What is the difference between the Zoom free plan and the paid plan? Explain the characteristics and contract/cancellation methods for each

According to the results of a survey conducted in April 2020 by Persol Research Institute, Inc., 27.9% of companies nationwide are implementing remote work.
In the previous month’s March survey, the result was 13.2%, and the number of companies that have introduced it has doubled in just one month.

A web conferencing tool essential for remote work. Among them, ” Zoom “ is attracting attention .
Zoom has a free plan and a paid plan.
As you can see when you actually use it, the free plan has a lot of features. How much functionality does the paid version extend?

This time, we will introduce the features, functions, advantages and disadvantages of the free plan and three types of paid plans.
In addition, we will introduce the procedures for contracting and canceling paid plans, and the differences between direct contracts and agency contracts , so please refer to it especially if you are considering a paid Zoom plan.


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Overview of Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular web conferencing tools these days.
The service started in 2013, and in April 2020, the number of conference participants per day exceeded 300 million, and it is used around the world mainly in the business scene. You can say it’s a tool.
Source: Please refer to the following article for details on the functionality of strainer Zoom. What is Zoom? Explanation of basic usage, convenient functions, and benefits of introduction Zoom is an attractive tool that can be used easily even if you are not familiar with IT, such as web conference guests can participate without logging in, and there are many free plans. function is available. Of course, a paid plan is also available, and you will be able to use convenient functions that accelerate your business.

The difference between Zoom’s free and paid plans

Difference between Zoom free plan and paid plan
What are the differences in the features provided by Zoom’s free and paid plans?

Free plan features

The two main features are:

  1.  Unlimited time for 2 participants
  2.  Recorded meeting data can be saved on your own computer

Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

If there are 2 participants, it can be used with no time limit
In a one-on-one meeting, you can hold a meeting without worrying about time .
If the number of participants is 3 or more, the meeting time is limited to 40 minutes, and the meeting will be forcibly terminated when the time limit is reached.

Recorded meeting data can be saved on your own computer
Even with the free version, you can record the content of the meeting and save the data . It will help you look back on business negotiations with clients and create minutes.
In the free version, only the local recording function is available, so the save destination is saved on your computer.

Paid plan features

There are three paid plans:
The main features of the paid plan are the following three points.

  1.  Multiple people can hold meetings with almost no time limit
  2.  Cloud recording possible
  3.  With voting function

Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Meetings with multiple people are possible with almost no time limit
Unlike the free plan, 3 or more people can hold meetings continuously for up to 24 hours .
It is possible to have a meeting without worrying about time even when negotiating with a client.

Cloud recording is possible
Cloud recording is a recording function that can be saved on the cloud. Since it can be saved on the cloud, it is easy to share the recording data of the meeting.
You can easily share the recorded data with those who could not attend the meeting by simply sending the link of the save destination.

There is a voting function
The voting function is a function that allows participants to take questionnaires.
For example, just before the end of the web conference, you can collect feedback by asking the participants about the length of the meeting and the progress of the meeting in a questionnaire format.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of Zoom’s four plans?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of Zoom's four plans?

Next, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four free and paid plans.

What are the pros and cons of the free plan?

Some companies may want to introduce remote work on a trial basis and see how much it affects sales.
For such companies, we recommend that you first introduce a free plan.

Advantage 1. Available for free
It is essential to introduce a web conferencing tool for remote work. In the case of a company that introduces it on a trial basis, it would be desirable to keep the initial cost as low as possible.
Therefore, the free plan allows you to install a web conferencing system without any initial cost, which is useful for conducting remote work on a trial basis.

Disadvantages 1. Up to 40 minutes free for 3 or more people
As explained in the difference between paid plans, the free plan limits the usage time to 40 minutes for meetings with 3 or more people. So, if your meetings average an hour in length, the free plan may not be the right fit for you.
However, depending on the company, most of the reporting work is done by chat, and if the time to spend on meetings is always short, the free plan is fine.

What are the pros and cons of the Pro Plan?

The following two points that were inconvenient with the free plan can be solved with the pro plan.

  1.  3 or more people can hold a meeting that lasts more than 40 minutes
  2.  Regularly held meetings can be held at the URL on the same day

Advantages 1. No time limit of 40 minutes for 3 or more people
In the free plan, meetings with 3 or more people were limited to 40 minutes, but in the Pro plan, you can do it for up to 24 hours.
No company has a 24/7 meeting, so it’s no exaggeration to say that there is virtually no time limit.

Advantage 2. Simple guidance to regular meetings
By using a personal meeting room whose ID and URL do not change permanently, it is possible to simplify the guidance of members to the room where regular meetings are held .

To use the Personal Meeting Room, you need to access it from your Personal Meeting ID or Personal Link.
By using the personal meeting room, there is no need to issue meeting IDs or send URLs to participants every time.

For example, the sales department may have monthly or weekly meetings. Setting up a meeting after meeting is a tedious task.
A custom personal meeting ID is the answer.

Disadvantages 1. Up to 100 people
can hold meetings without worrying about time, but there is still a limit to the number of people who can use it. It cannot be used in meetings where more than 100 people gather at once.
There may not be many meetings where 100 people gather, but in the case of web seminars (webinars), there are many cases where the participants exceed 100 people. A company that attracts more than 100 people at the time of holding a seminar cannot handle it with the Pro Plan.

Disadvantage 2. Fixed costs increase
The Pro plan is a paid plan, so you will be charged a usage fee. This means that your monthly fixed costs will increase.
Zoom contracts are monthly or annual, so it is necessary to consider long-term operation to some extent.

What are the pros and cons of a business plan?

The business plan can solve the problems of companies that want to maintain their brand image and companies that want to operate web conferences efficiently . Let’s start with the benefits.

Advantage 1. Use for branding
If you join the business plan, you can use it for your company’s branding. There are two main ways to use it.

  • Vanity URL
    Vanity URL is a URL generated when holding a web conference, and has a function that can be set to the original URL .
    You can incorporate branding elements into contact points with clients, such as using them during business negotiations.
  • Customizing the Zoom page You can customize the landing page header and footer, as well as the company logo within the page .

Advantage 2. Visualization of web conferencing usage
If you subscribe to the business plan or higher, you can use the management dashboard.
The dashboard gives you visibility into usage, such as which employees are most active and which devices are participating.

Disadvantages 1. Up to 300 users
The business plan has a limit of 300 users.
Meetings with 300 people are not common, but webinars often attract over 300 people.
If you want to host a webinar with more than 300 people, the business plan is not suitable.

What are the pros and cons of an enterprise plan?

The Enterprise Plan solves the challenges for companies looking to host large-scale webinars.

Advantages 1. Up to 500 people can participate
If you are considering holding an online event with 500 people, you can do it with a corporate plan.
If you’re thinking about hosting a large webinar, consider a corporate plan.
(A separate application is required to use the webinar function.)

Disadvantages 1. Requires more than 100 employees
When signing up for a corporate plan, a minimum of 100 hosts must be registered . Therefore, it is a disadvantage that it is not possible to contract in the case of a company with a small number of employees.

As described above, you can solve your company’s problems with 4 plans. It would be a good idea to consider introducing it based on which issues your company is facing.

Procedure for subscribing to a Zoom paid plan

When subscribing to a Zoom paid plan, you can either subscribe directly from the Zoom website or subscribe through an agency.
Here, we will introduce the contract procedure in the case of a direct contract and whether a direct contract or an agency contract is better.

Procedures for contracting directly with Zoom

If you want to subscribe to a paid plan from the Zoom website, first create a free account. You can also create an account during the steps below.

Click “Plans and Pricing” at the top of the official website and you will be taken to a screen like the one below. There are Pro plan, Business plan, etc., so select the plan you want to apply for.

With Zoom, you can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you are sure that you will continue to use the service, it is better to pay annually. In addition to yen, you can also purchase in other currencies such as dollars.
Choose either credit card or PayPal as your payment method.
If you click “Upgrade Now” and make a payment, Zoom will be upgraded to a paid plan.

Which is better, a direct contract or an agency contract?

Zoom’s paid plan contract can be contracted through an agency in addition to applying from the above website . Which one is the better option?

The direct contract is an advantage that you can start using the paid plan immediately because you apply from the website. Since it is a direct contract, the cost is low, and if you do not need a particularly generous support system, a direct contract is better.

On the other hand, with an agency contract, the fee will be quite expensive because it goes through an agency, but you can expect a generous support system by Japanese staff.
If there is a problem, you can expect a quick response, so if you have more than 100 hosts, an agency contract will be more stable.
Another feature is that payment can be processed by invoice, unlike direct contracts.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider the contract method that suits your company.

How do I cancel my Zoom paid plan?

You can cancel your Zoom paid plan at any time.
In the case of an agency contract or a contract through Zoom sales, please check the contract details regarding cancellation.

Procedure for canceling a paid plan from the website

To cancel from the website, go to your account page and click “Account Management” “Billing”.
The “Current plan” tab will be displayed, click “Cancel subscription” from there, select the reason you want to stop the renewal, and send it to complete the cancellation of the paid plan.
Even if you are subscribed to a paid add-on, you can cancel using the same procedure as for the plan.

What is “Zoom Rooms” that can be permanently installed in the conference room?

What is "Zoom Rooms" that can be permanently installed in the conference room?

So far, we have introduced the functions, features, advantages and disadvantages of each Zoom plan.
But Zoom also has another conferencing tool called Zoom Rooms Depending on the issue you are facing, Zoom Rooms may be better, so let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages as with Zoom.

What is Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms is a video conferencing tool permanently installed in a conference room . Since it is a permanent facility, the necessary equipment will be installed in the conference room for the meeting.
The Zoom we have introduced so far has a format in which one person participates on one device. Zoom Rooms is a format in which multiple people gather and participate on one device .
Comparing the functions with Zoom, the results are as follows.

Advantages and disadvantages of Zoom Rooms

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Zoom Rooms.

Advantages 1. Easier to use than Zoom With
Zoom, you had to set up meetings and log in individually. Therefore, it is a tool that is difficult to use for those who are not good at computers.
But with Zoom Rooms, you’re always connected, so anyone can start a meeting without having to log in every time .
In other words, you can start a web conference without belonging to individual IT literacy.

Advantage 2. Ensuring the stability of the communication environment
With Zoom, it may not be possible for everyone to receive the meeting in the same state because it is affected by the individual communication environment. Some participants may not be able to participate in the worst conference if the communication environment is bad.
Zoom Rooms uses corporate lines for web conferences, so there is no variation in the communication environment. Meetings can be held in a stable communication environment .

Disadvantages 1. Restrictions on the behavior of meeting participants
With Zoom, if you have one device, you can participate from anywhere, so you can participate in meetings without restrictions on location. However, Zoom Rooms only allows web conferencing in permanent rooms, which limits the schedules of hosts and participants .

Zoom Rooms has advantages over Zoom depending on the situation of the challenges you have. Also think about your web conferencing priorities where you should focus.

Choose the right plan for your situation

First of all, let’s understand the issues in your company’s web conferencing. You can’t choose a plan if you don’t know the issues.

Even if Zoom is free, it can be a useful tool for some companies, so it is important to think issue-driven and consider introducing a web conferencing tool .

Also, when considering the introduction, be sure to carefully check the contract flow, cancellation conditions, and support system. On top of that, it is important to decide whether to contract directly or go through an agency.

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