What is UI (User Interface)? What is UX (User Experience)? Understand the difference!

One of the essential concepts for building a successful website is “ UI (User Interface) / UX (User Experience) ”. Do you have a solid understanding of the difference in meaning between the terms UI and UX , which are often used together ?

I think that many designers understand this, but if non-designers do not have a solid understanding of UI / UX , there is a possibility that communication with designers will be inconsistent.

This time, we will introduce the differences between UI and UX , which tend to confuse their meanings, and examples of improvement .

What is UI (User Interface)? = contact surface between user and service

UI stands for ” User Interface” . Interface means “point of contact, contact surface”, and UI refers to the contact surface between the user and the product/service, so “the part that the user sees and uses” can all be considered as UI .

In the case of a website , all information that touches the user’s vision, such as the design and fonts displayed on a computer or smartphone , and the product itself and appearance in the case of a product , is called ” UI (user interface)”.

What is UX (User Experience)? =Experience that users can obtain by using the service

UX is often talked about on the same level as UI . UX stands for ” User Experience” . Experience means “experience, experience”, and UX refers to “experience that users can obtain through products and services”.

For example, for a website ,

  • beautiful design
  • easy to read font
  • Easy-to-understand leads to the inquiry form and purchase page

From superficial parts that change depending on the impression of the web page , such as

  • I received the product immediately after ordering
  • Correspondence was polite
  • Good product quality

The part related to the quality of service is also ” UX “. Let’s think that UX is everything that the user feels in the series of actions to use the service .

Examples of companies improving UX (user experience)

So far, we have discussed the difference between UI and UX . As for improving the UI , it may be easy to imagine redesigning the website or app , redesigning the design, etc. On the other hand, when it comes to UX , even if you want to improve it, it may be difficult to come up with a concrete image. Deepen your understanding of UX by looking at examples of companies that have improved UX .

“CokeON” where you can enjoy not only taste but also “outing” and “collection”

Drinks from Coca-Cola Japan, which is loved by a wide range of generations, including the familiar red bottle of Coca-Cola . Coca- Cola offers an app called “CokeON” as a service to make going out fun, not just the “taste” of drinks.

CokeON is an app that connects smartphones and vending machines using Bluetooth . By using this, users will not only be able to purchase drinks with just their smartphones, but will also be able to receive a point service where they can get one drink with 15 stamps.

Many of the stamps use the logo of the purchased drink , so you can get excited when you want to collect other types of stamps. In addition, the app also has a step counting function, and is studded with ideas to maximize the enjoyment of “going out, finding a Coca-Cola vending machine, and buying it”.

Rather than simply improving the taste of drinks and the design of bottles, we will make it possible for users to enjoy a series of actions = experiences from purchasing a drink to tasting it. This is what it means to improve the UX .

“Oisix” doubled sales by actively communicating “experience value that can only be enjoyed by VIPs”

At Oisix, we have prepared a “VIP dedicated sales floor” for VIP members who account for 70% of orders. However, only 14% of sales are from VIP-only sales floors. It seems that the number of views and the unit price of orders from the VIP page have been declining year by year compared to the number of orders received by VIP members.

Therefore, Oisix thought that the current problem was that “VIP members did not realize that they were VIPs and did not recognize the existence of a special sales floor”, and moved to improve this situation.

Specifically, we will implement three things: “Make people notice that we are VIPs,” “Communicate the value that can only be obtained by VIPs,” and “Appeal with creatives that instantly look delicious.” By actively telling customers that they are special, that there are ingredients that can only be tasted by VIPs, and that they have special recipes that use VIP ingredients, sales at VIP-only sales floors will increase by two. It seems to have doubled.

What is the difference between UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)?

UI (user interface) is one element to improve UX (user experience)

UI and UX are often talked about as a set, so it is easy to misunderstand, but as explained above, UI and UX cannot simply be talked about as a set.

A good UI is essential for users to have a better “experience” . If you ignore the UI, which is the interface with the user , and make it very difficult for the user to understand, the user will naturally leave.

But it’s not just the ” UI ” part that gets the user experience . For example, in the case of an EC site, UX includes the speed from product purchase to arrival, the quality of the response, and the quality of the product or service itself.

In other words, UI is just one element to enhance UX . If you want to improve the UX , don’t just stick to the UI , think about what emotion you need to evoke to get users to convert.

What is necessary to improve UI (user interface) / UX (user experience)

Keep the target in mind for both UI/UX

For UI and UX , it is important to have a clear target. If the UI is not acceptable to the target , it will leave immediately. For example, if an EC site that sells electric shavers features a character that is popular with women, would men want to see that page ?

Target selection is especially important for UX . Even with the same product or service, the user experience obtained differs from person to person. You will need to have a clear understanding of what your target audience thinks is good.

First steps to improve UI/UX

To improve UI / UX , it is necessary to be aware of what the target wants. Who is the target? what kind of life do you have? If such things are not fixed, you may end up repeatedly updating the website blindly. If you want to improve your UI / UX , start by setting up your persona. Think about what the best website or e-commerce site would look like for that persona.

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