What is TypeScript? Summary of features and what you can do!

TypeScript is a programming language that is attracting attention as “next-generation JavaScript”.
It is a well-known fact that JavaScript is an essential language in the web industry, but recently, the momentum of “AltJS” including TypeScript has increased, and there are multiple options.
What is TypeScript here? What can we do? What is the future? From this point of view, I would like to introduce TypeScript.

Table of contents

  1. What is TypeScript?
  2. Features of TypeScript
  3. Companies and services using TypeScript
  4. Is TypeScript a “better language to learn”?
  5. Where can I learn TypeScript?
  6. Summary: TypeScript is “upward compatible” with JavaScript

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is one of “AltJS” and is a programming language developed and provided by Microsoft. Appeared in 2012.

AltJS is an abbreviation for alternative JavaScript, which means “a programming language that can be developed more efficiently than JavaScript and generates JavaScript code when compiled”.
TypeScript can be developed using basically the same syntax as JavaScript, so if you have knowledge of JavaScript, you can introduce it relatively easily.
And anything you can do in JavaScript, you can do in TypeScript. In other words, TypeScript can be said to be a “powered-up version of JavaScript”.
By the way, there is CoffeeScript in AltJS, which is famous like TypeScript. If you’re interested, check it out and you’ll find it interesting because there are so many differences.

Features of TypeScript

Next, let’s take a look at the features of TypeScript.

Features 1. TypeScript is “JavaScript that can specify types”

The biggest feature of TypeScript is that it is a “statically typed language” that can handle classes.
A statically typed language is a type language that specifies the “type” (such as string or int) for the return value of a variable or method (on the contrary, a type language that does not specify a type is called a “dynamically typed language”. Is called).
If the type could be specified, the variable would contain data of a type different from what I expected, and the program would not run well. It has the advantage of making it easier to predict the data that goes into that variable.

Feature 2. Suitable for medium to large scale development

TypeScript is also a programming language that was created for the purpose of being used in “medium to large-scale” development, which was complicated and difficult with JavaScript.
The static typing mentioned earlier is also one of the features for large-scale development.
Since types can be used, it becomes possible to write in an object-oriented way. If used well, it is possible to develop a large system by subdividing it.
On the other hand, TypeScript is good for medium to large scale development, but for relatively small scale development, or if you just want to build simple scripts, JavaScript is better suited for light weight.

Feature 3. Can run in the same environment as JavaScript

TypeScript is AltJS, which can be converted to JavaScript by compiling it, so if you have an environment that can run JavaScript, you can run TypeScript as well.
Although it is a new language, the same environment as JavaScript, which has been around for a long time, can be used, so the hurdles for the development environment are very low (you can start right away if you have a computer, a browser, and an editor).

Companies and services using TypeScript

TypeScript is a language developed by Microsoft, so of course Microsoft uses it, but there are other companies that use TypeScript. In well-known companies

  • Google
  • BMW
  • VMWare

Companies such as are using TypeScript to create pages.
TypeScript is used not only by Microsoft but also by Google as an in-house standard language, so the phenomenon that is common in emerging languages, “Even if it appears and is used in the beginning, it gradually disappears later” You can think of it as unlikely.

Is TypeScript a “better language to learn”?

In conclusion, it’s a language that “if you can afford it, it’s worth learning”.
If you are reading this page and are a complete beginner in programming, it is better to learn JavaScript first, and when you use TypeScript later, you will learn much faster because you know the basics.
If you have already learned JavaScript on a learning site or programming school, please try TypeScript! Things that were “couldn’t be done”, “difficult to create”, and “prone to error” in JavaScript have been somewhat improved by using TypeScript, and you should be a little impressed.

TypeScript was also ranked #10 in the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results’ Most Popular Technologies.

In addition, it is ranked 3rd in the 2019 “Most Loved Ranking” or “Loved Language Ranking” of the same statistics (Kotlin below is also recommended ).

In other words, it is “a language that is recognized and loved by programmers”, so it can be expected that the number of users using it will continue to increase and the number of jobs will increase. In that sense, it’s a good language to learn.

Where can I learn TypeScript?

“Dot Install” is a friend of familiar programming learning every time. It can only be said that TypeScript is also covered.
However, TypeScript is currently “paid” after the first 4 courses, so if you want to take the 5th course and beyond, it costs 1,080 yen per month.
However, for 1,080 yen, besides the course, it comes with all kinds of functions such as “viewing the transcription” and “viewing and comparing the source code”, so if you can afford it, try becoming a premium member. It might be good.

Summary: TypeScript is “upward compatible” with JavaScript

I hope you have understood that TypeScript is a programming language positioned as “upward compatible” with JavaScript, which is essential for web development.
Not only for those who are already developing using JavaScript, but also for those who are thinking of starting programming, there is no loss in knowing the existence of TypeScript, and if you actually create a program and run it , you might come across something like TypeScript awesomeness.

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