title and page description (meta description). The title plays a very important role in SEO , so make it simple by including the keywords you want to take measures against. A meta description is a summary of your site. A clear description is required so that the user clicks. You can display the setting column by selecting ” SEO ” from the “Performance” menu .

heading settings

You can emphasize important keywords in your content by setting headings in the body of the page . Arrange the middle headings under the main headings, and the subheadings under them. When adding content , you can select “Large, Medium, Small” by selecting “Heading”.

alt attribute

The alt attribute is the alternative text to tell search engines what the image is showing , so be sure to set it. Search engines can’t understand the content of the image, so you have to set it up with alt text to convey the information. When setting the image, you can set it from “Caption and alt text “.

Choose a plan based on the SEO required for your website

Jimdo is a very good service in that it allows you to easily set up a website, but you should consider the usage plan when placing importance on SEO . If you are competing with highly competitive and SEO -focused sites, you may not only have a paid plan, but you may also choose not to use Jimdo in the first place. If you use Jimdo, you should at least do the SEO settings I picked up this time and focus on creating high-quality content . Jimdo and other website creation services are important to determine the scene where you can take advantage of their excellent performance.

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