What kind of service is Netlify CMS? Strong ally of static site construction

When you want to launch a website , there are many needs that you want to build easily without cost. In such a case, many people may be interested in Netlify, which can easily create static sites. Having a CMS that makes it easier to manage your website when using Netlify is very useful.

Therefore, Netlify CMS is recommended as an open source CMS that can be easily used , but there are few information written in Japanese, so there may be many people who do not know the details yet.

This time, I decided to introduce the features of Netlify CMS and things to be aware of when considering introduction. If you are interested in Netlify CMS or are considering a CMS for static websites , please refer to it.

An overwhelmingly easy-to-use CMS! ferret one edit as you see

With intuitive operations, you can create websites, LPs, and forms by yourself! In addition, you can manage inquiries and measure effectiveness, and the PDCA cycle can be run at high speed.

What is Netlify CMS?

Netlify CMS is an open source CMS that can be used with Netlify, a static website hosting service.

Given that static websites were not as sophisticated as dynamic CMS such as WordPress , Netlify developed a headless CMS called Netlify CMS . If you use Netlify CMS , you will be able to use a UI that allows you to edit text , upload images by dragging and dropping, and preview in real time, making it possible to manage sites with the same ease of understanding and operability as other CMS . increase.

Since installation is easy, the hurdles for introduction are low and it will be relatively easy to start. In addition, Netlify CMS has templates, which is convenient because you can smoothly open a website just by selecting the one you like.
Of course, you can build a site without necessarily choosing a theme from the templates. Efficiently manage your website , blog , and more with Netlify CMS .

Features of Netlify CMS

We will introduce the features of Netlify CMS . Let’s understand the appeal, including the unique features of the CMS provided by Netlify .

Website construction can be done quickly

Static site generators had the problem of being difficult for non-technical people to build. You can build a website quickly by using Netlify CMS
on the hosting service Netlify and using Hugo (go) or his Gatsby (react) static site generator. You can easily get a site with excellent design by using the theme prepared as a template.

Multiple people can manage the site

You can now use the management screen, making it easier for multiple people to manage the site, which was said to be weak in previous static site generators. You can also configure settings to control permissions.

free to use

Netlify CMS is like an add-on service to Netlify, and there is no charge for using the CMS itself.
So if you’re on Netlify’s free plan, you ‘ll also be able to use Netlify CMS .

Simple UI design and easy to use

The UI design has a very clean impression, and one of the major features is that it is easy for anyone to understand. * Not only that, but you can also customize the fields on the post screen to make it your own.
Although it is written in English, there is an official reference that can be used as a reference.

Can be used very efficiently if linked with Netlify

Netlify CMS is a CMS developed by Netlify , so you can use them efficiently by combining them. If you save the edited content on the posting screen, you can automatically build and publish it with Netlify .
If you use Netlify for your static site, your headless CMS should be Netlify CMS .

Supports Markdown notation

* Supports Markdown notation for efficient content creation. *Markdown notation is a notation that can clearly describe the structure of sentences, has the characteristics of being simple and easy to remember, and can be converted to HTML and displayed as it is.
It saves you the trouble of text decoration and other tasks, which contributes to speeding up content creation.

Considerations when choosing Netlify CMS

We have picked up some points to check if you are wondering if you should use Netlify CMS . Why don’t you actually try it after taking a look at it?

Not everyone can use it as intended

If you want to create your own theme without using an existing template, you need a level of knowledge and technical ability to build. Since you will be using Git, knowledge related to this is also essential.
However, if the purpose is to build a website for the time being and it is easy to use a template, you can use it without any difficult things. In the end, depending on what you want to do, it may be difficult if you don’t have the knowledge.

It is hard to see when the management screen is displayed on a smartphone

When the Netlify CMS management screen is displayed on a smartphone, it is not responsive, so it is very difficult to see. It may be improved in the future, but it is currently difficult to use when operating CMS on mobile.

Official documentation written in English

The official website of Netlify CMS is written in English, so some people may find it difficult to use if they are not good at English. Not limited to Netlify CMS , there are many cases like this with overseas services, so it’s not uncommon.
Also, although the UI is also displayed in English, it’s not that difficult English is used, so you should be able to proceed without any problems. Even if there is a part that you do not understand well, it is a level that can be handled in its own way with Google Translate.

It is important to experience usability

I hope this introduction gave you an idea of ​​what Netlify CMS is like.
I feel that the number of people who have actually tried Netlify CMS is increasing little by little on the Internet, and I think there will be many opportunities for new information to be uploaded in the future The fastest way is to collect various information and actually use it to understand it.
In addition to experiencing the benefits, it is also an important process because it also verifies the negative factors, such as whether the inconvenient parts are acceptable for your actual use.

There are many convenient services like Netlify CMS in the world that can be used at no cost. Even if you don’t have much information in Japanese, there are many things you can use, so don’t be afraid to try.

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