What is the difficulty level and pass line for the data scientist test?

I’ve taken the data scientist test, but I think there are many people who are wondering whether to take the test because they are worried about how difficult it is and whether it is difficult.

In this article, we compare the difficulty of the data scientist test and the difficulty with other tests and qualifications in a list. Please use it as a reference.


  • Overview of the Data Scientist Certification
    • Benefits of taking the exam
  • Difficulty of data scientist test
    • Is the DS test difficult?
    • Passing line for the DS test
  • Difficulty comparison with other tests
    • Comparison list
    • G test
    • E-qualification
    • statistical test
    • Python Engineer Certified Data Analysis Qualification
    • Image processing engineer certification
    • AI implementation test
    • Data Specialist Exam
    • AWS Expertise Certification
    • GCP Professional Data Engineer
    • OSS-DB Engineer Certification Examination
    • oracle master
  • Exam subject
    • Required knowledge
  • Countermeasure
  • summary

Overview of the Data Scientist Certification

Operating body Japan Data Scientist Association
eligibility none
question format CBT
The number of questions 90 questions
test time 90 minutes
Exam fee General: 10,000 yen Students: 5,000 yen (excluding tax)

The Data Scientist Test (DS Test) is a private qualification operated by the Data Scientist Association of Japan.

In addition to proving practical skills and knowledge at the apprentice level regarding data science skills, data engineering skills, and business skills necessary for data scientists, it is necessary to prove that you have the literacy level of mathematics, data science, and AI education. I can.

Benefits of taking the exam

Is there anyone who has never heard of the word data science in the IT industry? He has a high degree of expertise in a field that is currently attracting a lot of attention.

Having some knowledge of data science will be very important in order to survive the competition in the future.

AI continues to evolve every day, so let’s learn about data science and make better use of AI!

Also, by acquiring qualifications related to data science, there is a possibility that you can appeal to job hunting and career change activities!

Advanced IT personnel, including AI, are needed by every company, but there is a shortage of personnel.

By acquiring qualifications, if you can appeal your abilities, it will be very useful for employment!

Difficulty of data scientist test

Next, we will introduce the difficulty level of the data scientist test.

Is the DS test difficult?

Pass rateNovember 2021 Number of examinees: about 1400Number of successful applicants: 927

Pass rate: about 66%

Pass rateJune 2022 Number of examinees: about 2900Number of successful applicants: 1453

Pass rate: about 50%

Pass rateNovember 2022 Number of examinees: about 2600Number of successful applicants: 1088

Pass rate: about 42%

The DS test is considered to be a relatively difficult test.

The pass rate is 42%, 50%, and 66%, which gives a relatively high impression, but the pass rate is decreasing as the number of times increases. In addition, many of the candidates for the data scientist test are information students and those who are doing work and research related to data science, so it can be said that the test is of a high level.

Therefore, it can be said that the hurdles are quite high for people with liberal arts backgrounds.

Therefore, it is necessary to take sufficient preparation time and take proper measures.

Passing line for the DS test

The pass line for the data scientist test is 78% or 80%.

It is a relatively high level, so it will be difficult to pass unless you secure enough study time and keep in mind the range of questions.

Difficulty comparison with other tests

In addition to the data scientist test, there are other qualifications that can be used in various IT industries.

Here, we will introduce some of them and their difficulty levels.

Choosing a qualification that matches your goals, the job you want to do, and the difficulty level will lead to your future, so why not find a qualification that interests you and start studying?

Comparison list

Here is a list of other tests we will be comparing.

  1. G test
  2. E-qualification
  3. statistical test
  4. Python Engineer Certified Data Analysis Qualification
  5. Image processing engineer certification
  6. AI implementation test
  7. Data Specialist Exam
  8. AWS Expertise Certification
  9. GCP Professional Data Engineer
  10. OSS-DB Engineer Certification Examination
  11. oracle master

We will discuss and compare each test in turn.

G test

difficulty relatively high
question format multiple choice
Pass rate About 60-70% on average
Exam fee General: 13,200 yen Student: 5,500 yen If you take the test within 2 years, you can take the test at half price.

(general: 6,600 yen, student: 2,750 yen)

passing line Correct answer rate about 70%

The G test is a qualification test provided by the Japan Deep Learning Association.

We certify human resources with knowledge related to ” deep learning ” used in automatic learning systems for machines and AI .

The G in this G-test stands for “generalist”.

This word generally refers to a person who has extensively learned knowledge and skills in business and has accumulated a wealth of experience.

Deep learning is regarded as a very important knowledge now that the AI ​​( artificial intelligence ) field is spreading and demand is expected to expand.

Jobs and projects related to AI ( artificial intelligence ) and machine learning system development are also increasing, and their expertise has already been highly evaluated and has become indispensable in the world.

Therefore, if you can prove that you have a wealth of knowledge and advanced skills in deep learning through the G test, you will be able to get a job or change jobs advantageously.

It can also be an opportunity to advance your career, so if you are planning to work in deep learning, we recommend that you seriously consider obtaining a G-test qualification.


difficulty expensive
question format multiple choice
Pass rate About 60-70%
Exam fee General: 33,000 yenStudent: 22,000 yen

Member: 27,500 yen

passing line Correct answer rate about 70%

JDLA Deep Learning for ENGINEER is an AI-related qualification exam administered by the Japan Deep Learning Association.

It is the highest degree of difficulty and awareness test as a domestic artificial intelligence qualification test.

Professor Yutaka Matsuo of the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo, who is said to be a leading AI researcher in Japan, is the chairman of this JDLA.

Everyone knows the word AI, but AI alone is not enough to play an active role in the world.

We need human resources to make it work.

Therefore, the E qualification was created as one of the qualifications for creating AI human resources and sending them out into the world.

This E qualification is for engineers, and the G test, which is also conducted by the Japan Deep Learning Association, is a qualification for learning more basic content about AI.

In fact, this E qualification is the first AI qualification for engineers in the world.

statistical test

difficulty Varies by grade
question format Focus on multiple choice questions
Pass rate Varies by grade
Exam fee Varies by grade
passing line Correct answer rate of 70 points or more

Statistical certification is a private certification exam that evaluates knowledge of statistics and the ability to utilize statistical aggregate results in business.

It is a test that acquires the ability to analyze various data, objectively judge the results, and solve problems.

There are 4, 3, 2, 1st, and 1st grades in the statistical test.

Levels 3 and 4 focus on how to compile and read data, and how to utilize data based on that.

The degree of difficulty is relatively low, so not only working adults but also elementary school students and junior high school students are taking the exam.

For Level 2 and Level 1, the exams will test your knowledge and ability to use statistical analysis methods and problem solving based on your knowledge of statistical data and statistics through studying for the exams.

The knowledge and skills acquired through this test are actually useful at work, so many working people take the test.

Python Engineer Certified Data Analysis Qualification

difficulty relatively high
question format multiple choice
Pass rate About 86% (as of June 2021)
Exam fee General price: 11,000 yen Student discount price: 5,500 yen
passing line Correct answer rate about 70%

Python is a programming language that is used in the development of AI and data analysis, and whose demand has increased rapidly in recent years.

Python has qualification exams that are conducted in Japan and overseas, and you can prove a certain skill by acquiring a qualification.

In addition, the learning for the qualification exam is a content that systematically learns the knowledge and skills required of Python engineers, so by using the qualification exam as part of studying Python, you can efficiently acquire skills. It leads to

Image processing engineer certification

difficulty Basic is relatively lowexpert is high
question format mark sheet
Pass rate Basic66.4%Expert 32.3% (late 2022)
Exam fee Basic ¥5,600Expert ¥6,700
passing line Correct answer rate of 70 points or more

The Image Processing Engineer Certification is a private qualification administered by the Association for the Promotion of Image Information Education (abbreviated as CG-ARTS Association).

This is a qualification for engineers that evaluates development and design skills using image processing technology.

Manufacturing in Japan is undergoing major changes due to AI technology.

Image processing is an indispensable technology for that evolution.

The test has two levels of difficulty, Basic and Expert, both of which ask practical knowledge in image processing. It will prove that you are an engineer with the skills of, and it will be easier for you to work on image processing.

AI implementation test

difficulty Varies by grade
question format multiple choice
Pass rate Varies by grade
Exam fee Varies by grade
passing line Correct answer rate 70% or more

ASAH set the mission of “Learn AI by 1 million people” and started the “AI Implementation Test” as a test to measure the skills to implement AI.

The AI ​​Implementation Certification is a new exam announced in April 2019 that can measure knowledge and skills in implementing systematic deep learning.

With this test, you can accurately grasp the knowledge you have and the knowledge you lack, and you can prove it objectively.

For those who are interested in AI or who want to work in AI in the future, this is the first step in AI learning, and for those who aim to take on the E qualification in the future. Please try the “AI implementation test” as a qualification to acquire skills.

Those who pass the AI ​​implementation test will be given the title of “deep learning implementation specialist” and will be given a logo and certificate, which will be very useful when looking for a job or changing jobs.

The feature of this AI implementation certification is that it narrows down the scope to what is possible with current AI.

Specifically, AI is focused on deep learning and image classification implementation skills, and the basic skills are measured by dividing them into the following three categories.

  1. Mathematics knowledge required to implement deep learning
  2. Programming knowledge required to implement deep learning
  3. Understanding the basic theory of deep learning implementation

Data Specialist Exam

difficulty very high
question format Multiple Choice & Short Form
Pass rate around 15%
Exam fee 7,500 yen
passing line 60 points or more

The Database Specialist Examination is one of the national examinations for information processing engineers sponsored by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA).

The Information Technology Engineer Examination has skill levels from 1 to 4 according to the degree of difficulty, and this exam is positioned at level 4, which is the most difficult, and it is an IT engineer with advanced knowledge and skills. It can be said that it is a qualification to prove that it is.

So, if you pass and get certified, there is no doubt that your future prospects will be enormous.

This exam is intended for those who aim for jobs that deal with databases and infrastructure. Therefore, questions related to databases in general are asked, including data management methods, analysis methods, knowledge and practical skills to be used in business.

AWS Expertise Certification

difficulty Varies by grade
question format Varies by grade
Pass rate Varies by grade
Exam fee Varies by grade
passing line Varies by grade

AWS certification is a private certification related to “AWS”, a cloud computing service provided by Amazon.

If you acquire this qualification, you can prove to the world that you have high knowledge and skills of AWS as an engineer involved in AWS.

In recent years, the use of cloud services by companies has increased, and the number of companies using AWS for various purposes such as mission-critical systems and file servers is also increasing.

Against this background, the demand for engineers who can handle AWS is increasing, and engineers with AWS certification are advantageous not only when finding a job or changing jobs, but also when acquiring projects as a freelancer.

The benefits of acquiring this AWS qualification include being able to prove AWS expertise, being able to make learning habits, and being able to acquire correct knowledge of AWS.

In addition, there are four levels of AWS qualifications: Basic Course, Associate, Professional, and Specialty, so if you are studying AWS for the first time, we recommend that you start with the “Basic Course” qualification.

GCP Professional Data Engineer

difficulty usually
question format multiple choice
Pass rate Unpublished
Exam fee $200
passing line Unpublished

GCP certification is a qualification that proves that you have skills related to cloud technology using Google cloud, which is the same network as Google’s own services such as youtube and gmail.

Among the many IT certifications, it is a certification with great merit and potential.

One of the GCP qualifications is the GCP Professional Data Engineer.

Five years or more of work experience is recommended, and knowledge of database design, creation, administration, troubleshooting, etc. is required.

OSS-DB Engineer Certification Examination

difficulty gold hardsilver normal
question format Computer-based test (CBT) method
Pass rate Gold pass rate not disclosedThe pass rate for Silver is about 70% on average.
Exam fee 16,500 yen (tax included)
passing line Gold 70 points or moreSilver 64 points or more

The OSS-DB Engineer Certification Examination (Open Source Database Engineer Certification Examination) is an exam based on PostgreSQL, an open source database software, which was started by LIP-JAPAN in July 2011.

By taking and passing the exam, you can prove that you have the knowledge of the basic skills of databases in general, which is essential for a data scientist.

The exam has two levels, Silver and Gold.

For exam study, in addition to commercially available teaching materials, you can also download teaching materials for free from the LIP-JAPAN website.

oracle master

difficulty Varies by grade
question format multiple choice
Pass rate Varies by grade
Exam fee 37,730 yen
passing line About 60% to 70%

Oracle Master is one of the qualifications operated by Oracle Japan, and certifies the technology related to “Oracle Database”.

The exam is divided into four difficulty levels (grades): Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Although this qualification is a private qualification, grades of silver and above are qualifications of global standards.

Obtaining an Oracle Master gives you the following benefits:

  1. Acquire database knowledge
  2. Demonstrate the technical prowess of Oracle Database

Exam subject

The exam subjects for the data scientist certification are divided into three main areas.

  1. data science
  2. data engineering
  3. business

Required knowledge

Data Science is the broadest subject area.

The following are representative questions.

Basics of statistical mathematics, basics of linear algebra, basics of differentiation/integration, basics of set theory, correct understanding of statistical information, data confirmation, bird’s-eye view/meta-thinking, data understanding, insight, regression/classification, evaluation, estimation/testing, grouping, properties ・Understanding relationships, causal inference, sampling, data cleansing, data processing, feature quantity engineering, direction definition, axis setting, data processing, representation/implementation techniques, semantic extraction, time series analysis, machine learning, deep learning , nature language processing , image recognition , video recognition, speech recognition , pattern discovery

Data engineering questions are:

System planning, system design, architecture design, client technology, communication technology, data extraction, data collection, basic knowledge of data structure, table definition, DWH, distribution technology, cloud, filtering processing, sorting processing, join processing, preprocessing, mapping Processing, sampling processing, aggregation processing, conversion/calculation processing, data output, data expansion, data linkage, basic programming, extended programming, algorithms, analysis programs, SQL, basic knowledge of IT security, attack and defense methods, encryption technology, Authentication, Source Control, AutoML, MLOps, AIOps

In business, we are asked about how to proceed with data analysis projects, types of contracts and development, and laws and regulations that should not be taken lightly. The following are representative questions.

Business mindset, data/AI ethics, compliance, contract, MECE, structuring ability, verbalization ability, storyline, documentation, explanation ability, consideration of AI utilization, KPI, scoping, data acquisition, analysis approach design, data understanding, meaning extraction/insight, evaluation/improvement mechanism, project launch, resource management, risk management


There are two ways to prepare for the exam: self-study using books and taking a preparation course.

First of all, if you are self-studying, the data scientist test is a difficult test, so it is recommended that you take measures such as purchasing books.

While learning the whole thing with the official reference book, let’s proceed with studying the fields you don’t understand.

Also, as a point to note when purchasing books, we recommend that you purchase the latest book, as the content of the data scientist certification is changed regularly.

Shortest Breakthrough Data Official Reference Book

Another option is to take a course.

You can’t learn from books! For those who say, it is a countermeasure using an online course. Although it is paid, there are many courses related to data science, so it is recommended for those who find it easier to continue.


What did you think. The data scientist certification is a difficult exam, so it is important to take your time and prepare well.

AI human resources are attracting a lot of attention, so if you can acquire qualifications, you will be able to appeal enough for employment and career change!

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