What is Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Portal)? Explains functions, features, and how to use them

Looker Studio ( former Google Data Portal ) provided by Google is convenient when you want to combine multiple data into one or share analysis data with other departments . It can be used only with a Google account , so if you are using Google services, you can start using it immediately.

In this article, we will explain in detail the functions and features of Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Portal) , how to use it , and examples of data linkage .

Table of contents

  1. What is Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Portal)?
  2. Features of Looker Studio
  3. Features of Looker Studio
  4. How to use Looker Studio
  5. Linking Looker Studio and Google Analytics 4 is convenient
  6. Examples of how Looker Studio is used
  7. Streamline data analysis and sharing with Looker Studio

What is Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Portal)?

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Portal) is a tool that makes it easy to integrate, visualize, and share multiple data.

It used to be called Google Data Portal, but from October 11, 2022 , it will be called Looker Studio due to its integration with Looker. Looker and Looker Studio , paid BI tools provided by Google , are separate tools.

Features of Looker Studio

Looker Studio is a one-stop shop for everything from data visualization to data linkage. Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Data visualization

Looker Studio has features that allow you to visualize many types of data. Intuitive drag-and-drop and simple operations let you visualize data in a wide variety of formats , including bar charts, pie charts, area charts, bubble charts, and pivot tables.

It is also possible to visualize more pinpoint data by setting the period and filtering viewers. Furthermore, by inserting links and images, setting colors, etc., you can create data that is easier to see.

Data linkage with various services

Looker Studio can be linked with a wide range of services without programming.

For example, in addition to Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Sheets, you can also link with Facebook Ads , TikTok Ads , Twitter Ads , Slack , and YouTube .

Share data and reports

The data and reports you create can be used by yourself or shared with your team. For example, if you send the URL of the editing page by e-mail, you can share it quickly. You can also grant viewing and editing privileges to specific users for limited visibility .

Features of Looker Studio

When considering using Looker Studio, it is important to understand the features and benefits. Compare other BI tools with the following points to decide if you should use it.

Available for free

Looker Studio is free to use despite its great features . There are a variety of BI tools available, most of which are expensive and cost-effectiveness must be weighed carefully.

On the other hand, Looker Studio can be used for free with a Google account , so it will be easier to pass internal approval. In addition, it is safe because it has excellent security .

High degree of freedom in visualization

Looker Studio is designed to be easy to use, even for users with no knowledge of data visualization. You can also make fine adjustments , such as sorting and filtering data, changing metrics, and specifying date ranges .

There are many services that can be linked

Looker Studio can work with various Google services as well as third-party services . Normally, service linkage cannot be realized without mutual permission and integration of connectors. However , Google can work with a wealth of third-party services, perhaps because of its name value.

As of June 26, 2023, there are 23 types of Google services that can be linked, and 813 types of third-party services, for a total of 836 types (*) of services .

Representative examples of services that can be linked are as follows.

  • Google Analytics
  •  Google Ads
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • google search console
  • Google Ad Manager
  • YouTube analytics
  • MySQL
  • Facebook ads
  • TikTok ads
  • Shopify
  • PayPal
  • Slack etc.

It is expected that the number of services that can be linked will increase in the future, so please check it from time to time even if you are using a minor service.

*Check on Looker Studio “Add to data report” screen

template available

One of the challenges when using BI tools is the difficulty in deciding how to visualize the data. Looker Studio provides a wide variety of templates, so even those who have no experience in visualizing or editing data can easily create high-quality data materials .

Templates are available for tools that are presumed to have many users, such as Google Analytics , Google Spreadsheets, and BigQuery.

How to use Looker Studio

Looker Studio is easy to use even if you are not familiar with IT tools. We will explain how to use it in detail, from logging in to sharing data.

1. Login

To use Looker Studio, you need to log in to your Google account . You can create a Google account for free. When you access Looker Studio after logging in , the above screen will appear.

2. Data source selection

Once you’re in Looker Studio, click Blank Report .

3. Data connection


Switch to the above screen. Click the service you want to link with .

Depending on the service you selected, the screen will differ, but click ” Accept ” or ” Next “.

4. Create and share reports

Use functions such as ” Add Data “, ” Add Chart “, and ” Add Control ” to visualize any data. It is also possible to collect multiple data on one page . Choosing the type of graph according to the type of data will further increase the visibility.

Linking Looker Studio and Google Analytics 4 is convenient

We recommend using Looker Studio in conjunction with GA4. Visualize GA4 data with bar charts, pie charts, pivot tables, world maps, etc.

Normally, one data is viewed on one page , but with Looker Studio , you can also organize multiple data on one page for easy viewing.

Understand the basics of GA4! From what you need to know to how to install

We will explain in detail from the basics of GA4 to the introduction method.

Examples of how Looker Studio is used

There are so many services that can be linked with Looker Studio, so it may be difficult for some people to imagine how to use it. Here are three examples of how Looker Studio can be used.

Display data from multiple tools on one screen

With Looker Studio, you can view data from multiple tools on one page . For example, by combining data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, it is possible to check the correlation between search ranking and number of sessions .

Google Ads Reporting

Visualizing Google Ads data in Looker Studio makes it easy to create advertising reports . In advertising operations, we are often asked to share the latest analysis data, so we recommend using a tool like Looker Studio that allows you to easily visualize and share data.

Visualize Google Search Console data

By linking with Google Search Console, you can analyze search queries. Rather than checking the search query with only letters, it will be easier to understand in a short time by visualizing the number of inflows to the page and the click rate as a graph.

By displaying all the data you want to see on one page , you can streamline your analysis work .

Streamline data analysis and sharing with Looker Studio

By using Looker Studio, you can combine visualized data into one and insert images and links to make it easier to see. Since it can be linked with over 800 services, it is useful for visualizing a wide variety of data .

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