What is Ruby? Explains everything from language features to learning methods!

uby is one of the most popular programming languages.

  • What kind of language is “Ruby”?
  • Why is “Ruby” so popular?
  • How do you study “Ruby”?

This article will answer these and other questions. After reading this article, you should know what Ruby is, what makes it popular, and how to learn it. If you want to learn Ruby and use it in your work, please read to the end.

What is Ruby? Explains everything from language features to learning methods! 01

Table of contents

  1. What is programming language Ruby?
  2. Features of Ruby
  3. How to learn Ruby
  4. Official site “Object-oriented scripting language Ruby”
  5. Progate
  6. dot install
  7. summary

What is the programming language, Ruby?

What is Ruby? Explains everything from language features to learning methods! 02

Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. The name comes from the ruby, a red gemstone. This is said to be derived from the fact that a colleague of the developer, Mr. Matsumoto, was born in July and his birthstone was ruby.

Ruby, Japan’s first programming language, has more explanation sites and references in Japanese than other programming languages. In programming languages ​​originating from overseas, it was necessary to read pages and books written in English while translating them. Ruby is a programming language that is very easy for Japanese people to learn because it is easy to obtain good information in Japanese.

Ruby is mostly used for web application development. Typical examples include CookPad, Wantedly, Tabelog, and TOPSIC .

Features of Ruby

I would like to introduce three major features of Ruby.

  • scripting language
  • Object-orientation
  • Framework “Ruby on Rails”

scripting language

Ruby is a scripting language. A scripting language is a language in which source code written by humans is translated into machine instructions one by one. On the other hand, compiler languages ​​such as C and Java are languages ​​that require compilation (converting human-written source code into machine instructions) in order to execute a program.

The script language does not require a procedure such as compilation, and the source code is immediately executed line by line. Therefore, it is characterized by easy confirmation and correction of the created program.

Ruby is a scripting language, which makes programming easier than a compiler language.

object oriented

Ruby is also an object-oriented language.
Object-orientation is the idea that all data is represented as an object and data and methods are handled together. This makes it possible to simplify the unit of processing.

Object-oriented languages ​​have the following three characteristics.

  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • polymorphism

Encapsulation is a mechanism for handling data and the functions that operate on that data together. The contents are hidden to prevent interference from other programs as much as possible. This reduces the impact of changes in other programs and improves development efficiency.

Inheritance is the idea of ​​reusing existing functionality as it is to improve code reusability and extensibility. For example, suppose you create a large number of programs that contain similar functionality. If the function needs to be modified or changed, all programs will need to be modified or changed in the same way. Reusing the same functionality through inheritance means fewer changes.

Polymorphism allows you to create features with the same name and they can exist independently.

Ruby is also an object-oriented language, so you can use its features as they are. All data can be expressed as objects, so you can write programs that are easy to read with a small amount of code.

Framework “Ruby on Rails”

Ruby has a framework called “Ruby on Rails”. A framework is a template. The development time can be greatly reduced because it can be used in a certain form.

Without frameworks, developers would have to program everything from scratch. When creating a web application, there are many processes that must be written each time. All of them require programming, which increases the development cost.

Using a framework provides such general-purpose processing from the beginning, so developers can concentrate on development without being aware of it.

Developers can create applications at high speed using this Ruby on Rails. Ruby is adopted by many companies that are trying to reduce development costs. When learning Ruby, it is recommended to learn Ruby on Rails as well.

How to learn Ruby

What is Ruby? Explains everything from language features to learning methods! 03

Ruby is an easy language for beginners to learn compared to other languages ​​because there are plenty of explanation sites and references in Japanese. Let’s take a look at some information that will help you in your studies.

Official site “Object-oriented scripting language Ruby”

This is the official site where you can get all kinds of information about Ruby. The Ruby interpreter, source code downloads, and reference manuals are available here. There are tutorials for beginners and those for learners of other languages, making it an easy-to-learn site. You can also get the latest information from here, so check it daily.


Progate is an online programming learning service where you can learn programming with videos. If you are a free member, you can learn the basics, and if you are a paid member of 980 yen per month, you can learn from the basics to practice. A smartphone app version is also available, so you can easily learn at any time.

dot install

Dot Install is also a programming learning service where you can learn programming with videos like Progate. One video is created in a short time of about 3 minutes, so it is very convenient to learn easily even in a little gap time. If you register (free), you can learn “Introduction to Ruby” and “Introduction to Ruby on Rails 5”, so it’s a good idea to check them.


So far, I have introduced the Ruby programming language. How was it? Ruby has the following features and is a popular language as programming language.

  • scripting language
  • Object-orientation
  • Framework “Ruby on Rails”

Ruby is also an easy-to-learn language because there are plenty of Japanese explanation sites and references. Why don’t you take this opportunity to learn the programming language “Ruby”?

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