What is Microsoft advertising? A thorough explanation of the features, benefits, and reasons why it is compatible with BtoB companies

Microsoft advertising is an advertising service that can be delivered on the search engine Bing provided by Microsoft , the browser Microsoft Edge, and their partner sites.

However, many people are not sure about the specific differences between Microsoft ads and other ads , how to use them, and whether they really produce results.

Therefore, in addition to the features and benefits of Microsoft advertising , we will explain why it is compatible with BtoB companies.

Table of contents

  1. What is Microsoft advertising?
  2. Features of Microsoft Ads
  3. Benefits of Microsoft Ads
  4. Microsoft Ad Delivery Surfaces and Ad Formats
  5. Patterns that should be worked on in the operation of Microsoft advertising
  6. Why Microsoft Ads Work Well with BtoB Companies
  7. BtoB companies should consider using Microsoft advertising

What is Microsoft advertising?

Microsoft ads were introduced in Japan in May 2022. This advertising platform can display ads on the search engine Bing , the browser Microsoft Edge , and Microsoft’s partner sites .

Features of Microsoft Ads

The features of Microsoft ads are as follows.

  • Advertisements can be delivered to Bing, which is rapidly expanding its market share
  • Easy to use with Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Has its own ad space and ad display options

I will explain each one.

Advertisements can be delivered to Bing, which is rapidly expanding its market share

With Microsoft Ads , you can deliver ads to Bing, which is rapidly expanding its market share . Microsoft’s web browser “Microsoft Edge” (hereafter Edge) is said to be installed on 74 million terminals, and the same is true for the search engine “Microsoft Bing” (hereafter Bing ) .

Bing’s market share was around 10% in 2021, but it has increased to about 17% in less than a year , and is expected to continue to grow in the future.

In addition , Bing’s ad space is currently displayed through both Yahoo!

Easy to use with Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Businesses already using Google Ads or Facebook Ads can import ad campaigns with the push of a button . The main settings such as region and device settings, distribution schedule, and automatic bidding are the same, so it is easy to use them together.

Immediately after the start, import existing advertising materials and customize them according to the characteristics of each medium. By making adjustments in line with audience trends and search trends, more effective advertising operations become possible.

Has its own ad space and ad display options

Microsoft and Yahoo! have partnered to allow Yahoo! Ads to serve ads to Bing search results pages . But there are also unique inventory and extensions that are only found in Microsoft ads .

Shopping inventory within Bing


Microsoft Ads Shopping Ads can provide product information directly by displaying product images, names, prices, etc. on the right side of the search results page .

Shopping ads are also present in the menu of Google Ads , but due to their high visibility, they are attracting attention as being able to attract clicks with high purchasing intent .

Ad options unique to Microsoft Ads

As of June 2022, there are three advertising options that are exclusive to Microsoft ads :

➊ Call to Action (CTA) display options

You can add click buttons to your text ads to place an order, book a hotel, send a message, and more.

➋ Filter link display options


Display multiple categories of products and features directly in your listings with links . Up to 10 links can be set per category.

➌ Video display options
Microsoft ad video display option.png


A thumbnail image of the video can be displayed next to the listing ad . When the user clicks on the thumbnail image, the movie will play in full screen.

Benefits of Microsoft Ads

The benefits of Microsoft advertising are:

Capturing Workday Consumers

Leverage Microsoft Ads to engage Workday consumers.

Workday consumers are people who search for and purchase products and services, or perform private errands while at work, and their numbers are increasing after the COVID-19 crisis.

A survey conducted by Microsoft found that 64% of consumers say they use their work PC more often than before the pandemic, and 61% use work tools in their personal lives .

We also know that 51% of people search for products during working hours and 37% make purchases during work hours. Bing is the default search engine for Edge, which is standard in Windows products , so it tends to be used especially from PCs .

Furthermore, as mentioned above, Bing’s market share is expanding rapidly. Microsoft vice president Mehdi announced on Twitter that in February 2023, Bing will have over 100 million daily active users, with new users accounting for about a third of the total Also, from May 2023, the new Bing equipped with AI will be open to the public, and the number of users is expected to increase further.

For this reason, using Microsoft advertising is an effective way to reach Workday consumers .

Leverage Microsoft’s first-party data

Microsoft ads can leverage first-party data (*1) owned by Microsoft.

Currently, regulations on third-party cookies (*2) are progressing in the Internet advertising industry, and among major browsers, only Google Chrome supports third-party cookies. However, Google has also announced that it will be phased out by 2024.

Microsoft collects and accumulates first-party data through its own products, such as Edge and Microsoft 365, so it can deliver personalized ads in the future.

*1: Customer data collected and held by the company itself *2: Cookies issued by a domain different from
the accessed website

Low cost-per-click (CPC)

There are two reasons why the CPC of Microsoft ads is cheap.

  • Few companies entered
  • More high-quality leads that are more likely to convert to purchases

Microsoft advertising just launched in May 2022, an environment with few entrants .

Furthermore, one of the characteristics of the Japanese audience is that there are many users aged 16-24 and over 45. In particular, users aged 45 and over have high purchasing power, so if they find a product or service that interests them, they tend to make a purchase even during working hours.

These factors give you the potential to get more ad impressions and quality leads for the same budget as Google Ads , resulting in a lower CPC.

Microsoft Ad Delivery Surfaces and Ad Formats

Here ‘s a look at the delivery aspects of Microsoft ads and ad formats.

Type of distribution surface

The types of distribution are as follows.

● Sites included in the Microsoft Audience Network

  • Bing
  • Edge (start page )
  • Outlook (top of inbox)
  • MSN

● Microsoft partner site

  • Yahoo!
  • AOL

Overseas, it will also be distributed to Fox Business and CBS Sports.

Ad format type

Ad format types are:

  • app install ads
  • dynamic search ads
  • Microsoft Audience Ads
  • multimedia advertising
  • shopping ads
  • responsive search ads
  • vertical advertising

As of June 2023, Microsoft Ads in Bing Smart Search is only available in the US, UK and Canada. Not yet available in Japan.

Patterns that should be worked on in the operation of Microsoft advertising

Here are three patterns that you should work on with Microsoft advertising .

When Lead Acquisition Does Not Lead to Contracts or Orders

When leads aren’t closing deals or winning deals, consider Microsoft Ads .

Even if there are no problems with the number of CVs or CPA, if it does not lead to actual contracts, the essential problem will not be solved.

By starting to run Microsoft ads , you will be able to validate your high-quality prospects .

When the CPC of Google Ads or Yahoo! Ads is high

When the CPC of Google Ads and Yahoo! Ads is high, consider Microsoft Ads as an option.

Google ‘s market share in Japan remains high, with Google Ads dominating the market. But the other side of the coin is that the rest are on different platforms.

If your company’s user base matches Microsoft ads , you may be able to optimize the performance of your ad operations by allocating your budget .

When your site visitors are using Bing or Edge

Consider running Microsoft Ads when your site’s traffic sources include Bing and Edge .

The number of visitors may be smaller than Google or Yahoo!, but in the case of products and services that focus on specific user groups , there are cases where Microsoft ads have higher conversion rates and purchase prices .

Incorporate Microsoft Ads as part of your strategy and use access data to verify ad effectiveness.

Why Microsoft Ads Work Well with BtoB Companies

Microsoft advertising is said to be particularly compatible with BtoB companies. The reason is as follows.

Some companies specify Edge as their browser

Some companies that emphasize security use Edge as the browser on their company computers and Bing as the search engine . In addition, there are many cases where the installation of applications is restricted and Edge and Bing are used with the default settings .

If business users in such an environment are included in the target, it is possible to increase the reach by using Microsoft ads together.

You can reach different layers than Google and Yahoo!

Microsoft products are commonly used by many companies and are particularly strong among business users and workday consumers.

Furthermore, in Japan, we plan to implement a targeting function by linking data with LinkedIn in the near future. This feature has already been implemented in the US.

Like Microsoft, most of the first-party data owned by LinkedIn is used within corporations, so it can be said to be of great value to BtoB companies.

By using Microsoft Ads , Google Ads , and Yahoo!

BtoB companies should consider using Microsoft advertising

Microsoft advertising is still a new service, and there are relatively few companies entering the market. Therefore, advertising operation with high cost performance is possible.

In addition, Microsoft is planning to implement new features and updates, and considering the growth of Bing’s market share , it can be said that it is a notable advertising platform for BtoB companies.

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