What is SugarCRM? Introduce the merits and basic functions of introduction, suitable companies

Due to the spread of remote work due to the corona crisis, there is a demand for seamless work styles that are not bound by location or time. The utilization of IT tools is indispensable for companies to continue to grow in the future. CRM tools will be an effective means for customer management, which requires diligent management .

“Sugar CRM ” is popular all over the world and is adopted by many companies . An on-premises free version is also available, and although the functions are limited compared to the paid version, it is possible to use it for free if the company has engineers.

In this article, we will introduce companies that are suitable for Sugar CRM , along with the benefits and basic functions of introducing Sugar CRM . If you’re looking for a CRM tool, I highly recommend checking it out.

What is SugarCRM?

Sugar CRM is customer management ( CRM ) software provided by Sugar CRM in the United States .

CRM is a management method that focuses on the customer and maximizes business profits . You will be able to deepen your understanding of your customers with the sales support system and prospective customer management system, and make an approach that suits them.

Benefits of Implementing SugarCRM

Now, let’s take a concrete look at the advantages of introducing Sugar CRM , based on the strengths of Sugar CRM .

Better understand your customers

As with all CRM tools, implementing Sugar CRM makes it easier to understand your customers better. Since it will be possible to manage basic information, purchase history, response history, etc. for each customer , it will be possible to deepen individual understanding and grasp trends of customers as a whole. The more you understand, the more accurate your sales and marketing will be.

increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an essential factor for business growth. By deepening your understanding of your customers with Sugar CRM , you will be able to make proposals and support that are suitable for them , which will lead to increased customer satisfaction. Improving customer satisfaction will not only attract new customers, but will also contribute to the repeat promotion of existing customers.

Streamline your CRM

Sugar CRM has a lot of CRM functions, so you can greatly streamline your CRM operations. In addition to sales management, marketing management, product management, and project management, all operations such as analysis, reporting, and customer support can be performed using Sugar CRM , so operations can be performed with minimal manpower. It is also attractive that there are plenty of paid extension modules.

Open source and free version available

Sugar CRM offers a free open source version as well as a paid version. As the name suggests, open source means that the source code is open to the public, but in the case of Sugar CRM , part of it is released to the community as a free version. Recommended for those who want to introduce a CRM tool while keeping costs down .

easy to customize

Sugar CRM is fully developed and customizable by end users in their browser. In addition, since it is open source , you can also modify Sugar CRM by requesting a specialized company .

Basic features of SugarCRM

From here, we will explain the basic functions of Sugar CRM , which is used by many companies in over 40 countries around the world .

Sales and project management

By using Sugar CRM for sales and project management, which is easy to personalize, information can be shared among internal members in real time, making work more efficient.

Business negotiations, contracts, activity management, etc. can be performed, and a daily business report can be created. Sales activities can be checked on the dashboard, and the high level of convenience is also attractive.

Schedule management

Sugar CRM has a schedule management function that allows you to share schedules between company members. You can immediately see who is doing what and when, and you can also manage tasks and set up meetings on Sugar CRM .

Customer management/support

From marketing campaigns to client inquiries, all customer management can be done in Sugar CRM . With centralized management, you’ll be able to serve different types of customers smoothly.

There are also functions such as a bug tracker that solves problems within the group and self-service that allows customers to check problems themselves on a dedicated portal, which is effective in improving customer satisfaction.

Customer and sales performance analysis

By analyzing customers and sales results with Sugar CRM , which is also an excellent marketing management tool, marketing and sales can be integrated. Multiple departments will be able to work together and optimize their approach to customers.


Sugar CRM can manage document classification and storage, and can be linked with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel, so it can also be used as groupware. However, cooperation with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel is only for paid versions.

System management function

There are also functions such as authority management that sets access authority according to job title, workflow that automatically sets the next operation, and tracking that grasps system change history and activity status, making system management more efficient. . However, the free version only includes tracking, and other features are available only in the paid version.

Companies SugarCRM Recommends

What kind of business is Sugar CRM for? Here are the characteristics of companies that are good candidates for implementing Sugar CRM .

Companies with complex business flows

Depending on the industry or type of business, the workflow may be so complicated that it cannot be handled with just the standard functions of CRM . For companies that need to customize their systems for complex operations , Sugar CRM offers source code to users . Since it is possible to link with existing systems, it is also possible to partially utilize Sugar CRM to improve operational efficiency.

However, although there are simple customizations such as adding page items, it is necessary to be aware that complex customizations require engineers with specialized knowledge to handle them.

Companies with their own engineers

When using the open source free version (on-premise type) of Sugar CRM , it is desirable to have an in-house engineer who has server knowledge and can speak English in order to operate smoothly .

If the company has in-house engineers with sufficient skills and English proficiency, first introduce the free version of Sugar CRM and check the usability, and then consider the paid version if necessary, or use other companies’ software. It would be a good idea to compare it with a CRM tool.

SugarCRM is a CRM ally

As introduced, Sugar CRM comes with basic functions as standard, and since it is open source, it has the advantage of being customizable. Because it is a world standard system, it is also suitable for companies that are expanding globally.

There are various CRM tools out there, so if you can compare and consider the features of Sugar CRM and build an operation flow that suits your company, why not try the free version first?

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