What is PHP? Summary of features and what you can do!

PHP is a programming language that is often used to create websites and web applications. Being able to use PHP will greatly help you to create your own web applications and work in the web industry.

If you’re interested in the web industry, you’ve probably heard the name PHP at least once. In this article, I will introduce the overview of PHP, its features, what it can do, and where you can learn PHP.

Table of contents

  1. What is PHP?
  2. Features of PHP
  3. What you can do with PHP
  4. Is PHP a “good language to learn”?
  5. Where can I learn PHP?
  6. Summary: PHP is a Web Development Choice

What is PHP?

PHP first appeared in September 1995. Developed by Rasmus Lerdorf and provided as open source. In its early days, PHP was not a programming language like it is today, but rather a scripting language, like Javascript, for embedding code in html and adding dynamic functionality to web pages.

It was around 1998 when the PHP development team was established and PHP came to have functions as a programming language, and it was only in 2004 that the functions of object-oriented programming were added.

Unlike other languages, PHP can be said to have started out as a scripting language for web development, but gradually evolved into the programming language it is today with the addition of major features.

Features of PHP

Feature 1. Dynamically typed language

PHP is a programming language classified as a “dynamically typed language”.

Programming builds a program while creating a box called a variable to store data, but it is necessary to decide what kind of data to store in the variable. A dynamically typed language is a type language that doesn’t have to decide what kind of data it is.

In other words, once you create a variable, you can put any kind of data into it, which has the advantage of flexible programming.

On the other hand, as the amount of code increases, there is also a disadvantage that it becomes difficult to understand what data is stored in which variable. The same dynamic type language family includes Python and Ruby.

Feature 2. Strong on the Web anyway

PHP was originally developed to add movement to web pages, so it has evolved into a programming language that specializes in web development.

Therefore, it is a language that is often adopted when thinking about creating websites and web applications (I usually use PHP for web development at my current workplace).

Feature 3. Rich web framework

A web framework is a group of tools that group together frequently used functions when developing web applications to facilitate development efficiency and later modifications.

PHP has web frameworks such as:

  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • CodeInteger
  • FuelPHP

Each framework has its own strengths, but the one that deserves special mention is Laravel. Laravel is a framework that appeared in 2011, but it has received the highest rating among PHP frameworks on GitHub due to its overwhelming ease of understanding and evaluation that even beginners can write code neatly. I’ve used it for a while myself, and found it to be more coherent and easier to understand than other frameworks.

We recommend using Laravel for web application development.

What you can do with PHP

What you can do 1. Create an EC site

You can also create your own EC site using PHP. The login function, product browsing page, shopping cart, automatic calculation of the total amount of products in the cart, and payment can all be created using PHP.

What you can do 2. Create SNS

SNS sites such as Facebook and Twitter can also be developed with PHP.

Specifically, all functions necessary for SNS such as chat function, user registration/update / deletion function, timeline, notification function, etc. can be created with PHP.

What you can do 3. You can customize WordPress

WordPress is a tool that can be easily created and managed by people who do not know how to create a website or blog. As of 2020, it is said that about 40% of all websites are created with WordPress.

WordPress can be customized to some extent as it is, but if you know PHP, you will be able to do more advanced customization and create the website you want.

If you want to use WordPress for web development, you should learn how to use PHP.

Is PHP a “good language to learn”?

In conclusion, it is worth learning if you want to develop websites and web applications.
PHP is specialized for web development, so it is not suitable for developing smartphone apps or desktop apps.

On the other hand, when it comes to web application development, there are abundant and easy-to-use web frameworks, so there is no problem with web development. If I had to say, I would say that if you want to incorporate AI into your development, you should also mix Python. You’ll also need to learn PHP if you want to customize WordPress in a more advanced way.

Where can I learn PHP?

Finally, I will introduce an online learning site where you can learn PHP.

dot install

If you want to learn to program, dot install is a famous online learning site. You can learn the basics of PHP, how to use the Laravel framework, how to work with databases, etc. in one 3-minute video.

In addition to PHP, you can also learn other languages ​​necessary for web development such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript with dot install, so we recommend starting with dot install if you are new to web development.


Progate is a site where you can learn while actually programming with a dedicated editor. One of the features of this course is that it is very easy for beginners to learn, as it is not a video or text, but rather slides that keep the main points firmly in mind.

In addition to PHP, you can also learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so it is recommended for web development beginners.

paid learning

Paiza Learning is recommended for those who want to learn not only the basics of PHP, but also web technology in the first place, and web security.

Skill check questions from D to S rank are also substantial, and you can check your programming skills because you can work on problems with PHP. You can also learn how to use the Laravel framework at paiza learning, so it is recommended for those who want to do more solid web development.

Summary: PHP is a Web Development Choice

After reading this article, did you understand that PHP is a very important programming language for web development?

When developing websites and web applications, it will always be one of the options, so let’s master how to use it.

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