What is zero-click search? Dealing with situations where content cannot be seen

“Zero-click search”, where users do not access your company’s content , is one of the most worrisome phenomena for those in charge who are working hard every day to successfully attract customers on the Web . With the evolution of search engines , the usage habits of users are also changing. Even a homepage that has been created with careful consideration of various factors such as usability is meaningless if the user cannot see it. Even under these circumstances, web marketers must implement measures to connect users with their companies. There are many people who are wondering what kind of measures should be taken against users who do not click.

So, this time, we chose zero-click search as our theme. We will explain how zero-click search affects us and what measures we should take in the future.

What is zero-click search?

Zero-click search is a phenomenon in which when a user performs a search, they grasp the information they wanted to know on the search results page and leave the page without accessing the displayed content . Also called “zero-click search”. In addition, the * search result page is called SERP, which is an acronym for Search Engine Result Pages. * It can be said that being able to obtain the necessary information from SERPs is an evolution of Google that has improved user convenience , but some web marketers who focus on creating content that appeals to users may find it complicated. prize.

Clickstream data for June 2019 shows that zero clicks exceeded 50% in the US. It may be an unacceptable reality that more than half of your target audience will stop searching without accessing your content .

Now, let’s actually search and check the zero click. For example, search for “weather in Sapporo”.

The SERP displayed the weather in Sapporo. If the information you want to know about the weather is only the posted content, you will not need to access the “Japan Meteorological Agency” page displayed in the search results . This is zero click search.

Let’s look at a different example. I searched for “Sapporo Soup Curry”.

This time it’s Sapporo’s famous soup curry. It corresponds to the so-called local search, and soup curry restaurants in Sapporo are listed. What I want to focus on in this search result is the store name. The displayed restaurant is one of the most famous and popular soup curry restaurants in Sapporo, and may be the information many users wanted to know. If the user was looking for a popular soup curry restaurant, the SERP alone would have given the user enough information. Of course, not all users are “Sapporo soup curry” and want to know popular restaurants, but it is a natural phenomenon that zero-click searches occur.

Impact of zero-click search

Now, what kind of impact will the increase in zero-click search have on web marketing ?

can’t see content

*If the user is satisfied with only SERP, there will be a phenomenon that they will finish without accessing the content . *For example, even if you search to buy a bicycle, Google will list stores near your search location under the real thrill of local packs. With exterior photos and reviews, users will feel they have the information they need to visit the store and make a purchase.

Therefore, even if you focus on SEO to get high ranking in organic search, users will not be able to read the content . * Assuming Google Analytics, the number of sessions and page views will decrease, and the number of conversions may decrease accordingly. *Furthermore, there is a concern that we will lose the opportunity to propagate through connections between users, such as social sharing .

Interesting users visit your homepage

As mentioned above, the phenomenon of not being able to see the content is expected, but even under such circumstances , the users who access the content will not be satisfied with what is displayed in the SERP. Users who are satisfied with their search motives in SERP do not visit the site, and if only highly motivated users access the site, we can expect a high conversion rate even if the number of sessions decreases.

Google becomes a competitor

Behind the rise of zero-click searches is the increase in what can be solved in SERPs. You can search for a hotel and make a reservation, and you can grasp the price range, location information, and review score of the hotel at a glance. Without going to a specific hotel search site, you can compare hotel rates and get to the booking page for the best offer . From the standpoint of a hotel search site, the hurdle is not being able to transition users within the company’s page . It’s convenient for users, but it also makes it possible for Google to send customers to its competitors.

measures to respond

Due to the increase in zero-click search, it will not be possible to increase the number of customers with measures that were premised on the premise that users will access the homepage . The following are measures to respond to the increase in zero-click searches.

Be aware of featured snippets

One of the causes of zero-click searches is the featured snippet. *Featured snippets are those that appear at the top of SERPs in search results as an answer to a user’s query. *It will be more noticeable and more likely to be recognized by users.

If you search for “web marketing ,” the meaning of the word will appear as a featured snippet. If you just want to know a little bit about what web marketing looks like, you probably don’t need to visit the page . As a result, it causes a zero-click search, but you can access the page by clicking the article title . In other words, it is an opportunity to attract people who want to know more about “web marketing “.

From these specifications, if your company’s page is selected as a featured snippet, you can expect it to lead to encounters with highly motivated users. *There is no obvious way to make your page a featured spelling, but if your page answers the user’s search intent accurately , it may be selected. Structuring your data for optimal search results and aiming for pages that are important to search engines .

Utilize listing ads

You may have noticed that ” Google Ads ” appeared above the featured snippet display in the previous example . Depending on the user’s search intent, being displayed above the featured snippet may lead to access to the content . *However, it is important to note that it may cost more to get high rankings in listing ads depending on the competitive situation. *If it can be displayed with a featured snippet, it can be said that it has gained a wide share in SERP and has an advantage.

Rank higher in local searches

If your company’s information is displayed in the local pack, even if your company’s content is not clicked, the possibility of developing contact with the user increases. In other words, you need to be strong in local SEO . *Aim to appear in the top three local packs. *However, local pack rankings are seen to have a strong correlation with organic search rankings, so it is necessary to focus on SEO measures for your company’s website.

However, to be able to use the local pack, you must have a physical store and be registered with Google My Business. Companies that can clear this condition are measures that they would like to work on.

Increase exposure in various media

If zero-click search reduces clicks from organic search, one way to do this is to focus on exposure in various media such as SNS and videos If there are more opportunities for users to recognize the company name and brand name, zero-click searches will not occur, and it can be expected to lead to access to the homepage. In addition, citation refers to the mention of a company name or brand name in the media. It is said that even if the name is posted without being linked to the homepage , it is effective for SEO . * Considering the two benefits of increasing awareness and SEO , there is no loss in working on it.

Flexibility to accept and respond to zero-click search is important

Zero-click search is a phenomenon that occurs because Google continues to pursue user convenience. Not having access to your own content may also have the effect of reducing conversions along with the session . Still, for business growth, you have to work on web marketing that matches this current situation.

If the user accesses SERP, which is the search result , it is reasonable to consider the approach to the user in SERP. As we mentioned earlier, we think it’s especially important to include local packs if you have a physical store, and to target featured snippets by answering user queries. Search engines will continue to be optimized for users, so be flexible enough to accommodate that.

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