What is the relationship between URL and SEO? Explains how to set effective URLs and points

A URL is like an address on the Internet that is always set on every website . When acquiring a new domain , many people have questions such as ” Is there a concept of an appropriate URL ?” and “Is URL and SEO related?”

So this time, I will explain the relationship between URL and SEO , and introduce the points when setting the URL .

We will look at it while quoting from the guidelines actually published by Google , so please refer to it when acquiring a new domain .

Is there a relationship between URLs and SEO?

As for the relationship between URL and SEO , there is no big relationship, but the conclusion is that it cannot be said to be completely unrelated.

In the first place, the IP address assigned to all sites was used as the address of the website for the URL , but at that time, when search engines were not developed, it was better to make the IP address a character string that was easy for users to understand and remember . It was decided to set the URL as easy to use .

In addition to that, as you can see from the announcement of “maintain a simple URL structure” in other considerations of content in Google ‘s guidelines , URLs should be kept short and simple so as not to deviate from their original purpose. is suitable.

A simple URL structure is good, but if you set a URL with tens to hundreds of characters, the URL of the homepage itself will be long, and the directory structure will become deeper by creating categories. And even more, the URL becomes redundant, and it deviates greatly from the original purpose of the URL .

However, even if it deviates from the original purpose , if the URL does not exceed 2000 characters, it will not directly affect the search ranking.

However, the essence of SEO is user-first, that is, the purpose of creating a user-friendly website , so the URL must also have a user-friendly structure. It can be said that the URL has an SEO effect.

SEO effective URL points

Now, I will introduce the points for setting an effective ( recommended by Google ) URL for SEO .

Again, this does not directly affect search rankings, so it is not absolute, so if it is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember URL, it is not limited to these .

Make URLs simple and descriptive

Keep the URL structure of your site as simple as possible. Categorize content so that URLs can be constructed in a logical and human-readable way (using meaningful words rather than IDs where possible) . 

As mentioned earlier, keep the URL as simple as possible.

In addition, it is said that it is even better if you can see what the website is about when you look at the URL, and it is not a character string like an inorganic ID, but a word that humans can understand Google recommends setting the URL .

However, if you are aiming for a large website or media operated by a company, there is also a branding implication by making the site name a URL , so there is no problem even if it is not a URL related to the content .

Composed of English and Numbers

The URL should basically consist of English and numbers.

Currently, Japanese domains can be acquired, and page permalinks can be set in Japanese . I think there are times when I think that it is not.

However, depending on the environment such as some browsers, Japanese URLs can not be displayed and are encoded, so what is the Japanese URL ? will be converted to alphanumeric characters, so the longer the Japanese URL , the more complex and inorganic the encoded URL will be.

This encoding also happens when you copy-paste the URL .

Therefore, it can be said that the URL should still be set in English and numbers.

Use hyphens for clarity

Using delimiters in URLs works well. We recommend using hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in
URLs .

Google recommends simple URLs , but clearly states that delimiters are effective when URLs get a bit long 

Also, hyphens are recommended over underscores (underscores and underlines), presumably because they improve visibility when typing URLs into the address bar .

Regarding this, if you do not use a separator line or choose an underscore instead of a hyphen, it does not mean that you will be penalized for SEO, so the primary purpose is to make it easier for users to understand . 

URL structure not recommended for SEO

Conversely, let’s take a look at URL structures that are not recommended by SEO ( Google ).

Include unnecessary strings in the URL

・Item set filters are added.
• Documents are dynamically generated.
・The problematic parameter is included in the URL .
・Unnecessary parameters such as reference parameters are included in the URL .

Basically, a URL that is not recommended by Google means that the URL contains unnecessary character strings that are difficult for users to understand .

All of these are not recommended because they contain unnecessary strings that make the URL unsimple, make it difficult for users to recognize the URL , and reduce usability.

URL structure fluctuates

・Parameters can be rearranged.
Some large shopping sites allow the same item to be sorted in multiple ways, resulting in a large number of URLs .

It’s a little hard to understand, but if you search for the same product on a shopping site (EC site) and sort the search results into “lowest price order” and “recommendation order”, the order of the URL structure of the product will appear . There is an example that changes such as

It is not recommended to have multiple URLs if the product page is the same , even if the categories and search order to reach the product page are different .

Please be aware that you may be penalized for this as duplicate content .

If different URLs are generated for the same page , it is possible that the page has been indexed ( registered in Google ) significantly more than the original number of pages . You can find the approximate number of indexes by searching with .

However, this survey method has high variability and low accuracy, so it should be used only when you want to have a rough understanding.


It’s hard to say that the URL has a direct SEO effect, but I hope you understand that if the URL is not set correctly, it will have a negative effect on SEO .

When acquiring a new domain , we recommend setting simple and easy-to-understand English words.

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