What kind of language is C#?

Do you know how many programming languages ​​exist in the world? “50!” No, there are more. “Okay, 100!” There are still many more. The answer is “more than 200”.

It is said that there are more than 200 types, including those that have been developed personally, but the actual number is uncertain. However, the number of programming languages ​​used in the modern IT industry, such as software development and application development, is about one tenth of that.

This article explains the programming language “C# (C#)”. It is a programming language developed by Microsoft, and many people may recognize it as a language used for developing applications for Windows.
However, in reality, it is a general-purpose programming language that can develop web applications in addition to supporting other OSs such as Mac OS, iOS, and Android in addition to Windows applications. Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of C#.

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  1. What kind of programming language is C#?
  2. What can you do with C#?
  3. Advantages of using C#
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What kind of programming language is C#?

Feature 1 Object-oriented language

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft and adopts the same “object-oriented” as languages ​​such as C++ and Java that are used worldwide. Simply put, object-oriented programming is a programming language that achieves independence, reusability, and extensibility.

Before the advent of object-oriented development, problems such as adding a program affecting other programs or modifying one part of the program necessitating modification of other parts were common occurrences. was Therefore, the object-oriented development method was developed, and since programs are created with the image of creating parts and assembling things, independence, reusability, and extensibility can be achieved. increase.

Feature 2 C# syntax is similar to Java

The syntax of C# is similar to Java in some parts, and the feature is that if you have experience using C#, you can handle Java with just a little learning. Of course, the opposite is also true.

Feature 3 Visual Studio can be used, making it easy to develop GUI applications

By using Visual Studio, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), you can easily create form applications by pasting buttons and text boxes on forms.It is recommended for programming beginners who want to create beautiful GUI applications. increase.

Feature 4 Good compatibility with Microsoft and Windows

C# is known as a programming language that is easy to use even for beginners because development is supported by various tools provided by Microsoft. In addition, it is particularly suitable for developing applications for Windows and cooperation with Microsoft products.

Feature 5 Typical services made with C# are MSN and Bing

By the way, representative services created in C# include Microsoft’s official portal site MSN and search engine Bing.
If you include the Unity (game engine) described later, it can be said that popular games such as Pokemon Go and Shadowverse are also services created using C#.

What can you do with C#?

GUI application development

Since its introduction in 2000, C# has been continuously developed by Microsoft, and new features are being added one after another. Visual Studio, an IDE, supports development, making it easy to create beautiful GUI form applications. Furthermore, you can easily create an application by simply dragging and dropping controls such as buttons onto the form.

Web application development

In addition to this, in C#, it is also possible to develop web applications using the web framework called ASP.NET. A web framework is a set of tools with the necessary functions to create a web application. Visual Studio can also be used with ASP.NET, so you can easily develop web applications by placing controls such as buttons by dragging and dropping them in the same way you create form applications. Samples are also available, so you can proceed with development while referring to the samples.

game development

On the other hand, the feature of C# is that you can also develop games by using the game engine called Unity. Unity is a game development platform provided by Unity Technologies, Inc. It is famous for its ease of 3D game development and physics engine. It also supports 2D game development.

Cross-platform development

In addition, it supports cross-platform by using a development tool called Xamarin. As a result, C# can be used to develop not only applications for Windows, but also applications for Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Speaking of conventional C#, it was a programming language for Windows, but with the release of Visual Studio for Mac, you can also use C# for development on Mac.

Advantages of using C#

language features, libraries

C#, which has a long history as a programming language, has a lot of features as a language. In particular, LINQ (Language Integrated Query) for handling data introduced from version 3.0 and lambda expression, which is a shorthand method for functions, contribute to productivity improvement by reducing redundant descriptions. However, some functions are difficult for beginners to learn programming, so you need to learn the basics first.
Furthermore, the .NET Framework, which is the C# development environment, includes a group of programs created by Microsoft called BLC (Base Class Library). For example, you don’t have to write your own program to download files from the Internet or send emails, just pull it from BLC and do it easily.

Development environment (Visual Studio)

And the advantage of C# is that Visual Studio is provided as a development environment. Visual Studio has the ability to increase your productivity with very good auto-completion. C# is generally installed with Visual Studio, so you usually develop on Visual Studio.
If you want to learn programming languages ​​on your own, you can use a free and highly functional IDE called Visual Studio Community, and one of the benefits is that you can easily start learning to program.

reference book

Many books have been published, so the environment for the serious study is in place.


C#, developed by Microsoft, is a programming language that allows advanced development and is less difficult to develop than C++ and Java, so it can be recommended as a programming language that you want to learn.
It’s highly versatile, so isn’t it a good idea to choose it as your first programming learning?

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